HAVE: Spring Plant Trade

Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)January 21, 2006

Hey all, this thread is for everybody who wants to start thinking about the spring trade.

I'm looking for roses (hybrid tea or floribundas, mostly, but also looking hard for knockouts), creeping fig, pachysandra, vietnamese boxwood, clematis, japanese anemone, toad lilies, hellebores, shade-tolerant groundcovers, herbs and veggies, and much more :)

I'm still figuring out what I have for trade, but definitely a few roses, azaleas, nandina, honeysuckle, mondo, etc etc. Will post more as I see what I have.

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Marcy, I have four folding chairs that i can bring to the trade. If you need any help let me know.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi all. I'm definitely excited about the trade already. Here's a tentative list of what I'll have available. Feel free to contact me for pre-arranged trades:

Abelia (possibly 'Edward Goucher') -- rooted cuttings
Black Eyed Susan 'Goldsturm' -- divisions
Forsythia -- rooted cuttings
Blue False Indigo -- plants
Brugmansia -- rooted cuttings (colors unknown)
Butterfly Bush -- rooted cuttings
'Black Knight'
'Nanho Blue/Purple'
'Pink Delight'
'Royal Red'
'White Profusion'
Canna Lilies -- various divisions
Chrysanthemum -- rooted cuttings/small plants
'Bold Gretchen'
'Hot Salsa'
'Rosepink Debonair'
'Ryan's Pink'
'Yellow garden mum'
Coneflower 'Double Decker' -- plants
Confederate Rose -- rooted cuttings (colors unknown)
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' -- plants
Daylilies -- divisions of named varieties
varieties still to be determined but should definitely include:
'Chorus Line'
'Eenie Allegro'
'Joan Senior'
'Pandora's Box'
'Pardon Me'
'President Betty Williams'
'Sammy Russell'
'Stella De Oro'
'Winsome Lady'
*possibly more daylilies to come
Elephant Ear 'Black magic' -- divisions
Green giant Elephant Ear -- divisions
Gardenia 'August Beauty' -- rooted cuttings
Gaura 'Corries Gold' -- rooted cuttings
light purple Hardy Geranium -- divisions
Hardy Hibiscus -- rooted cuttings (pink & burgundy)
Generic hosta -- green/white variegated divisions
'Tardiva Pink' Hydrangea -- rooted cuttings
Lambs Ear -- divisions
Ligustrum -- rooted cuttings
Lily bulbs (Asiatic) -- varieties yet to be determined
Loropetalum -- rooted cuttings
Phlox 'Franz Schubert' -- rooted cuttings
'Siskiyou' Mexican Evening Primrose -- rooted cuttings
Rose of Sharon (purple) -- rooted cuttings
Salvia 'May Night' -- plants
Salvia 'Navajo Bright Red' -- rooted cuttings
Sedum 'Blue Spruce' -- divisions
Sedum 'Matrona' -- divisions
Sedum unknown upright varieties -- divisions
Spirea 'First Choice' -- rooted cuttings
Veronica/Speedwell 'Royal Candles' -- rooted cuttings/divisions
Verbena 'Homestead Purple' -- rooted cuttings
Verbena 'Ron Deal' -- rooted cuttings
Verbena 'Taylortown Red' -- rooted cuttings
Weigelia 'Pink Princess' -- rooted cuttings
Weigelia variegated -- rooted cuttings
Yarrow -- divisions/small plants
'Ortel's Rose'
'Summer Pastels'
Moonflower seeds

What I'm looking for:
Butterfly Bush (varieties I don't already have listed for trade)
Named Daylilies I don't already have (large list -- please contact me for it)
Hardy Geranium (any colors but light purple)
Named Hosta
Named Hydrangeas
already have: Tardiva pink, Nikko Blue,
Endless Summer, Penny Mac, & Pink Beauty
Asiatic Lilies (prefer non-orange)
Perennial Salvias -- already have:
May Night, Navajo Bright Red, Snow Hill,
Navajo Rose, Blue Hill, Blue Queen, Caradonna,
East Friesland, Marcus, Rose Queen
Tall Phlox (have Franz Schubert & Robert Poore
Astilbe (non-white)
Perennial Verbenas (already have Homestead Purple,
Homestead Pink, Taylortown Red & Ron Deal
Veronica/Speedwell (already have Royal Candles, Sunny Border Blue & Red Fox)
Azaleas (pinks, reds & whites)
spiderwort (especially want white)
Spring Bulbs (Hyacinth, Muscari & Paperwhite Narcissus)
Bearded Iris
Hybrid Japanese Maples
White Liatris
Hollyhock (plants, not seeds)
Bleeding Heart
Agapanthus (already have Elaine, Peter Pan & Lilliput)
Hardy Amaryllis/St. Joseph's Lily (any color)
Red Spider Lillies
Old Wrought Iron gates/fencing/spindles/ornaments, etc...
Old metal Gardening Tools/Implements (shovel heads, rake heads, etc...)
Unwanted large rocks/boulders (would have to arrange to pick them up some other day probably)
Handsaw in good condition
Old glass & metal lanterns (like Coleman, etc... -- doesn't have to be in working condition)

Will add more as I remember it. Thanks for viewing & ya'll have a good weekend. Sincerely, Danielle

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Kathy Bochonko

Wow Danielle that is quite a list. I can't even remember what I have yet. I always find that I am not prepared until like March, you guys are good. I need to get organized I guess. I can't wait for the trade though.

Marcy do you need any ajuga? I have bronze beauty, burgandy glow, and chocolate chip. I also have some golden lysimachia which can take shade but will turn green. I will also try and start some creeping fig for you.

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Danielle, you and I have some serious trading to do. lol I have many of your wants, and you have many of my wants. I'm at work now, but when I get a free bit of time, I'll send another message.

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Did you rob a nursery Danielle? What a list!!!

I don't know what all I will be able to bring (if I can attend at all)but, I plan to start some Purple Hyacinth Bean vines, Moon Flowers and Dutchmans Pipe vines(in peat pots for transplanting)this next month. I also have lots more Moon Flower seeds and some more Sago Palm(Cycas revoluta) Seeds to bring. No idea what else I may have by April. Probably more Elephant Ears, Sedum, Salvia guaranitica and if the seeds germinate, Mimosa pudicas (Sensative Plant) which make for an intersting ground cover.

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Danielle, I would like a list of your daylilies by email so that I can see what I have that you don't. Here are the plants I would like from your list. I will start a second post with the plants that I know I will have. I may have more, depending on how the plants do this spring. Let me know which hydrangeas you would like so I can take cuttings now.

Okay, these are the plants I would like:
Blue False Indigo -- plants
Butterfly Bush -- rooted cuttings 'Pink Delight'
Chrysanthemum -- rooted cuttings/small plants 'Hot Salsa'
Daylilies -- divisions of named varieties
'Winsome Lady'
'Sammy Russell'
'Chorus Line'
Hardy Hibiscus -- rooted cuttings (pink & burgundy)
'Tardiva Pink' Hydrangea -- rooted cuttings
Phlox 'Franz Schubert' -- rooted cuttings
Salvia 'May Night' -- plants
Salvia 'Navajo Bright Red' -- rooted cuttings
Veronica/Speedwell 'Royal Candles' -- rooted cuttings/divisions
Verbena 'Ron Deal' -- rooted cuttings
Verbena 'Taylortown Red' -- rooted cuttings

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Danielle, GREAT LIST! There are several things off your list I'd like to have. It'll take me some time to get a "have" list together though....

Vroomp, if you're able to attend, please save me a dutchman's pipe vine.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Lol, maybe I did overdo it a little. You guys didn't help my budding addiction any last year either. My mom and I had so much fun last year that we've been planning for this swap ever since. I guess I got a little overzealous with my propagation hobby as you can tell. I may have some other things available after the official spring green-up. This is just the stuff I know is still alive & kickin'.

