Richie, where are you?

birdsnbloomsMarch 18, 2009

Richie, I don't see any threads or posts authored by you. Are you okay? We miss talking to you.

I hope you, your mom and g/f are well. Drop a line when you're available..Toni

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Hi Toni
I made it. I try searching in the GW but did not find the site so I just google it now I made it phew :-)
My girlfriend, my mother and I are doing a little better thank you. it seems like as the days pass by we are able to cope with our lost a little better
We still upset about our lost but at least now we are starting to feel a little better.
Toni: I would ask the nursery if they can exchange the plants for you cause its not your fault they should of relize what plant hardness zone you live in when you enter your shipping address and then they should of ship them
to you around spring.
I order plants before and they have hold my other until the weather was warm enough for them in fl.
I will name the online store I order them from in my next post. lol no more snow. we do need rain here in FL tho
it's has been a dry season here in FL
yes I got more plants from lowes.
we got roses, rubber tree plants,gafted gardenias just to name a few of the plants.
my garden is full no more space left for plants.
I'm glad that your Foxtail, Ming, Spreng and Plumosia Ferns are doing good.
I know the pot size you are talking about I got some big plants planted in two of them.
Awwwww Toni: I'm sorry to hear that your family has no interest in gardening.
If I lived near by you I would help you with the gardening.
lol your dog reminds me of my dog she loves playing in mud also. omg may be your dog wanted plant something with all the dirt he came home with lol just kidding.
Thank you Toni for the welcome back
I'm happy to be back
Take Care

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Richie, pics of all my Asparagus-type ferns..the small fern is variegated. I couldn't believe a local nursery had 'one' in stock!
One guy on the net had one for sale years ago. His asking price was 55.00. lol. Someone purchased was the last variegated around. Wonder if it'll grow variegated.
So, hope you can see why I need big pots. Asparagus and Plumosias are easy to find, they're sold as summer annuals for .98 each..never buy one sold as a house plant, unless you want to pay a small forunte.

Your garden sounds wonderful, Richie. Grafted Gardenias! What's their height? Are they tree-shaped?
You know, when it comes to buying plants, I prefer small sizes, (Wathing them grow,)seedlings..even cuttings and seeds..But, out of all the plants around, it's much easier maintaining adult, standard trees..Gardenias, Citrus, and Camellia.
Oh, Hibiscus, too, but they do okay bushy. I've been shaping hibs as trees, which means pruning!

Richie, when your garden is finished, please send pictures. I'd love seeing how it turns out.
The varieties your chose sound fantastic. Did you outline a picture how you want it to look? For instance, taller plants in the background. Ohhh how nice!

Richie, I am embarrassed contating the nursery. I should have done this week one. I'm hoping, some plants can be saved..The Weeping Ficus and Camellia should make it. It's just the Gardenias that have problems.
I'm really upset about the Variegated Gardenia..think it has a came in this way, and it's not frost. I don't know what it is...a disease? virus? Don't know how to treat it..Soft brown leaves. I'm going to remove every leaf on this plant, see what happens.

Richie, when we lose a loved one, it hurts. As time goes by, the memory is with us, but the hurt decreases little by little. I don't know what you believe, but I'm hoping there's a Heaven, and one day we'll all reunite. I sure hope so anyway. I also hope there are plants everywhere. Peace and love.
Our father died when I was 16, youngest child 6 months old..3 siblings in-between. I know I'd like to talk to my father, and my brothers and siters meet a man they hardly remember, especially our two younger brothers.

I'm glad you're back on Gw. Please don't forget to send pictures..Toni

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Hi Toni
wow your Asparagus-type ferns and the small
fern are doing great.
What $55.00 for that plant sounds like it's
a bit over priced LOL
I will be posting my garden pictures very soon
The Garden is almost complete.
My grafted gardenias are babys now but they
can reach 8 feet tall as they get older.
These Gardenia's are tree shaped.
I got a little bad news. my big gardenia mystrey is getting leaves with brown tips all over.
can you please help me to save her again please.
Toni: if the gardenia came with a disease then you should
contact the nursery cause the gardenia should not have a disease and you have the right to have it exchange for a new Gardenia.
I also believe in Heaven and when I go to Heaven I want to see my grandfather. I miss him so much.
Today I broke down in tears again when I found a picture of him where he was with me during the X-mas hoilday.
Where did everyone from the old GW go to?
Please invite them to the new GW
Thanks for posting the pictures of your plants.
They look great and I will be posting my garden pictures really soon.
Take Care

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Oh man.

