how many to order?

linda888June 22, 2014


Newby here! I am thinking of ordering some daylilies. How many should I order if I want to fill a bed that is about 3 by 10 feet? For instance on one site they were $7 for "bloom size double fan divisions - 'two plants'"


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shive(6b TN)

When they clump up, they will be 18-24 inches wide. I would order 6 and put some low growing annuals in front of them.


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wren-garden(zone 5b/6)

Linda, Debra gave good advice. There are so many beautiful choices even at the low end of the price range. Go slow. The more online nurseries you look at. The more you see posted here the more clear and refined your taste will become. It won't be saving money or work to plant heavy and quick only to have to pull some out for over crowding which will not give you good bloom and need to change with your improved awareness of what is possible in your more educated future. It is a learning curve that is so much fun and so beautiful. Have a great time and keep checking out all the posts. Look at many Daylily nursery sites and know that the color can be effected by the type of monitor on your computer so look at eh same DL from multiple sites and take the average as true

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