Pins2006, I'm e-mailing you my daylily list & we can go over the rest of our wants & haves too. I should be able to get you at least one of everything you were interested in.

Ya'll have a good night! Danielle (aka Squirrellypete)

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I'll work on my list lot has to do when spring come and check what's coming back :-). As usual I'll be leaving after class ends close to 11 on Saturday. Can you please post the date/time, Where is the swap if that's decided (no need for address just relative where it is in metro area)?

Marcy are you looking for veggies seeds or plants? I should have some seeds.

Danielle, gee you have been waiting for this!
I have some of these:
grape hycianth bulbs
Red Spider Lillies
Bearded Iris
Perennial Salvias Guratica
Dahlias all are named but not labeled (bad me) but I can provide ID once they flower.
and possibly Astilbe pink lightening and White Liatris (if they come back)

Like yours :
Blue False Indigo -- plants
Coneflower 'Double Decker'
Daylily Joan Senior
Daylily Winsome Lady
Is your Hydrangeas Endless Summer lager enought for some cuttings? unrooted ok.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi farmerpickle. I would love any or all of those goodies you offered me! Dahlias need not be named either, so don't sweat that. I should be able to get you everything you wanted as well. I can't remember if my Endless Summer was a 1 gal or 3 but either way I should be able to get you at least a couple of cuttings. I'll try and get em' rooted too before the swap if the temperature and nature herself cooperate.

Talk to you later! Sincerely, Danielle

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Pins, if I can get to the trade I'd be very interested in your verbena!

I've been looking for those two. I have no idea what I will have for trade. I'm working on LOTS of things. If I can get this heat mat to work, chances are I'd have even more stuff to bring too, if I can make it.

I will definately have some cannas, purple mexican petunias, "Curly" ivy that is much more well behaved than most ivy (great in perennial pots), creeping strawberry begonia, and boltonia asteriodes. Of course, will have MUCH more than that. Lots of seed is in...but that's what I can think of for now.

Danielle, I have MANY MANY things on your list, both in "stock" now and seeded. Please email me and we can discuss!


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If the seeds that have already sprouted make it until the end of April I'll have some codonopsis mollis, some codonopsis clemetidea, some unnamed hostas. Needless to say, all of them will be small, but the codonopsis I started last year bloomed the first year, so you might end up with tiny blooming vines. I also have one small start of Himalyan box. If I'm lucky, I'll also have some arisaema seedlings.

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GGG, I don't have the verbena - it's on the list of what I want from Danielle. Sorry that I wasn't clear on that.

Sugarhill, your codonopsis both look great. Is there anything on my trade list that you would like in exchange?

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Jayman_GA(z8 GA)

The first of my winter planting in my greenhouse have come up. Assuming none of them die, this is what I have so far:
Gray Headed Coneflower
Golden Curly Grass
Peony Poppy-Double Pink
Red Poppy
Red Castor Bean
African Daisy
Invlan Helenium
Purple Orchid Tree
Poor Man's Orchid (Schizanthus Pinnatus)
Agastache Foeniclum-Anise Hyssop
Unknown Sunflower
Court & Jester Mums
French Marigold
Malvia Sylvestris-pink & purple
English Marigold-yellow

Many more seeds planted, just not up yet. Most of these I have never seen, I got the seeds through swaps. Also, I will look around the garden to see what I can divide.


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farmerpickle, I am interested in the Double Decker cone. I'll let you know what I have later. So please hold at least a couple for me if you can. Thanks.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi vnginger. That 'Double Decker' Coneflower was actually what farmerpickle wanted off of my list. I will probably have a couple more available to trade so I'll be glad to put you down for at least one if you like.


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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

hey all :) Sorry for taking awhile to respond to some of you, but some family business had me out of town for a bit.

Anyway, here goes:

squirrelypete, i have several azaleas for trade.... i believe they are all the same kind, with dark-green smallish leaves and smaller deep-pink to red flowers. however, i also have a whole bed of them that might have to be removed because a neighbor took out some trees and removed their shade. i'll be upset if they have to come out but there's nowhere else they could go.... those are larger-leafed and -flowered, i think a light pink.

kathyga, i'd be more than happy to take some creeping fig and ajuga off your hands :) and is lysimachia the same as creeping jenny? ... what might you like in trade?

farmerpickle, i'm looking for veggie and herb plants when possible, or seeds of winter and fall-sown crops. i'd also be very interested in your red spider lilies or grape hyacinth.

jayman, your whole list has me drooling :) but particularly the grayheaded coneflower, purple orchid tree, both agastaches, and african daisy.

pins2006, i have two small, very well-rooted lady banks yellow.

and i've started a lot of seeds... i'm waiting to see what kind of germination i get, but will post as i know. also i have a few variegated agaves to trade, several azaleas as described above, if squirrelypete desn't want them, a young magnolia tree free to anyone with a strong back who cares to dig it out, forsythia, bamboo, and a few geraniums that have flowers almost the color and shape of fuschias... dunno what kind they are, but the flowers are spectacular- we special-ordered them at work for some millionaire who was on a garden tour, but they ran out of room in their greenhouse.

i'm also looking for cinderblocks, landscape timbers, a pond pump, statuary, pavers, railroad ties, growlights, plastic shelving, patio furniture, benches, and particularly flowerpots or planters or half-whiskey barrels. and again, shade plants, like hellebores, toad lilies, japanese anemones, colorful hydrangeas, pachysandra, etc etc.

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squirrellypete, Thanks. That would be great.

I am also looking for thornless raspberries and black berries if anyone can trade. Please email me. Thank you.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Marcy. I would love the azaleas you have available. If there are other people out there who want some too then by all means spread the wealth lol. But I can take any extras that aren't claimed. I am sorry about your other azalea bed too. Maybe they will do okay -- some varieties seem to contend well with the sun. If not though I will be glad to give them a new home.

Please LMK if there's anything from my list you'd like in exchange. I may have a few extra clay pots I can bring you. If memory serves they're just plain ordinary clay pots but I'll double check them and they're yours if you want them.

Sincerely, Danielle

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Marcy, I should have more shade plants to trade. I've got some for Squirrelypete. I seeded a ton of shade lovers. Cross your fingers!
I am also growing herbs from seed, as usual. Should have annuals and perennials. Some very unusual items you can't buy at most local nurseries.


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Jayman, if you have extras, could I trade for some Agastache-white
Agastache Foeniclum-Anise Hyssop
Malvia Sylvestris-pink & purple

Please let me know what you would like from my list. I will be adding to my list as spring gets closer.

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Kathy Bochonko

Marcy as I mentioned in my emails, I would love the Vielchenblau you mentioned in a different post if it si not spoken for and maybe a pinata. I'll see wht I can do with the creeping fig (the two I tried to start last fall didn't make it, but I can start some new ones. I can definitely bring some ajuga, and yes lysimachia is creeping jenny/moneywort. Mine is the golden.

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

Hey Danielle, I definitely have at least 3 azaleas you can have, and we'll see how the other patch does :) I would be very interested in your doubledecker coneflowers (if there's any left), lamb's ear, pink hydrangeas... and is your veronica the blue kind that gets big?

GGG, herbs and shade plants sound heavenly. Also, I'm back in town and have that rose for you whenever it would be convenient to meet up :)

Kathy, I think my emails to you have been going awry. The pinata is yours if you like, but the vielchenblau's promised elsewhere. Dunno why the email's not getting through- sorry!

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

also, i have 4 mahonias (sp?), and several roses- quite a few of The Fairy, and a few climbing cecile brunners, and a rooted cutting of Anderson, and an unnamed red OGR and an unnamed pink OGR.

i'm still deciding whether to keep the mahonias but it seems quite likely i won't :)

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Marcy, PLEASE save a Cecile Brunner for me...I don't have a list together so you'll have to e-mail me and tell me exactly what you're looking for. I have about 150 named daylilies, and 20 or so different brugs. I know you mentioned hellebores, which I have plenty of, plus I've got a lot of other intersting shade plants...

