fuchsia flower size

myth111November 13, 2007

I have noticed lately that some of my normally large flowered fuchsias are growing small flowers but lots of them

I feed & water them regularly so what else can I do ?

any ideas welcome


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

First off, which Fuchsia is it? What size are the flowers supposed to be? I have a Fuchsia, Bella Rosella, it did the same thing. A young plant from a cutting, had huge flowers the first time it bloomed, as it matured and produced more flowers the flowers got a little smaller but now fit the AFS registered description more accurately.


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thanks for reply, the fuchsia concerned is cecile, it is supposed to have large blooms & did last year, the plant is several years old , Im thinking I may need to pinch it out or not feed it so often


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I found the description for Cecile in Mr. Boullemier's checklist, this might be of some help.
CECILE. Double. Thick light pink tube, deep rose-pink sepals curl back covering tube and ovary, tipped light green. Corolla lavender-blue, pink at base. Medium sized blooms one inch long by two inches wide, tightly ruffled and pleated. Cordate shaped foliage 1in x 2 1/2ins. Growth natural, without weights will make good basket, best colour in shade. There's a bit more info as to when it was registered with the AFS and by who which I haven't added.

Another thought, do you replant in fresh mix each year, and yes pinching will force new growth, the flowers more than likely will be bigger on this.


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yes I replant in new mix every year & I think it just needs pinching as it has had too many buds
thanks for your help

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