Seed germination help on rare plants

fenius(9)March 29, 2013

Ok I'm a total failure with seeds but I can't resist; every spring they get to me!!!
Does anyone have any experience with any of these?
Monodora myristica
(on these I actually found this on the internet : "germination is noticeably better when the seeds have passed through the digestive tract of chimpanzees or the fruit has been drug in by the dung beetle")!!
Elyotropis chilensis
Backhousia citriodora
Turraea obtusifolia
Holboellia angustifolia (he he, I found another one!)
Duabanga grandiflora
Quillaia brasiliensis
Voacanga africana
Guichenotia macrantha

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Hi have you been?

Oh my! Are you serious or kidding about the proper way to germinate Monodora seeds, via, chimp/beetles?
Too funny.
Which plant 'was the author who wrote the article,' smoking? lol.

I'll be honest. I've never heard of the tropicals you listed. Ever. Not-a-one.

Wish each name was clickable.
I'd love seeing pics.

I hope someone can help you.
Is there a seed forum on GW? How about Tropical Forum?

Good luck sowing, Toni

Did you Google each plant? Ex, 'monodora propagating' or 'sowing monodora seeds.'

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Fenius. I couldn't allow myself to be too lazy to research our plants.

I Googled each, first pics, then sowing procedures.

All your seeds are listed on Google.

What I did was type, 'in Google search window,'
Example: sowing monodora myristica seeds
Several pages of information popped up.
BTW, didn't come across the need of chimps or beetles. lol.

I Googled every plant on your list.

Are you sure elyotropis is the correct spelling?

Two sites that might help.

Again, good luck. Toni

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Thanks Toni, you are very thoughtful!!! I did that too.. for all of them and I found some general info on their germination mainly on commercial sites like sunshineseeds in germany that you mentioned ecc.. but I was hoping someone here would maybe have personal experience.. oh well, I guess it will start with me, but don't get your hopes up! Elyotropis is actually elytropus chilensis, it was misspelled in the site I bought it is the link w/ the chimps:

Here is a link that might be useful: monodora myristica

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Fenius, you're more than welcome.

I tried opening the link you posted, My 'puter is acting up, so it wouldn't open..Think I need a new computer. I'll retry later.

I wanted to get back to you after reading a couple seeds needed immediate sowing. I don't think you'd be happy if they dried out. :(
One seed is Voacanga. I should have written the other, but after reading hand-written notes, discovered I didn't jot the second seed.
Where are your seeds now?

I understand what you mean. Google is helpful, but talking to people who have first-hand experience is even better.

I enjoy reading different opinions and success rates, too.

Google didn't have any info for Elyotropis. Instead, Search asked, 'do you mean,' then listed a different plant,...can't recall which plant now. lol.

Good luck, hope all your seeds germinate...Toni


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