Snow on the Roses

lois(PA Zone 6)October 29, 2011

I had every intention of contributing to the fall foliage thread, but ma nature had other ideas, LOL. We woke up to a snow storm before we even had our first frost!

Some roses, including this Harlow Carr, were in full bloom when the snow hit.

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Oh, my goodness! Here in Texas, we're in the 60's (and whining, of course; but we're always whining about something, LOL), but isn't this AWFULLY early for you? I've got blooms but not blossoms yet due to our "cold" weather...supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow and next week, maybe blooms then.

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It is beautiful in a way.

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Our weather was in the 50s and 60s until today. We only turned on the heat yesterday when the cats were acting chilly, LOL.

This is quite abnormally early to have any snow in our area, let alone a big ol' snowstorm that dumped 9 inches on us. Usually we have some frosty nights starting in mid Oct, then a dusting of snow by Thankgiving, and no real snow until Christmas.

I wonder what's going to happen when winter officially gets here, LOL.

It is quite pretty, actually. I love snow and the way it transforms the familiar landscape into something new and magical.

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It is magical, isn't it, as if you have a whole new world in your yard... we do get a little snow here in TX and do enjoy it since it is usually gone by afternoon! Growing up in Montana we would have months and months of cold weather, absolutely beautiful, but... so feel for y'all up north; I really do like living in the South, although we surely don't have anywhere near the beauty you enjoy. Guess we just learn to enjoy what each area has to offer, we're all lucky!!

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As Soxxxx said, beautiful in a way, but it's gonna make trick or treating less than a fun time.

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That would make a beautiful card.

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