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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

I'm interested. I had missed this past fall trade do to a sick baby but I plan on attending this one.

Some things I have:

Bignonia Capreolata
one large creeping rosemary
star Jasmine (cuttings) and (Seeds()
small japanese Iris (purple) not sure of name they were given to me by someone who didn't know.
Butterfly ginger
abelia (sunrise) cuttings

Other stuff I just can't remember it all right now.

Some things I would like to have

Lunaria annua
Asclepias tuberosa
tricyrtis hirta
any clematis


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Cath, I planted a LOT of lunaria thanks to a nice trader who gave me seeds the last trade. They are all coming up. If I get to the trade, I will bring you some plants.


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Cath, I have some tricyrtis hirta just now sprouting. If they do well and make it until April, I can bring you a couple.

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

hey wildflower, i'll email you tonight about the roses :)

and i've been informed i can have some japanese honeysuckle bushes if i like, so if anyone's interested in those just let me know so i can get 'em.

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Kathy Bochonko

Marcy-- Japanese Honeysuckle is a horribly invasive plant. It is a constant battle to try and keep it from destroying the wooded area behind my house. This is one plant I beg of you not to give to anyone and to try your best to eradicate it from all known locations. It is impossible to keep in check as the birds transport the seeds everywhere. I have had to cut it off so many twisted gnarled trees it is amazing how aggressive it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Honeysuckle

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

Thanks for the warning, kathy :) But this must be a different variety, unless I have the name wrong. It's not a vine at all, but a shrub, which is growing quite docilely in a loose hedge at one of the gazillionaires' properties where i work... has a habit something like forsythia, but more upright. It's got amazing flowers right now, and smells fantastic.

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I don't think I will be able to attend a spring plant trade because my wife is due to deliver around the end of April (it's a boy and his name will be Granger). Everyone please check my list and see if we can trade. I'm a few minutes outside of LaGrange, right on the state line. I travel for business from LaGrange to the east metro, to Dawsonville/Gainesville and up to Toccoa/Lavonia so in person trades are okay. (BTW, anyone know what Granger means in french?)

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Just FYI I'm back in town so if anyone needs to e-mail me about trades feel free. Marcy, I'll gladly take the three azaleas. And I'm pretty sure I have another Double Decker Coneflower for you. You can definitely have some lambs ear and the Tardiva pink hydrangeas. The mature 'Royal Candles' Veronica I had last year was about 2 feet tall if I remember correctly when in bloom. It is the upright type with bottlebrush-like flower spikes and it is a very dark purple/blue. They bloom for such a long time too.

Just to let everyone know in case they didn't -- the Tardiva pink Hydrangea (at least the one I have) blooms white and then fades to pink as it ages.

Happy trading everyone. Sincerely, Danielle

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Congratulations stanreese! We too are expecting a boy, but in May. I am still considering coming to the trade, but I need to be realistic about how much digging and planting I can do at 8-9 months pregnant! I looked up your farmer boy Granger. Nice name. :)

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

Danielle, that all sounds wonderful :) I'll take anything you want to get rid of.

congrats to stanreese and pam!

kathy, I'll get the roses potted up and set aside for you. I'll take whichever ajuga you think is pretty, as i don't know the difference. thanks :)

and thanks to kathy for correcting my mistake :) the correct name for what i was talking about is Winter Honeysuckle, not japanese. Here's a review of it I found online:

Winter honeysuckle is a tough, long-lived shrub that blooms in late winter, often bearing ice-covered blooms. Extremely fragrant, often perfuming entire neighborhoods, the flowers are rather small and inconspicuous. The shrub is best used along woodland edges and out of the way corners as it is not attractive enough to be used as a singular speciman planting. The fragrance of the flowers more than compensate for this however, as does its extreme toughness and ability to survive. Evergreen in the South, it is deciduous further north. Often found in old cemeteries and around old home sites. Although it can withstand drought and can be used in xeriscapes, it benefits from feeding and water. Will not tolerate bad drainage and wet feet.
Propagation is by cuttings and divisions.
Height: 8'-10'
Spread: to 8'
Blooms on last year's growth. Prune just after blooming.
In Texas, begins blooming in December and finishes in March-April. I have often brought in branches covered in ice and in full bloom.

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I'll have some plastic pots, small seed starting kind to gallon size, 2 or 3 gallon sizes. And these plants so far, links to their pictures are on my trade page.
# Boltonia asteroides 'Snowbank'
# Daylily yellow
# Dayliliy Double Orange
# Tall Breaded Iris
# Star of Betheham

Any one has a small start of the Florida Flame (yellow) Azalea? Or miniature iris?

BTW I have been successfully holding back my urges to buy plant/seeds. So far this year I trully has not spent a penny! That's historical for me!

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i am looking for three Miss Kim lilacs - anyone help me.

I have a ton of Mazus, creeping dianthus, aster, and artemesia. Let me know

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Bmmalone, I'd love to have some creeping dianthus and an aster. What kind of artemesia do you have? Do I have anything that you would like? I will be posting more as the plants break dormancy.

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Vroomp! I would love a dutchmans pipe vine. What are you looking for this year? Timeto go out and see what I have to divide.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have
Boltonia "Snow Bank" (gee, where did FarmerPickle get hers??, lo
"weird euphorbia" - SPREADS likes part-sun (Have never found out what kind this is)
"curly ivy" which is evergreen and not invasive like some other ivies. Excellent for containers and window boxes.
I will have cannas (these do not need trades, and I can let you know what they are if you are interested. Most are pretty common)
Hymenocallis: Peruvian Lilies
TB iris: China Dragon which is similar to Firebreather (orange) but blooms slightly earlier.
White perennial candytuft

That's all I could manage so far. More will be listed as time goes along!


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pins, you have mail

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Think think .. could the snowbank be from Glynis. Oh yea!!! And lots of other goodies from that tall long haired girl!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I'd be interested in one Japanese honeysuckle. I am still looking for things to fill up my "way back" area. Especially scented!!

I will have more things as time goes along, including some shade lovers for you!!


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Here is my trade list so far. I know I will have these, and will have more later in the spring.

Annabell Hydrangea rooted cuttings
Tardiva Hydranagea rooted cuttings
Purple Beauty Berry rooted cuttings
Penny Mac Hydrangea rooted cuttings
Blue Wave Hydrangea rooted cuttings
Marie Moulliere Hydrangea rooted cuttings
Strawberry begonias
Toad Lilies
Italian Arum
Hardy Geranium

Let me know what you'd like.

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Okay, so far I know I will have divisions of the following available:

Toad Lilly aka Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki'
Euphorbia 'Wulfrenni'
Alstromeria 'Sweet Laura'
Brugmansia cuttings (tall)
Stokesia (unsure of the varieties at this time)


Zagreb coreopsis seedlings

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Snoogie I would like to have some more Toad Lillies and could use the Stoksia also. I have yet to print a full list as most of my seedlings are small and weak. I lost power to my greenhouse last week while I was out of town and it seems to have taken quite a toll on the smaller seedlings. I will probably have some hosta divisions and plenty of large EEs but am unsure of Dutchmans Pipe Vines now. I also will be starting several large varieties of Mornning Glory, Blood Flower (Asclepias currasavica) and Moon Flower Vines, but it's a bit early yet as they get big fast.

    Bookmark   February 17, 2006 at 5:51PM
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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

thanks GGG and Sugarhill that sounds great. I hope your both able to make it.

congrats to stanreese and pam! I missed last falls trade because I had my second daughter right before it.

I would very interested in Your
Penny Mac Hydrangea rooted cuttings
Blue Wave Hydrangea rooted cuttings

Squirrellypete I would love some
Gaura 'Corries Gold'

Marcy--- can I bring something to eat as well? I'm a great baker.


    Bookmark   February 18, 2006 at 4:25PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Sure Cath, the CG gaura is yours. The only thing I'd like from you in return is for you to make this chilly weather disappear lol. Now that would be a great trade!