Where was I when you posted these

I can't wait to get home and see them..

Richie, I can't wait to see your pics too. The denias...I have are babies too. 6 of them. I figure if I can grow them to adulthood, they might just do better for me than the ones I but already adults and raised by someone else...

I will try to post too.
You know what, I would love to see pics of your special garden you have been working on. I have been thinking of you. You have real friends here. I wish you happiness!


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Hey Richie. Sorry I haven't posted..Been really busy working on the house and plants..My goal is to repot or refresh every plant with new soil. lol. I got quite a few done, but not enough to make make much of a dent.
The larger plants will be done outside. I wish potting soil wasn't so expensive..What are we supposed to do? Some stores want 6.00 for a bag..they add fertilizer, so we have to pay..I don't want their fertilizers, so if you use Miracle Gro, beware..if it contains fertilizer and you add more, it's possible a plant can be overfertlized. Awful!

Your garden sounds nice. I too want to see pics, even though your trees are young. You are so lucky you can keep gardenias outdoors, year round, they must do great.
Sun, fresh air, humidity..what more can they ask for?

Richie, are the brown tips crispy or soft? Is your Mystery in a pot or ground?

Richie, what do you mean invite people to Gw? lol..I dont understand. Do you mean to this thread? Everyone is invited, and welcome to join if they want. I haven't any control over who stops here, but it's nice when people chime in, talk about their plants.

Richie, I too believe and 'hope' there's a heaven, and some day meet all the people I lost. Wouldn't it be great seeing those you knew or family members you didn't?

Mike, post your pics...please, Toni

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Hi Toni
I'm sorry I'm late with this reply.
I been feeling sad again. every since I dream with my grandfather. it made me feel sad when I wroke up and relize that he was gone.
this is gonna take a while to fully feel better.
The gardenia mystery is in a large pot and the brown tip leaves are soft. also now they are turning yellow.
I did spray for bad bugs. not show what else it can be.
I water the plant once every 3 or 4 days and
I feel them every 3 or 4 weeks.
I mean to invite pug and the rest of our friends to this GW thread lol.
I will be posting pictures this week of the garden.
Toni: I pay 9.00 per bag of dirt that comes with 9 month slow release plant food and that put a major dent
in my wallet lol.
I agree with you it will be great to see everyone that we lost when we go to heaven. I mean at least we will all be together again and I hope that it will be forever
cause I don't want to go through this pain again.
Toni: I wish He was still alive cause we miss him a lot.
Hi Mike
Please post the gardenia picture's I want to seem them.
Thanks Mike
I'm happy that I got real friends here cause that makes me feel better
I was feeling ok until I had that dream with my grandpa I felt so happy in that dream only to have my heart broken when I wroke up and I relize that he was still gone.
Take Care

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Hello everyone
Today I must report very sad news.
I had to put my cat to sleep.
I took her to the vet due to she turn very i'll and he told me that she had a very slim chance and the best thing to do was to put her to sleep.
I feel confuse cause I did was the vet said was best for the cat but then why do I feel so bad???
Take Care

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I am so sorry to hear this...Who would not feel sad? Someone with no compassion for sure which you seem to have plenty of. I was thinking of you the other day..

I just want to send my warm heartfelt thoughts to you...Keep staying strong and know that you are loved..;-)

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Richie, I am so sorry I didn't see this thread before. If it hadn't been for you and Mike restarting it, I'd have missed it completely.

Richie, we know you're very unhappy and miss your grandpa. It's difficult losing someone we love.
I too hope we go to Heaven and be with our loved ones. I would love to spend eternity in a happy place with plants growing everywhere, friends & family nearby. No problems, no taxes. :)
Let's hope your grandpa is tending to your cat..

I've had dreams like you the dream something good is happening. Or we're with people who are no longer with us. Then wake up. Some dreams stay with us a long time..We think and rethink it. Want to relive it.
I believe there are two types of dreams. Regular dreams of things we think about, or maybe a movie/tv show that sticks in our minds.
I also believe in precognitive dreams..something's going to happen and it does.
Dreams are strange..
When you have a dream like the one you did, you should write it down in a dream journal. I've been doing this over 20 yrs. Then analize it. Try figuring it's meaning.

