wanted: atl area plant trade: may 4, 2013

girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)February 22, 2013

Atlanta area Plant Trade May 4th 2013
We'll gather between 10-11 pm, officially trading between 11-1 with a pot luck lunch.
I plan to run this trade as the others i have held:
You can set up personal trades 1-1, please box or bag those separately for the individual you are giving them to. We will have a place set aside for each trader to keep their pre-trades.

We have an open trade for about an hour, where people can bring almost anything (I ask that you do not bring chemicals or plants that are considered undesirably invasive - unless they are 1-1 trades, then you can of course do as you wish!!!). You bring 10 plants, you can take 10 plants unless there are left-overs and then you can take more!
we can trade:
plants of all kinds
fun things like pretty pottery, tools, watering cans, bird houses etc.
books and magazines garden related
helpful items like bags of home compost, or worm "stuff", small containers of neem oil etc.

pretty much anything garden related.

There will be areas set aside to group your openly traded plants eg. "sun perennials" "edibles and herbs" "annuals", "house plants".

Please bring food to share and a utensil for serving. A chair to sit in outdoors, your plants and your 1-1 trades all individually bagged or boxed, flats or boxes to take your goodies home in!

I supply the place, the toilets (ha ha), drinks, dishes/cutlery/cups and clean up :)

We are pretty much a gluten free household so I can't offer you things like serving utensils but I we have an oven to heat, a kettle....and will have recyclable/compostable goods for eating from and healthy beverages to drink. If you enjoy traditional sodas like coke & pepsi please bring them, we will have fruit soda (and perhaps some snappy -non-child-friendly) punch.
Children and pets: please let your pets remain at home, and please let your small children remain at home also. I'm just not equipped on property (holes in the back yard, etc) nor in the house to have kids younger than 11 or so. It's really not all that fun a day for most kids anyway.
It's all perfectly fine for adults :)

Closer to the trade date, in April I will contact people posting here who are registered GW members who have said they would like to come to the trade, I'll give you my address and phone number at that time, but you must be a GW registered member and I would actually prefer that you have taken the effort to add some information to your personal page. After all, I'm giving you my home address.

Please post your trade lists on this forum, and arrange your pre-trades here.

Thanks, all!

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This sounds fun. I'm looking forward to more info.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I will have:
Hymenocallis bulbs: these are most likely a native Carolina type for some sun (at least half day) and some moisture http://www.plantdelights.com/Hymenocallis/products/212/

Gingers: a variety, but they are mixed so you may get peach, pink or orange. http://rslandscapedesign.blogspot.com/2010/07/hedychium.html

Native Mountain Mint: this spreads. A lot, but it's a native mint and honey bees GO WILD over it. Not this particular variety but it looks the same: http://www.abnativeplants.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=plants.plantdetail&plant_id=72

Cutleaf Coneflower: Spreads - more slowly in clay, very rapidly in rich soil. http://www.wildflower.org/plants/result.php?id_plant=RULA3

Walking Onions: Multiplier onions that get the bulbs on top http://swinsonfamilylife.blogspot.com/2010/05/latest-buzz.html

White cemetery Iris: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iris_albicans, first iris of the year to bloom!

Black Gamecock Louisianna Iris: http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=767+774+2211&pcatid=2211
It will grow in regular old soil just fine, but go easy on the clay.

Nana Coreopsis: http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/gardens-gardening/your-garden/plant-finder/plant-details/kc/n770/coreopsis-auriculata-nana.aspx

Orange Crocosmia: Spreads like the dickens, but I don't find it that hard to control: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/plant-dictionary/bulb/crocosmia/

I will be adding more to my list as I begin digging and dividing. These plants are the ones I've already been working with. There are many more to come!

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garischa(7 GA)

Looking forward to the trade. I'll post what I have soon.


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We're just starting to establish an edible landscape as well as naturalized areas with native plants. I will have Mortgage Lifter tomato plants, Shasta daisy, Dutch Iris, and possibly more veggies. Looking forward to the swap and hope to find some advice re: any successful techniques to deal with our major squirrel population!

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I plan to bring: Japanese roof Iris, Itea (I think Henry's Garnet), Rudbekia "Early Bird Gold," Rudbeckia with fuzzy leaves (I thought it was fulgida, but esh doesn't think so), Toad Lily (from Evan's Garden), Iris pseudacorus (I think! Tall with yellow flowers. also from Evan's Garden), maybe some hardy geranium, and possibly some unknown Japanese (I think) Iris.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Okee Doke, here's the rundown. Wantlist is posted toward the bottom. You can reply here or message me privately to arrange pre-trades.