Happy gardening. Sincerely, Danielle

    Bookmark   February 18, 2006 at 4:46PM
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Added these :
frangrant white butterfly giner
bamboo 3rd year seedlings started from seeds. Not clear the cultivar think I was looking for timber bamboo when these offered to me.
winter jasmine with yellow flower (they are blooming now)
2 rooted Honeysuckle Alabama Crimson
2 small Epidendrum orchids rooted

    Bookmark   February 19, 2006 at 2:04AM
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Darn, darn!

I will be in NY the Saturday of the trade. I know ya'll will have a great time!

I'm like Vroom- I have lots of plants potted up to trade. Any recommendations as an alternative?



    Bookmark   February 19, 2006 at 1:40PM
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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

hey, all :)

cath- yes, by all means! and if there's anybody would like to be in charge of the food i'd be very grateful.

bmmalone, i would be interested in a whole lot of mazus if you have it to trade :)

pins- i'm interested in toad lilies and hellebores

snoogie- i'd be interested in toad liles and euphorbia

Gottahosta, i'm pretty sure i have the day before the trade off from work, and even if i don't, you're more than welcome to stop by beforehand and drop off trades, and pick them up later. i know it's not the same, but better than nothing, right? :)

    Bookmark   February 19, 2006 at 1:50PM
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Hey, Marcy

Thanks- that's a doable solution! Does mean you'll have to babysit my trades for a while, tho! I will not be able to stop on my way home from the airport!!

I'll post my trade list later!


    Bookmark   February 20, 2006 at 11:06AM
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marcy, I have mazus for you (not sure how much yet)

I still liriope, it anyone has any.

I also need three Ms Kim lilac trees (OK - I doubt if anyone has any! But i really do need these, so does anyone know if they are in the stores yet?)

    Bookmark   February 20, 2006 at 8:55PM
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Here's what I have so far.

Plant trade list Spring 2006

Rose Queen
Mixed, Purple thru white, some speckles, all singles
**Spider Lily bulbs, Red
Big Daddy
Fried Green Tomatoes
Spring Fling
Little Wonder
Rectifolia Chionea
Lemon Lime
Goddess of Athena
Shade Fanfare
Golden Tiara
Lakeside Kaleidoscope
" Partydress
Various streaked seedlings
**Crocosmia corms- Lucifer
**Tricyrtis plants/toadlilies
White Towers
Gilt Edge
Several more varieties
**Lysimachia nummularia/Creeping Jenny
Lots and lots!! And lots!!
**Dicentra eximia/Fringe Bleeding Heart- pink, everblooming
**Blue Dutch Iris Bulbs

I'm interested in:
.....any named or known Brug cuttings
.... and heirloom veggie plants, like tomatoes and peppers.
.....Also, if anyone has dicentra Spectibalis (sp)'Gold Heart, a division.
.....And any double hellebore divisions.
.....Also, any interesting bulbs, like lycoris radiata, Spider lily, different than the red.

(Don't want much, do I? LOL!)


    Bookmark   February 21, 2006 at 1:24PM
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I sure would like to get my hands on some of those Halcyon and Lemon Lime Hostas, along with the Crocosmia corms and Toad Lillies. I may have some Spider Lillies left if I can remember where I planted them. They are white Hymenocalis.

    Bookmark   February 21, 2006 at 4:30PM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have brugs, please email me,


    Bookmark   February 22, 2006 at 2:18PM
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Are your Hymenocalis bulbs tender? - doesn't sound like it if they are still in the ground. And they are not in the Lycoris family, looks like! Any more info on them?

Are you raising any good varieties of tomatoes and green pepper plants in yur green house- I would trade for some of those! And a Moonflower vine or two!

Farmerpickle, do I have anything listed you might like?

Please add transcandia/ blue/ limited white and maroon, to my trade list.

I also have a limited amount of trilliums (white), wild iris (blue) wild geranium (blue-ish pink), and native Jack in the Pulpits, all rescued from my own woods- let me know if interested.


    Bookmark   February 22, 2006 at 2:29PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Gottahosta. I see you have maroon and limited white tradescantia. I would love to work out a trade if they're still available. Please LMK if there's anything on my trade list you might be interested in swapping those for. And if not, don't worry about it =)

G'night all. Danielle

    Bookmark   February 23, 2006 at 1:35AM
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Hey, all

I'm removing my tricyrtis from my trade list.

Chris from Hallson's Nursery got suspicious about consistantly inconsistant markings on the flowers of certain varieties, and then the coloring spread to other plants- sorry, it doesn't kill the plants and not all varieties are victim to it but I can't knowingly spread it to others!!

    Bookmark   February 24, 2006 at 6:50PM
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nosyrosie(z7/8 - Atlanta)

Hey. I'm not talking much because as usual I just can't be so planned so far in advance. But I will be there, and I will organize the food. Look for a thread about this next month, I guess.

Brenda, I am going to be growing vegetables including Burbank Red Slicing Tomato (certified organic, heirloom). It is a determinate tomato. Let me know if you're interested and are going to be able to do that "before and after" thing and we can trade for any one of your epimediums?

FYI, I am also planning on growing:
organic Corn (Stowell's sweet corn)
bunching onions
single, pastel hollyhocks.


    Bookmark   February 24, 2006 at 10:26PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi all. A little bit of bad news regarding my swaps. I am taking my daylily varieties off my trade list for now because I am concerned many have developed daylily "leaf streak" fungus. Many varieties that looked green and healthy a short time ago are now starting to develope some foliar problems. This does not appear to be daylily rust which is good news. No orange substance is coming off from the underside of the leaf which is apparently the telltale sign of rust.

I am going to begin treatment for this immediately and have e-mailed the two people who I had already agreed to give daylilies to. I am told daylily leafstreak disease is fairly common but I've never noticed it in my garden until now. If anyone has any of their own advice regarding treatment I would appreciate any suggestions. I am still happy to trade with anyone who wants my daylilies but you need to be aware of the problem they are having. I am going to shear back the new growth almost to the crown and then start a spray program. This will set their growth this season back a little but I am hoping any signs of the disease will be gone by trade time.

Please e-mail me with any questions. Sincerely, Danielle

    Bookmark   February 25, 2006 at 12:44AM
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My Spider Lillies are Hymenocallis x festalis (a cross of longipetala and narcissiflora) I believe they used to be called 'Ismene' in some books. They are white, smell great, get about 30" tall with wide strap shaped leaves. Don't require more than 4-5 hours of sun. Mine are on the west northwest exposure of my home and have been in the ground for five years so don't believe tenderness guide. Leaf still looks good long after flower is gone. They bloom late in summer. Need to know more? Here's a link and pic too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hymenocallis

    Bookmark   February 25, 2006 at 7:21AM
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It's a deal on the Burbank Tomato for epimedium- PM me to work out details!
Vroomp- beautiful!!- and I would love to trade. Also, PM me to work out details!

Please-- anyone who may have received a toadlily from me last Fall plant swap, check out Chris' article on Hallson's forum, to see if you may have received an infected variety from me. I did get my infected plants form Chris last year! So sorry, but nobody knew, as you'll see from his article.





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konfuzed(7b Ga)

Hey all,

I've been in and out on here again because of things like no furnace (it rusted through) taking precedence :P But like always, I have LOTS of the big plants (cast irons, yellow iris, etc) that are on my trade list available. Now I just have to see if I can get things in shape to make it to this next one. I'm so excited that it's warming up this week!

    Bookmark   February 27, 2006 at 3:16PM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Pardon me for being a spaz, but did we decide on the 5th weekend of April: April 29th at 11am?

