hardy white fuchsia

Jajohnson2(8 WA)October 9, 2005

I recently saw a very unique hardy fuchsia at a nursery but didn't buy it at the time because they had it already potted up in an expensive container with other plants. Now I'm kicking myself for not writing down the name. The blossoms are fairly dainty and are white with a hint of green. Does anyone know what it might be?

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)


This is one that I grow here in the North of the UK whick I think meets with your description, it is called 'Hawkeshead'. There is also another which is very much like this called 'Grayrigg'.

I hope this helps,


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Jajohnson2(8 WA)

Thank you, Tight. That does look right, although the name doesn't sound familiar. It may have a different name here in the states. It gives me a place to begin.

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melrt968(u.k. scotland)

Possibly Fuchsia magellanica 'Alba'?

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Unfortunately, F.m. 'Alba' is not white at all but a pale pink and now more correctly named F.m. var. molinae (aka Angel's or Maiden's Blush). There are few pure white hardy fuchsias, specially with that dainty form you describe. I'd also bet on either 'Hawkshead' or 'Grayrigg'. Both are pretty common in better PNW nurseries.

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Jajohnson2(8 WA)

After doing more research, I'm pretty sure it is 'Hawkshead'.
Thanks, all, for your input.

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An annual fuschia that flowered in my garden which I considered all white, is named "flying cloud". It's described as having a blush in the center that appears only upon close inspection.

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