About your Gardenia turning yellow..have you done anything different? What about the weather? Has it changed. Unlike past summers this time of year?
When a leaf yellows, the first thing I do is check for insects. Have you inspected your 'denia?
How about overwatering? Leaves yellow when soil stays wet without drying between waterings.
I give certain plants an iron suppliment two to three times per year..this prevents iron deficiency, and paling of leaves.
Epsom Salts keep leaves nice and green. My plants got a dose of ES's, fertilizer and ST the last two weeks.

You know the expression, 'when it rains it pours?' It's so true. It seems 2009, your family has undergone a storm. But things will get better..Sometimes they get worse before they improve.
Richie, your grandpa wouldn't want you to be unhappy. When someone passes away, it's normal to mourn, but as life goes on, things get beter.
I'm not saying you're going to forget about your grandpa, he'll always be in your heart, but you mustn't dwell on the sad'll make yourself sick.
He sounds like a good man, so be grateful for the time you and he spent and fond memories.
Enjoy life with your g/f, mom and siblings, plants and pets. And thank God you live in Fl. :)

Wow, you really spend a lot of money on soil. What size bags do you buy? And which brand?

Richie, when you have time, post more pictures. Even the Gardenia with yellow's possible someone will be able to spot the problem and advise what needs doing.
Posting a plant pic is easier to fix than mere words. lol.

Take care of yourself, Richie. Life will get better, believe me. Keep praying, hugs, Toni

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I am taking pictures in a day or two...Watch for them ok...Come back to this thread or lets keep it going and not let it die. I want to see all your pics too..ok



By the way, we miss you merciepoo and pug!

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Guys and gals....

I am taking pictures in a day or two...Watch for them ok... Wit till you see my wierd yellow denia. For the life of me, I don't know the name of it...
Come back to this thread or lets keep it going and not let it die. I want to see all your pics too..ok

Toni.. HUGS

Richie.. A big bear HUG and focus on reasons to keep smiling..k

By the way, we miss you merciepoo and pug!


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Mike, lol..
Yes, now I'm worried about's not like her to take off..maybe she went on vacation?? Hopefully, everything is okay.

Mike, where are your pics? lol..Toni

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Hi guys, just a few pics of my denias and citrus as of yesterday..Boy do they love summer!!lol

This is the Maid of Orleans I almost lost. In just 3 weeks look how fast it came back!!!
Love you all!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hey Guys!! How's everyone doing? Its been a while since I've
been here...been lurking at other forums,lol...My gardenias are not doing much this time of year. Probably too hot to bloom,lol!

Nice to be missed!

Great photos!! Mike your plants are looking awesome!

Richie, hang in there. So sorry about your cat :o( It will take some time, Hope you feel better soon.

Merciepoo...where the heck are you? We miss your hilarious

Toni, I had almost forgotten about this post too. Glad I came to check on it.

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Mike...WOW..Your plants are doing fantastic outdoors..They've gotten so big..healthy green, the area your plants are in smells wonderful.

What is the plant growing in a windobox? That's an interesting idea..Especially if it's citrus or gardenia.

How often do you fertilize, and which type/s? Add anything else? ES's, ST, etc?

Pug, haven't seen you around this forum for some time. lol. See how addicted we are? We need info about several plants, go to different
Did you know Mike has a hoya too??? I'm still waiting to see a pic of this

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that hoya is so huge, it reminds me of the great octopus from 1000 leagues under the sea!!

It is growing at my ole work in Woburn Mass some 30 minutes from here in the trusted care now of the shop manager in front of huge windows.
From what I hear, it is still looking awsome,except its leaves are a much lighter green now due to the fact I havn't had time to get there and feed or take

Some day I will....;-)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Mike, can you tell us the name of the Hoya? I am a hoya fanatic and I'm just curious! I probably already have it but just wondering...please take a pic love to see it especially if its that big!

Toni, yes we have too many plants...always bouncing around from forum to forum. I haven't been here in quite a while!

