WANTED: Spring Plant trade 2007

girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)January 26, 2007

Hello folks:

let me know if you are interested in having the Atlanta area spring plant trade 2007 at my place in East Atlanta. That is in the vicinity of Moreland and Glenwood, about a mile from the zoo.

Feel free to disagree or offer another location if you choose.

I am also suggesting the weekends of March 24th, March 31st or April 21st: (if we have the trade here, I can not do it the weekend of Easter or the next weekend of the 14th. Sorry!!)


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thanks for offering to host the rade. April 21 is good for me

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Kathy Bochonko

actually I would love to do it at your house Glynis, but the 21st is out for me. There are alwasys a gizzilion things going on that weekend and this year looks to be the same. I thinks that is the GNPS plant sale isn't it? And I know I have some other things that day too. I vote for March 31st but I could also do the 24th.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I vote for April 21st just because we should be safe by then for warmer, less windy weather. Though there's always threat of rain to consider too. But regardless of date my mom and I will try to be there!! I'd love to see Glynis' garden again too.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Yes, yes, yes! I am definitely in favor of having the spring plant trade at your house this year! Thank You!

The latter two dates would be better for me, as I am getting out-of-town company the weekend of March 24.

I guess it is true that April 21 means a better chance of warmer weather, and would give us more time to propagate and get things ready. It's not too late for beautiful spring blooms in your garden, though, is it???

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Kathy Bochonko

Well luckily I just found out that one of my 4/21st things is moved to the next weekend so I can do the 21st if that works best. I agree that it will give us more time to get stuff ready. I haven't done a thing yet. I am actually surprised that more people haven't replied to this thread. Where is everyone?

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klickitat(zone 7b GA)

I'm in for the trade! Any of those weekends are good for me as long as I have a month's notice to put in for vacation time. Yep, I work weekends and would actually take a day off from work for a plant exchange!

Thanks for hosting this, GGG!!!

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

I have never been to a swap but would love to come to this yrs.I have been wanting to come to see your garden Glynnis.I had no idea you lived near the zoo.My sister also lives in that area.You may know her for she has lived there over 20 yrs.Just post the date,any info would help newbies,and I will be there.I am coming from Dahlonega.I was born and raised in Atl.though

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April 21 is good for me. Looking forward to it.

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April 21 will work for us!I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Kathy, I hate to tell you this...April 21 is lookin' pretty good so far for everyone.
How about we plan to set a firm date February 29th. I will take suggestions up until then.

When I email you with directions, you will get a whole note of how we have been running the trades. Please let me know if anything was done differently at the fall trade which you really liked, or was effective. Please note that you will get general directions from I20 which is a few blocks from my home. You will need to find your way from your place to this exit. I will have a cell phone number on the directions. PLEASE CALL if you get lost, or are late. One year we had a horrible traffic snarl, someone thought to call my home so we could wait for those folks caught on the highway.

Please note that we will need to park creatively this spring. Hopefully they will not be actively working on our "live in home" that day, so we might have the front half of that driveway (the back half is being removed for more garden!!) They will be building 3 new houses in the empty lot across the street from me at that time. Hopefully my other neighbor will have finished their construction.

So those who are planning to arrive a bit later may need to park cars a bit farther away. That means do NOT leave anything in your car that is valuable. No cell phones, bags etc. visible. Bring a blanket to chuck them under. We don't normally have car break-ins, but lets be careful. I still live in what is considered an "inner city" neighborhood.


P.S. i will repeat this information in your email note with directions. I will send that email notice beginning in Early March. I harvest email addresses from this thread and the next "FORMAL" trade thread. Make sure you have posted so that I can send you an email!!!

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I'll put April 21st on my calendar. Thanks for hosting it GGG. Looking forward to seeing your garden.

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Kathy Bochonko


The 21st is ok with me now, you may have missed my 2nd post in this thread where I said so. My neighborhood garage sale has been moved to the next weekend so that was my main concern. We have a garage sale every spring and every fall and I am not kidding for the past 3 years they have always been the same weekend as our trades so I haven't done one in 3 years and I have a ton of stuff to get rid of. Hopefully I'll make enough money to pay for some of the compost, pine straw and what not I need this spring, although I may have to break down and buy most of it before then. So the 21st works for me. So once the date is official we should probably start a new thread announcing it and starting the trading posts, or do you think it is too soon for that?

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Yes, the GNPS sale is April 21st, so I cannot come to the trade (which seems to be the norm, darn it).

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I plan on attending. Any of the dates work for me. Although, I'm bummed that it's looking like it will be the same weekend as the GNPS sale again.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Yes. Lets go ahead and set the date.

Our renovations begin next week, so we will definately be holding the trade next door to where you are used to coming.
April 21st, 2007 at 11:00 am. I will begin emailing you all soon, with the "scoop" and the address etc.
Lets start a new thread for trades.


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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Hi Glynis,
I'm looking forward to the trade and to seeing your garden. Please email directions to lmedd@comcast.net

Thx. --Lucy

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