Fuchsia 'Roesse Blacky'

melrt968(u.k. scotland)October 18, 2004

I was given two plants of this new 'black' fuchsia' in early summer. I am disappointed with them, the flowers are very similar to Dorothy Hanley but the plant growth is much less vigourous. Has anyone else grown this fuchsia? I would interested to know what results you got and if there are any special tips for growing them?

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Ron

Sorry but I canÂt help you with your question only pass on a simple observation;

With ÂRoesse Blacky having the parentage of (ÂGruss aus dem Bodethal x Rohess AlramiÂ) x ÂStad Elberg it should have inherited some of itÂs parents prolific flowering qualities. Gruss aus dem Bodethal is synonymous with Black Prince (Banks 1861)- so one of its parents has been around a while and stood the test of time.

A similar colour fuchsia was introduced by Thornley in 1972 called 'Ravensbarrow', however this was a single flowered cultivar.

Not being a variety that seemed destined for the show bench I have seen very little of this cultivar, although I have seen it advertised almost everywhere, perhaps that should tell us something?

I will ask a fuchsia nursery owner friend of mine to see if he can throw any light on the matter.


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Hi Ron,

I grew a couple R.B's in hanging baskets, and was not overly impressed by the vigour of the plant, but this being the first year, I was hoping for better results next year. My growing conditions may not have been ideal as they had to make do with full sun all summer, although I did water daily when needed. I gave a neighbour a cutting early on and his plant seemed to do better than mine. He is a 'Miracle-Gro' person, so this may account for it.
This was my first year with fuchsias so everything was very 'trial and error'..........and a lot of learning.

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

For what it's worth, I can see very little difference between Roesse Blacky and Rohees New Millenium - Kath:)

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geoffp(UK, NI)

I was very disappointed with the colour as there is nothing new about it just a dark purple. In Thompson & Morgan's brochure it looks nearly black, so thumbs down I'am afraid

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