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Hi Toni
Hi Mike
Hi Pug
Pug: we all have missed you.
where have you been?
whats new with you?
I'm sorry about being late.
I had a accident with my lap top
I just got the new one I order today.
Good computer. but I am not happy with the bill lol
Nice Pictures Mike: I love the hoyas and Gardenias
you have a gardenia that I never seen before.
what is the name of the gardenia with the yellow flower?
Toni: I got a lot of pictures I am going to
post here this week.
My gardenias are starting to get better but still has a few yellow leaves each week.
It use to be 7 yellow leaves every 3 days.
I later found out that my girlfriend forgot to feel them on time. she was feeding them every 2 months.
Thanks Mike I feel better knowing that you all are here for me. you guys are my friends and I want you all to know that I will always be here for you all.
Toni: I buy the 50 qt bags of dirt.
They cost a lot but I have no choice.
I almost lost 3 plants due to a cheaper brand of soil.
Toni: I know what you mean about when it rains it pours.
This year it has rain hard here and during that time one of my basil plants got sick from over watering but
has since recoverd. my gardenas got bigger with that rain.
it seems like Gardenias love rain.
I'm trying hard to put the past behind me.
so far I am starting to feel a little better.
I'm having home movies of my grandfather pass from video to dvd disk.
My girlfriend got me a kitten.
she is pretty but I feel like it was to soon for
a new pet.
Pug how are you gardenias doing?
Mike: do you know anything about basil plants?
like is their any way to make cutting from them?
I have one that is pretty nice but I almost lost it and I want to be able to keep it alive.
Take Care
Hugs for all my friends

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Hi Richie..Where are your new pictures? lol..
Oh you got a new kitty? What color? How nice..How old?
I miss having a cat, but with the birds, we can't get one..

Do you think your Gardenias were yellowing because of little fertilizer? God, I fertilize twice my Gardenia twice a forgetting..And we've had so much rain, I hope it doesn't's raining now, too..

Isn't Mike's plants beautiful??? Vivid colors, deep green.

'Richie, what do you need to know about basil? I'm not an expert, but used to grow herbs (and other plants( in the garden. Mike might have better advice though..

When you have time, please post your pictures..And take care of yourself. Yes, sometimes it's best at least trying to put the past behind us, though it's difficult. So take care of yourself, hugs, Toni

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hey Richie, good to see you!! Nice to have a new computer but I'm with you don't like the bill that comes with it,lol...
Congrats on your new kitten...I love kittens wish they wouldn't turn into cats so fast. Just like puppies, woudn't it be neat if they could find a way to keep puppies and kittens to stay small forever. That would be cool!!

Gardenias are doing fine...getting the occasionally yellow leaf(which is normal for me). I've had to spray them for bugs a couple of times already. They are not really blooming right now. I trimmed one of them several weeks ago...hopefully I will get blooms when the weather cools off a bit.

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hey guys
I'm back.
I'm so sorry I been away for so long.
how is everyone doing?
I need help to save my dying gardenia
my gardenia got over water with rain water.
I'm talking about water that was all way to the top
of the rim of the container.
since then its been having a lot of yellow leaves
a lot of branches have only a few leaves left.
can anybody please guide me on if I should
start feeding it every two weeks or with every watering?
should be at two teasoons or one tablespoon per gallion of
water. I been watering it every 3 to 4 days.
Also what is a better plant food Jacks classic acid special or miracle gro acid plant food?
Please guys I need your help with this one.
good news pretty soon Laura and I are going to get married.
Hugs to everyone
Take Care

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Hi Richie, welcome back!

First off, how much you fertilize can depend on what kind of mix you use in your containers.

I also wouldn't fertilize at all unless the roots are functioning properly again..

I would be most concerned about root rot and how to stave off the plant from dying as soon as possible by correcting your mix as soon as possible..Don't use the sticks, in my opinion..Where is Toni by the way? I miss her..

Welcome back Rich..:-) Congrats too!


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Hi Mike
Thank you
Mike I have another gardenia in a pot planted in a normal potting soil.
I need to know how often to feed it and how much if 2
tea spoons or one table spoon?
I don't want to burn its roots.
Please help me Asap.
Take Care

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If it is in normal potting soil, I would follow the directions written out specifically for houseplants...

But, I would definitely flush the mix out with just plain water once a month to make sure that there is no salt build up from our fertilizers...this will prevent leaf burn and other associated problems..


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Hi Mike
I got some bad news
The gardenia that got over water is a lost cause.
I took it out of its pot to plant it in the ground
and have notice first there where roots blocking the
drainage holes. next a lot of brown roots
all tho it still has some white ones.
I don't have much hope for it.
now the good news.
my girl friend with out me knowing it made a clone of
that gardenia years ago.
she told me this today.
she has it in her house.
now its almost the same size as this one is.
she is smart cause if this plant does not make
it. the clone plant will fill in nice.
ok I will give this gardenia the jacks classic acid
special every two weeks but not 1 tablespoon.
just two teaspoons and once a month water it with
distill water to flush out the salts in the soil.
Take Care
P.S I heard from Toni 4 days ago.
I will let her know to come to the GW

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