I can bring a vegetarian gluten free entree of some sort for lunch. This time I am probably bringing my hubby too :)


    Bookmark   February 27, 2006 at 6:54PM
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woody_ga(7a GA)

When I've looked at the threads about plant swaps I've been interested, but I haven't really had anything to trade. But a couple of weeks ago I discovered the winter sowing forum, and I went a little crazy! If my suff comes up and does as well as the winter sowing forum advertises, I may have some stuff to trade. It will be ordinary, but it will be plants! Would that be ok? Also, do I need to arrange trades in advance, or do I just show up?

    Bookmark   March 2, 2006 at 9:28AM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Hi WOody:
Please come. I will have extras if I have anything you'd like. Part of the trade is meeting your local gardeners :)


    Bookmark   March 2, 2006 at 12:49PM
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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Vroomp, I would like to try some sago palm seed. I don't have a green house but can overwinter them inside. Do they need any other special treatment? Are they hard to raise from seed?
Do you need any more sedum 'Autumn Joy'?

Jayman, I would like to try your Poor Mans Orchid. Do I have anything on my list that interests you?

Pins, I have blue false indigo and would like to trade some for your Annabelle hydrangea.

Farmerpickle, I would love to pick up some of your pots. I have rooted cuttings (2-year old) of false indigo and 1-year old 'Endless Summer' hydrangea and miniature irises.
Please e-mail me if any of you are interested in a trade

Plants I have to trade:

I am going to list my trades with the hopes that all of my plants will be up and healthy by April. I am offering these up for special trade and will only bring a portion of them for general trade.
daffodil 'King Alfred'
dutchmen's breeches--dicentra cucullaris
ginger lily--hedychium coronarium
spanish bluebells
iris--miniature blue/white
grape hyacinth--muscari
baptisia australis--false indigo
strawberry shamrock--oxalis crassipis
gaultheria procumbens
blue star creeper--laurentia
peace lily--spathyphyllum (house plant)
Italium arum
aster--blue, purple and white
green and gold--chrysogonum virginianum
daisy--'Crazy Daisy'
helleboro--2-year seedlings
lamium galeobdolon--'Hermann's Pride'
maltese cross--lychnis chalcedonica
strawberry begonia--saxifraga stolonifera
tiarella'Homestead Purple'-- verbena
gardenias--upright and creeping
Hydrangeas, several rooted cuttings or many unrooted
banana shrub--michelia figo
nine bark--physocarpus opulifolius
porceline berry vine--ampelopsis brevipedunculata 'Elegans'
jasmine--trachelospermum 'Winter Beauty'

Plants I want:
Aloysia triphylla -- lemon verbena
Antennaria dioica -- pussy toes
Aruncus aethusifolius -- goat's beard
Astrantia major or maxima '
hydrastis canadensis -- golden seal
Jeffersonia dyphylla -- twinleaf
Mahonia reptans
Spirea japonica 'Shibori'
Stephanandra incisca 'Crispa'

Linda Gail

    Bookmark   March 2, 2006 at 12:53PM
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Lindagail, I have had some measure of success with the Sago seeds. They take from 3 weeks to 60 days to germinate depending on temp. I gave a couple seedlings away at last trade and I believe GGG got one of them. Perhaps she and whoever got the other one can post how they did after they recieved them. They do not require any particular special attention, just a well draining soil mix and some warmth. Place the bare seeds as they would fall naturally on the ground and cover half way with soil. Soaking in water makes the fruit easier to remove from the seeds. I have about 20 left to give away from my female Sago.

    Bookmark   March 3, 2006 at 5:05PM
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Linda Gail, good trade. I may have some pussy toes to trade. I'm not sure if they are "evergreen" (funny, since they are silver), but if they aren't I need to wait to see if they come up. If they do, I'd like to trade for a creeping gardenia.

    Bookmark   March 5, 2006 at 9:12AM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have updated my trade page. Check out the link below for a listing of the plants I am now offering.

I am interested in some camellia cuttings. So far I have had a lot of luck rooting the cuttings. Also looking for someone to see if they can start a dwarf white quince shrub???


Here is a link that might be useful: girlgroupgirl's exchange page

    Bookmark   March 5, 2006 at 7:51PM
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Glynis I love to have your ryan's yellow chrysanthemum. The pink one is gorgious. I hope the yellow will bloom just as well!

    Bookmark   March 5, 2006 at 8:10PM
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I have a Cleopatra Camelia if you would like some cuttings.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2006 at 10:36AM
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Hey Woody, I'm bringing stuff from winter sowing and not arranging trades in advance - mostly there's nothing I want in advance. So I'll have some stuff to swap with you. If your stuff doesn't come up in time, I'll give you some stuff anyway. I sowed way more than I need. The first time I went to the swap I had only one thing to swap. I still had a good time meeting people. Show up.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2006 at 4:15PM
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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

if i haven't answered anybody's posts addressed to me, please let me know :) i've been spending so much time on my yard lately (the pressure's on now that y'all are coming over!) that i haven't been paying proper attention, and i'm afraid with all the posts i may have missed something.

i have some unidentified climbing roses to trade, and a Belinda. Also Rose of Sharon, and a few Mahonias. I'll have LOTS more stuff and in much greater variety starting in April. Am specially looking for strawberries, evergreen clematis, creeping fig, pachysandra, hardy herbs, blueberries, mazus in quantity, paving stones, stone suitable for the lip of a pond, large flowerpots (esp. glazed ones in blues, greens, white or purples), soaker hoses, tasteful garden sculpture or fountains, benches, hanging lanterns, etc etc. Oh, and hydrangeas (the bigger the better) and anything suitable for a nice shade garden.

    Bookmark   March 12, 2006 at 7:07PM
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Kathy Bochonko

So I had all this stuff I started from seed and the birds got to it. They actually went under the plastic cover on my mini greenhouse/shelf thingie and trashed pretty much everything. I am so peeved! So I guess I'll mainly be bringing divisions.

    Bookmark   March 14, 2006 at 12:05AM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Pins, I would love cleopatra camellia cuttings!!!


    Bookmark   March 14, 2006 at 11:25PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Updating list:

Couple of things I'm adding to the list for anyone interested:
Rooted variegated Weigelia cuttings
Variegated Hydrangea cuttings -- just got the plants and plan to take cuttings soon. Hopefully they'll be rooted by trade and if not I can bring unrooted cuttings.
Daylilies (just purchased these so the varieties are uncomfirmed until they actually bloom but the grower told me they are:
Joylene Nicole

Only have 1 or two fans of each of those two daylilies so if interested contact me soon. Some good news is the other daylilies that have been in my garden have responded well to the anti-fungal spraying and I think they will be good to go by trade.

Thanks! Squirrellypete

    Bookmark   March 16, 2006 at 10:09AM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

OK, even more additions:

'Little Cadet' Daylily
'Leebea Orange Crush' Daylily
Unlabeled but very pretty peach/salmon daylily w/rose eye
'Night Beacon' Daylily -- Unconfirmed bloom
'Luxury Lace' Daylily -- Unconfirmed bloom
Violet Stemmed Elephant Ear (only have 1 to trade)
Bridalwreath Spirea (rooted cuttings)
'Foxtrot' Asiatic Lily
'White Baby' Asiatic Lily
'Boulevard' blue False Cypress (small rooted cutting -- only have 1 to trade)
Balloon Flowers (mixed colors -- purple, pink or white)
'Walker's Low' Catmint (rooted cuttings)
'Foothill' Creeping Phlox
'Snow Hill' Salvia
'Red Velvet' Yarrow

Ya'll have a good night. Sincerely, Squirrellypete

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I've been absent, for the most part, from this discussion of items available for the spring trade. I don't seem to have much this year!

However, I do plan to come, and a few things are showing up in pots where I thought had nothing. For instance, the kolkwitzia cuttings, otherwise known as beautybush, that I took last year and thought didn't root, are putting out fresh green leaves right now. But who wanted them? It looks like at least two, maybe three, stems are alive, but I think the safest thing may be to leave them all together in the same pot and give them to the same person. In fact I'd recommend that person (if someone still wants this bush) plant them together and let them grow as a multistemmed bush, which is actually how I think it naturally grows, anyway.

