transplanting hardy fuchsias

Gartenfee(z6 Zurich/CH)October 6, 2004

I am growing two hardy fuchsias in a bed with hortensias, the hortensias have grown and now the fuchsias are nearly hidden behind this bushes. I would like to transplant them. When is the best season for the transplantation?

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Gartenfee,
Leave them to overwinter where they are at the moment, leave all this years old growth on them, this helps to protect the crown of the fuchsia against frost. Next late spring when you see new growth appearing out of the soil, is the best time to transplant them, then you can remove the old top growth. Dig around the plant with a spade, try not to disturb the roots too much. Place some organic matter in the bottom of the hole for their new position - Kath:)

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Gartenfee

Not much to add to the excellent advice given by Kath as usual, I would just add that a good covering of some organic matter between the stems of the plants to cover the crown now will protect them (use straw, bracken or peat). If they are in a position which is succeptible to wind and the plants are in danger of being 'rocked' by the wind you can shorten back the growth now, but by no more than a third.

Before you move them (and I don't think there will be a problem if you follow the advice given by Kath) I would take a couple of cuttings as an 'Insurance Policy'.

Good luck and let the forum know how you get on.


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Agreed, though I did transplant in fall last year, and the new location did well this year. I had cut through the roots, leaving some in place and separating the uprooted roots and placing in new locations. All blooming well this year. Infact, I am going to do more today for next year's enjoyment!

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Well, I realize this thread is quite old, but I thought I'd try anyway; any help provided is much appreciated.

In my back yard I have a MASSIVE fuchsia plant. While I'm not sure of the variety, after a little Googling it appears to be some form of an Upright Hardy. Here is some more info about the plant which may help:
1. When it is fully in-bloom it stand about 4 feet tall.
2. It spreads-out to about a 4 foot diameter of foliage.
3. Though it mostly stands "upright" some of the stems have grown down over a stairwell and hang nicely.
4. In-addition to the familiar tiny "hairy" type roots, some of the other roots I've found thus-far are surprisingly large ; some up to 2 inches in diameter, and several feet long.

It is my goal to transplant some or all of this plant into numerous hanging baskets.

I started excavating the plant today, and I've been very careful not to damage any roots. However, I can already see that many of the roots are several feet long and up to a couple inches in diameter; much too large to transplant into hanging baskets.

Am I okay to cut away some of the deeper/larger roots, split the plant up, and move it into hanging baskets? The upper bulk of the plant just under the soil has a fairly large amount of smaller "hairy" roots, so I feel like if I cut cleanly well-below those smaller roots, the flower should be okay.

Does that sound right?

Also, if I bury those larger roots chunks, will they eventually grow-out and bloom again?

Lastly, how wet should I keep the soil in the pots: soaking/damp/dry?

Thank you very much!

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