So, if someone particularly wants this plant, please let me know so I can mark it with your name beforehand. Otherwise I'll just bring it for the general trade.

    Bookmark   March 17, 2006 at 12:38PM
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I will take all the named or un-named daylilies or Hosta anyone wants to get rid of. And believe it or not, I STILL want plain green liriope!!

    Bookmark   March 17, 2006 at 5:03PM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Lindabeth, I have HORDES and HORDES of green loriope! So far I've filled two huge trash cans and an extra large tree bin. I'm only 1/2 way done. How much do you need? :)


    Bookmark   March 17, 2006 at 11:14PM
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Squirrellpete, could I have some balloon flowers? I just love them.

If anyone has some, I'd love some brunnera and pulmonaria.

Marcy, I have strawberries and mazus. It is growing into the grass, but it looks wonderful with the tiny flowers.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2006 at 4:23PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi pins. Sure, I'll add some balloon flowers to your list.


    Bookmark   March 18, 2006 at 10:04PM
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Jayman_GA(z8 GA)

I don't mean to sound stupid...but I will. What was the date we selected for the swap?

    Bookmark   March 19, 2006 at 8:00PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Saturday April 29th I think Jayman =)


    Bookmark   March 20, 2006 at 10:24AM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Nobody has really asked me for much in trades. Since I have to travel a longer distance for this trade, I will not be bringing the same quantities of plants as I normally do.
Maybe you are all just sick of what I have to offer, lol. But if I have something you want, please speak up so that you may have the chance to get it.
Both my seeds and plants are listed here:

This does not include in coming seedlings, annuals, and many other things I hope to germinate (and grow) in the next month. Please check back. I will be posting as they arrive.


    Bookmark   March 21, 2006 at 9:12PM
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garischa(7 GA)

Girlgroupgirl -
I always love to trade with you, but I have been holding off posting my haves/wants until I have a better idea of how successful my wintersowing will be.

But I'll go ahead and tell you what I am interested in, and then we can figure out what I can bring for you in return. I would like some of your strawberry begonia, some angelina sedum (you gave me some last year; I really like the color of this one), and maybe the "weird" euphorbia (sounds interesting).

I don't know if I have any of your specific wants, but I can always bring you another small hosta, a small fern or something along those lines. I'll post a more complete list of my haves soon.

Uli (garischa)

    Bookmark   March 22, 2006 at 10:16AM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

You may certainly have what you want. I'd be very happy with any hardy fern, especially evergreen. I am up to my ears in hosts. I am growing about 200 from seed this year!!!


    Bookmark   March 22, 2006 at 11:00AM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Just remembered a few more things I'm looking for if anyone has them to trade. Alot of them are probably long shots but what the heck:

Japanese Blood Grass
Alstroemeria (any colors)
'Crippsii' False Cypress (Chamaecyparis) -- cuttings rooted or unrooted would be just fine
Clematis (any varieties but Jackmanii, Dr. Ruppel & Nike Warsaw) -- especially looking for pinks, whites, or reds and/or any double-flowered varieties
'Illustris' Elephant Ear
Riverbirch Tree/seedling
Red Bud Tree/seedling
Japanese Cherry Tree/seedling (pink or white -- just something that flowers well)
Flowering Almond Tree/seedling
Purple Smoke Tree/seedling
'Winterglut' Bergenia
'Valerie Finnis' Artimesia
Perennial Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

Thanks & keep warm! Squirrellypete

    Bookmark   March 25, 2006 at 6:46PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Judging by the number of posts I've made I think I must be getting greedier lol. Does anyone have an abundance of "Stella De Oro" or "Happy Returns" or any other reliable reblooming daylily that they would like to trade me for? Heck, I'd even love the old orange or yellow ditch lilies too if anyone has extras. Figured if anyone's interested we could either swap at the trade or I could even come to your place one day and do the digging as long as it isn't clear across the state.

My father-in-law asked me to landscape his new house but didn't exactly provide the funds needed to do it all so I'm going to give the barter system a try lol. I was able to purchase some decent shrubs for foundation plantings but it's a large lot that I think could really benefit from a good daylily population even if they aren't the fancy ones.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Sincerely Squirrellypete

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I'm currently looking for some starts or plants of the following roses:

Livin' Easy
Easy Going
Rosette Delizy
Perle d'Or
William Allen Richardson
Lady Hillingdon (prefer cl.)

Does anyone happen to have these before I order?


    Bookmark   March 29, 2006 at 11:47AM
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My SO & I have been to some of GGG's trades, but not to anyone else's! Is it ok if we invite ourselves to this one? I saw mention of carrot cake somewhere & it sounds awfully good...!

I will have these to trade:

lemon balm plants
cast iron cuttings
peppermint cuttings
unknown iris (no, we still don't know what we have)
3-4 golden raspberry plants
possibly some Black-eyed Susan plants & a few tomato & pepper seedlings
1 pb copy of Rodale's Annual Garden

Would like:

VA Bluebells
Spiderwort, especially Sweet Kate
Solomon's Seal
another woodland plant I can't remember right now
Coral Bells, especially Palace Purple
Verbena or other butterfly plant
Japanese Kerria, double flowering only, please.

As always, my want liat is longer than my have list!

Thanks for reading,
Sharon (& John)

    Bookmark   March 30, 2006 at 7:28PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Sharon. Glad you will be attending. You mentioned you wanted Verbena -- would good old fashioned Homestead Purple do the trick? The butterflies are crawling (or rather fluttering) all over mine right now.

I can always use more Iris in the landscape if you would like to trade. Just LMK.

Sincerely, Squirrellypete

    Bookmark   March 30, 2006 at 8:06PM
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garischa(7 GA)

Sharon -
I can bring some variegated solomon seal for your golden raspberry. I also have bloodroot and heucheras. Please let me know.

    Bookmark   March 31, 2006 at 6:44AM
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Squirrellypete, I have some orange ditchlilies and some yellow stellas for your father. I would love some Homestead verbena if you have extras.

    Bookmark   March 31, 2006 at 6:14PM
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Hi Squirrellypete & Uli,

I would love any verbena, solomon's seal, bloodroot & heucheras!

I'll bring you all some irises & golden raspberries.


PS I was just in the yard & we seem to have a bunch of lillies too. I would have to see if I can find some digital pics to let you know the color. If anyone is interested...

    Bookmark   March 31, 2006 at 6:37PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Sharon. Sounds good to me. I'd also be interested in seeing what color lilies you have. Are they daylilies or real lilies?

Pins, I have plenty of Homestead Purple Verbena to share with you as well. And my FIL will LOVE to get the daylilies so thank you.

Everyone enjoy their weekend! Sincerely, Squirrellypete

    Bookmark   March 31, 2006 at 8:09PM
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Went thru the photos & can't find any of that patch! Sorry. We don't think they are daylilies.... perhaps they will bloom by the Trade?

-Can you get some of your friends out of our attic? I think they've set up an acorn bar.


    Bookmark   April 2, 2006 at 11:01AM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

No problem Sharon. I'm sure they're pretty whatever they are.

I'm afraid I can't help you with your attic though -- I'm the black sheep (er...squirrel) of the family so the others don't listen to me. They think I'm nuts hehe (Okay, I know that was bad).

Sincerely, Squirrellypete

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I'm looking for few fragrant plants, such as lavender, evening stock, nicotiana, lemon verbena, jasmine etc.

Since my postings are scartered, I'll keep my trade page as the central place for what I have for the swap.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Wenny, I have a lavender in a gallon pot. It's a "regular" lavender (I don't know what kind, but the kind that grows successfully here). You may have it. I cut it all the way back and it is filling out again. Should look pretty good by the time of the plant trade. You can have it.


    Bookmark   April 3, 2006 at 2:25PM
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Well, finally I can say that I will be at the trade for sure. I have been given permission to miss one softball game on Saturday so I will be there. I might even bring something to eat too. Unfortunately Aristolochia seeds (Dutchmans pipe Vine) are taking a while to germinate so they may not be ready in time, but I have more seeds for those who wish to try them. I think only Snoogie and Wildflower wanted them.

Gottahosta, I cannot determine where exactly the Spider Lillies are yet as they are not up yet. As soon as they are up I will happily dig one or two up for you.

Lindagail, I have Sago Seeds for you aplenty. I also have more Hens and Chicks if you need some more. Sure would love those Bluebells you have.

GGG, I still have a Red Banana for you that has wintered in the greenhouse waiting to go home with you since last fall. I will be bringing it along.

SquirrellyPete, I have saved you for last. For you I have Pink Astilbe, some Muscari bulbs, a large antique metal scythe blade and 11 Wrought Iron Compound Fleure-De-Lis Styled inserts that measure approximately 20" by 10". Which just happens to be enough to create a 36" diameter circle around a favorite tree or shrub. If you want all that! All I would like is everything on your list.

Just kidding! That would be too much like work to plant all that. However, I would love to get some hardy Hibiscus if not 'syriacus', some golden Guara and Lilly Bulbs that aren't orange (I have too many of those now).

I plan to bring very little other than seeds for Moon Flower Vine, Purple Hyacinth bean Vine, Blood Flower(Asclepias currasavica)annual here, and a variety of Morning Glory Seeds too. Here's my wimpy list:

2 white Angel Trumpets (from seed in fall)
1 Salvia guaranitica (Black & Blues) a healthy division
2 Sedum makinoi varigata (hardy here to 20º)
4 Sedum makinoi ogon ( killer yellow leaf hardy variety)
6 Sedum Stonecrop (Rampant, hardy, better than grass)
1-100 Bloodflowers (grown from seed if I start any more)
4 EE Possibly a sub-species of Alocasia macrorrhizza (get large to say the least but, seems to be hardy)
1 pot of Creeping Jenny or 10 maybe
4 Purple Hyacinth Bean Vines in 4" pots
4 Bolivian Jews (callisia repens) in 3" pots
4 hardy Amaryllis var. orange Sovereign (straining 2" pots)
and require one more year to mature to bloom
1 EE Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris'

What I want:
Hostas, ferns, hydrangeas (cuttings that have actual roots) and of course My Favorite, Sedum Autumn Joy

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I can offer at least one medium sized hosta which would be a division of a hosta Uli gave to me a few years ago. I'm pretty sure it came from Uli and it's Golden Tears. Lime green leaf with golden edge. I bet I have more minis. Some are late coming up.
I also will have LOTS and I mean lots of really gorgeous mini and other hosta in the fall...I started them from seed. Do you need any plain green hosta white white scented flower...siboldiana?

Can't wait for banana...

ALL: I am looking for Mondo grass. Not the dwarf type, and not loriope (Monkey grass, I have that out the wazoo). I need the longer sort of "weeping" Japanese mondo grass, and I need a LOT of it. I'd be happy to trade some goodies with you for the mondo. I have a slope that needs to be covered with the stuff to stop the weeds.
I am getting in more goodies than are just listed on my web page but trying to update as fast as the new stuff is propagated or large enough from seed....


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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

pins, i would ADORE some strawberries and mazus. do you know what color the mazus flowers are?

    Bookmark   April 6, 2006 at 9:49PM
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Hi Glynis. I just create another bed around the patio so I'm filling in some fragrant stuff there. Lavender would be great.

Vroom I'll have Sedum Autumn Joy, since you speak up you can have it :-)!


    Bookmark   April 7, 2006 at 9:48PM
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Thanks Wenny! I am sorry I don't seem to have anything on your list. How about some nice metal Pig Lanterns for candles?

    Bookmark   April 8, 2006 at 3:01PM
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Hi everybody. I was waiting until I knew for sure I could make it to the swap before posting. I hope I'm not too late to get in on some action. I will work on revamping my lists and you guys will hear from me again very soon! I had such fun last time. Looking forward to it again and staying for lunch this time!


    Bookmark   April 8, 2006 at 9:57PM
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rdhanson(Zone 7 Georgia)

I'm getting very close to filling in my shady backyard with stuff. Still need about to fill about 20 spots though. Also, I'm bringing a friend who is starting to do the same. So any part-sun to full shade plants would be appreciated.

To give in trade I have dozens of hellebore seedlings growing around their parents, oakleaf hydragea cuttings (generic, Alice, Snow Queen, and Pee Wee), some blue lacecap hydrangea cuttings, purple hyacinth bean seeds, a few moon vine seeds. A couple of big leaf magnolias saplings. From the mildly invasive list: morning glorybower and japanese bush honeysuckle. Sorry, not able to give as much as I'd like to receive.

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garischa(7 GA)

Here are my lists:

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)
Daylilies (generic orange, Autumn Red, Happy Returns, Stellas, ...)
American Beautyberry
Hostas (2 year old Plantaginea babies; some other unknowns and common)
Purple Heucheras (2 year old from seed)
Creeping Thyme (if it splits well)
Variegated Solomon Seal
Hellebores (2 year old, I think)
Liriope (green)
Bunny Tails grass (from seed; annual, I think)
Vinca Major
Other wintersown seedlings (ask if you are looking for something specific; I might just be growing it)
Irises (white, purple-white blooms, walking kind; no names, sorry)

Oakleaf Hydrangea
Endless Summer Hydrangea
Hostas (I can send a list of which ones I have)
Jack in the pulpit
Sedums (purple leafed varieties or Angelina)
Hens and Chicks
Ferns (not Christmas)
Ornamental Grasses
Blueberry bush
Black Elephant Ears

I can send photos of pretty much everything on my haves list.

Thanks for looking.

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Hi Brad, no need to trade for anything for the Sedum Autumn Joy. You have always been very generous.

OK thought I post my list one more time some are avaliable in 1 or 2. In case anyone want anything please yell otherwise can't gurantee. Thanks.

# Many plastic nursery pots, varies size, small for see starter to galon size.
# Bamboo
# Bishop's weed varigated
# Boltonia asteroides 'Snowbank'
# Black Berry Lily
# Chive
# Cupido Calochortus
# Dayliliy Double Orange
# Oxalis Prennial Lucky clover
# Fiveleaf Akebia Vine Chocolate Vine
# Foxglove mixed
# Japanese Anemones White
# Lily of the Valley white
# Mexican evening primrose pink
# Orange butterfly flower
# Red Hot Poker
# Rose Paul's Himalayan Musk
# Rose New Dawn
# Salvia Guaranitica - Prennial deep blue Anise Sage
# Salvia Koyamae - Prennial Japanese Yellow Sage
# Sedum Autumn Joy
# Shasta Daisy Alaska
# Swamp Sun Flower
# varigated vinca major
# Tall Breaded Iris mixed
# White butterfly ginger


    Bookmark   April 10, 2006 at 9:13PM
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I could always use a few more Liliies of the Valley if you have some to spare.

    Bookmark   April 11, 2006 at 8:15AM
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garischa(7 GA)

Farmerpickle -
I am interested in your Bishop's weed and the Fiveleaf Akebia Vine Chocolate Vine. I posted my list on this thread yesterday.
Please let me know if you see anything you are interested in.

Uli (garischa)

    Bookmark   April 11, 2006 at 9:55AM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Uli, I have the sedum angelina for you. I'll pop in some of my darker sedum today. It should root by the trade, but still be small. It's Vera Jameson.


    Bookmark   April 11, 2006 at 3:18PM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I need becki daisies if anyone has them.
I looked outside, and many of mine are gone!


    Bookmark   April 11, 2006 at 4:47PM
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Hi looks like i will be able tomake the trade after all. I know i promised Mazus to Marcy, and limelight artemesia to Lindabeth. Did I promise anything else to anyone? Let me know. I still have lots of the limelight artemesia and also the gray artemesia ( don't know the name), if anyone wouldlike some. I also have red and yellow cannas if anyone is interested. Also have a ton of mums and maybe some Rose of Sharon and some iris. Just let me know. I am looking for Shasta daisies and hydrangea if anyone has any. Thanks

    Bookmark   April 11, 2006 at 4:55PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi bmmalone. I have some 'Tardiva' Hydrangea cuttings if you want some. Just LMK. I'd like to try some of your limelight Artemesia if still available.

Sincerely, Squirrellypete

    Bookmark   April 11, 2006 at 7:53PM
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i would some hydrangea, and i still have lots of thelimelight left so i will bring you some.

    Bookmark   April 12, 2006 at 12:53PM
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is anyone looking for pots - black plastic ones - i have a huge bag full if anyone wants them

    Bookmark   April 12, 2006 at 1:00PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

thx bmmalone =)


    Bookmark   April 12, 2006 at 3:10PM
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HELP!I have accidently deleted my replies from Garden Web. If I have promised you something for Spring Trade,please remind me of what it was,so I will bring it!!

    Bookmark   April 12, 2006 at 5:03PM
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GGG I may have another hundred 2" pots for you. Would you like the trays to go along with them also?

P.S. I also bumped into your Feline Frenzy/Electric Garden page the other day.... COOL! I recognized that house right away!!! LOL

    Bookmark   April 12, 2006 at 5:21PM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Hi Brad:
Yes to the 2" pots. Thank-you. We use them for succulent propagation at church.
Yep, that's my web page. Now you can see what we started with :)


    Bookmark   April 12, 2006 at 10:55PM
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anyone have any bloodroot they would like to share?

    Bookmark   April 13, 2006 at 3:47PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Have rooted Boxleaf Euonymus cuttings available to add to my trade list. LMK if interested.

Thanks. Squirrellypete

    Bookmark   April 13, 2006 at 4:16PM
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I know I'm a little late, however, if anyone still has Cast Iron plants, Stella De Oro, plain old green Liriope, and anything sun tolerant..please take pity on me. I am new to gardening so i dont have much to trade. But i do have a fairly new hand saw used only once....i think its called a "bow saw" and some nursery pots...LOL ;-)

    Bookmark   April 19, 2006 at 3:42PM
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Sorry about the late post - I'm heading into finals week - ick!

Plants for trade:

Variegated wormwood (yellow and green) if you want the latin name, I can find the tag.

Christmas ferns - the native variety
Lamb's ears - unknown variety, smaller leaves
Cherokee roses - small (2/3 year) plants
Native Rudbeckia - very drought resistant
White dutch irises - unknown variety
Purple bearded iris - unknown variety
Yellow daylily - unknown variety, looks like a larger version of stella

Tons and tons of 'ditch' daylilies - these I won't bring unless someone specifically asks for them

Sorry about the lack of variety names - most of these plants came with the house.

Wanted plants:
pretty much anything that does well in the sun. No daylilies, though.

Thanks! pp

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Kathy Bochonko

Hi guys does anyone have a fairy rose that is at least about a 1 gallon size? I moved mine and one died. I am also looking for limelight Hydrangea and a Penny Mac. If so email me and I will see what I may have from your "wishlist" A lot of what I have is stuff I can steal a little of if requested, but I probably won't dig up for the genral trade. I am really unorganized this year so I still don't have much of a list put together, I won't be bringing a whole lot, but that is my focus for this week, getting things potted up to trade. I have my trades on my page, but I will walk the yard today and see what I can add and hopefully update it again tonight. Here are the things I would like that you all have offerred let me know what you would like in return if you have any of this left.

Danielle, is it too late to get one of your 'Tardiva Pink' Hydrangea -- rooted cuttings and a varigated wiegelia? Also is the Walker's Low catmint still available? I have honeycomb butterfly bush I could bring you a couple of cuttings if you tell me what you need exactly, I have never tried rooting one and since we are so close to the trade it would probably be pointless, I will cut them fresh that morning for you. I can also bring you some burgandy bearded iris if you think it won't hurt the clump for me to cut off a section right now, they are still blooming so I don't want to dig up the whole thing.

Pins do you still have any of the variuos rooted hydrangea cuttings? I would love a Penny Mac as I mentioned as well as an Annabelle and if Marcy doesn't have a Tardiva still I would take that as well. Beautyberry would also be wonderful.

Glynis do you still have any of the wierd Euphorbia you mentioned? Also interested in some of the Van Sion Daffs and Santa Barbara Daisy, I can bring you some various camelia cuttings and Becky shasta daisy as well as a baby red tinged hens and chicks.

Linda Gail I have some lemon verbena if you still need it and I think you mentioned hostas, I have some unnamed varigated ones. I would love any of the following that you still have available Spanish bluebells, minature iris, Strawberry Shamrock, Ninebark, Jasmine "winter Beauty"

Farmer Pickle is the Blackberry Lily still available?

Barb still have extra Mazus? I would love what you can spare.

RDhanson-- If they are still available I am interested in magnolia saplings and oakleaf Hydrangea cuttings (any really but specifically Pee Wee)

    Bookmark   April 22, 2006 at 4:37PM
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Kathy Bochonko

If anyone has ony of these items please let me know if it is not too late to trade

Plants I am looking for:
Viburnum Blue Muffin
Japanese Anemone
Rudbeckia Maxima
Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarta)
Boneset (Eupatorium Perfoliatum)
Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum)
Coreopsis rosea
Agapanthus (large variety)
wild ginger
Reeves Spirea aka 'Double Bridalwreath'
Bottlebrush Buckeye
Cardinal Candy Viburnum
black Beauty Sambucus
Southern Gold Sambucus
The Swan Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea
Quick Fire Hydrangea
Snow flake Hydrangea
Annabelle Hydrangea
Viburnum Bodnantense
Pink Muhly Grass
Huechera-- Rasberry Ice, or stoplight
Brunnera 'looking glass'
lungwort (pulmonaria saccharata)
Cup plant (silphium perfoliatum)
Any no spray roses but especially--
-Carefree Sunshine
-Aviateur Bleuriot Rose
Weeping willow I will take rooted or unrooted cuttings
Hostas - sieboldi Kabitan, Slick Wille, Great Expectations.
Puschkinia libanotica
crocus tommansinianus
Glory of the snow
grape hyacinth
any spring ephemerals really
Native azaleas
Spice Bush

I promise to post my updated my "have list" by tomorrow at the latest.

    Bookmark   April 22, 2006 at 4:47PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hey Kathy. I still have the 'Tardiva' Hydrangea, variegated Weigelia & 'Walker's Low' Catmint for you. I also have a small Weeping Willow cutting that rooted just last week if you want it. The Hydrangea & Weigelia are small but well-rooted from last year. The Walker's Low catmint "cuttings" are easily 1 gallon size now or bigger. I should have probably listed them as plants rather than rooted cuttings lol. I was outside today and just noticed how big they actually were.

I already have some 'Honeycomb' BB but thanks for offering it. As for the Irises I'd love them. I'm no Iris expert though so I don't know how to advise you about dividing them now. I'm probably more brutal on my Irises & daylilies than some folks and will pretty much divide them year-round if the need arises. I don't recall ever losing one but then they're my plants if something goes wrong. I wouldn't want to damage the rest of your clump if this isn't a good time. If anyone else has experience with this please chime in.

I think you traded me some of this last year too, but I'd also be interested in more 'Chicago Royal' daylily if it's still available. I loved the blooms on the one I received last year and I have an area I'm doing in purples so the more the merrier.

Please LMK if there's anything else you'd like. Thanks!
Sincerely, Danielle

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mairenn(7-8 GA)


i can get you a willow cutting.

all, i don't remember if i listed hydrangea in my Want post, but I do:)

might want to move this back over to the shorter thread. ?

    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 8:10AM
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Kathy, I have one extra Astilbe left if you want. I don't know if it is white or pink though.????????????

    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 10:26AM
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