'Black Beauty' Eggplant -- 2 transplants
'Annapolis' Strawberry Plants -- many
Daylilies --
-- President Betty Williams
-- Stella De Oro
-- Wild Horses
-- Pandora's Box
-- Leebea Orange Crush
-- Chorus Line
-- Sammy Russell
Pink-purple creeping Phlox
'Pink Princess' Weigelia -- many young rooted cuttings
Loroptealum -- small rooted cuttings
'Royal Red' Butterfly Bush
'Nanho Blue' Butterfly Bush
'White Profusion' Butterfly Bush
'Black Knight' Butterfly Bush
'Honeycomb' Butterfly Bush
'Madame Plantier' Rose
'Hot Lips' Salvia
Mock Orange -- small rooted cuttings
Rosemary -- small rooted cuttings
'Radrazz' Knock Out Rose
'Rainbow' Knock Out Rose
'Crippsii' False Cypress -- small rooted cuttings
White Spirea -- small rooted cuttings
'The Fairy' Rose
'Limelight' Artemesia
Variegated Weigelia (have 1)
'Nikko Blue' Hydrangea
'Navajo Bright Red' Salvia
'Green Mound' Juniper
'Golden Showers' Climbing Rose
Confederate Rose (I think it's white with pink blush)
Red Chrysanthemum -- rooted cuttings
Double Hollyhocks -- currently small sprouted seedlings
Early Girl Tomatoes -- transplant size ready for planting
Ferry's Round Dutch Cabbage -- currently small sprouted seedlings
'Fort Knox' Yellow Bell pepper plants -- have 2

Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, anything interesting whether hybrid or heirloom.
Fruits -- raspberries, fruit bearing trees, Grape vines, muscadine vines, etc...
Dark-veined or black Elephant Ear
Any colorful bearded Iris (any color but white)
Brugmansia any color
Daylily varieties I don't have -- I have around 200 so if you have any you'd like to trade just let me know what you've got and I'll tell you whether I already have it or not. Especially looking for 'Caribbean Whipped Cream' to replace one that died.
Water Lilies
Those large purple hydrangeas people have been growing in the South for years. I know localized pH affects color but these don't look like my Nikkos when I see them in people's yards.
A truly red Crape Myrtle -- not hot pink/magenta. I've seen them in yards, just can't find them in stores.
'Mona Lavender' Plectranthus
Cross Vine
Japanese Blood Grass
Laceleaf Japanese Maples -- such as 'Crimson Queen', 'Sango Kaku', etc....

Tulle/netting/row cover material
Weed barrier
Chicken Wire, hardware cloth, hogwire or livestock fencing
PVC Pipe/fittings
Dripline pipe/fittings
Old water hoses
Plastic pots, carrying trays, etc....(especially square pint pots and their carrying trays, 18 cell landscapers flats, 1 gal pots and smaller. I always need these for the greenhouse starts and rooted cuttings.
8" X 16" concrete cinder blocks
Rebar of any length and thickness
Round brooder style lights, sometimes they have a clamp
Fluorescent Lighting fixtures
Pond Liner material or pre-formed liners
2 Gal watering cans
5-6 gallon plastic buckets
Large cat litter pails -- the ones that hold roughly 30 lbs of litter with a lid and handle

Whew!! I'm exhausted!

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RE: fyi, ggg posted an official swapping thread over on exchange

Posted by organic_gardenhag 7 (My Page) on Mon, Apr 8, 13 at 23:19
Sqirrelypete, it sounds like you are bringing everything. I am still working on getting my plants together. 5 weeks out from complete spinal reconstructive surgery. Getting around without bending, twisting, lifting. Have been puttering outside, figured out how to pull a few weeds with long handled tools. I have so far
11 White Geyser Guara- love it, gets easy 3'x4-5'', can thrive on neglect out by the mailbox.
Dark Black and Blue Salvia not sure how many I can get
Light Black and Blue Salvia, same as above
Pink Raspberry Bee Balm
1 small start Cameo Quince, bloomong now ( almost thornless, Salmon), will only dig if someone specifically wants it for special trade
Purple asters
Hardy mounding geranium, the aromatic ones.
cilantro and parsley
I will try to copy this to the exchange page got started here, oops

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

organic_gardenhag -- I'd love a White Geyser Gaura as well as some of either the dark or light (or both!) Salvias.

If there's anything on my list you'd like just let me know.


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squirrelypete- i'd love the orange crush daylily, I want to get more that have smaller, not so rangy leaves, I love watermarks, oranges, pinks, or creamy yellow colors. Possibly kerria or fairyrose.

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squirrelypete- i'd love the orange crush daylily, I want to get more that have smaller, not so rangy leaves, I love watermarks, oranges, pinks, or creamy yellow colors. Possibly kerria or fairyrose.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

OK, will set some aside for you. I'll see if I can select any others that meet your other likes. I really don't have any with watermarks yet but maybe I can rustle you up a pink and/or creamy yellow too. Kerria and fairy rose are no problem either.

Assuming there is still a swap of course lol.

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Hey GGG, I'm in Alpharetta and have been so busy the last month, but I'm going to add this to my lsit of serious TO DOS!

Right now, I've been hand pollinating my apples, setting beans and peppers and corn. Got a row of sunflowers and okra in... and trying to finish the rest of the area I am in.

If I come, I'll be bringing as many purple bearded german iris as needed. My current stock is over 150 plant rizomes.

Also, I've begun to dig up and repot my sucker red raspberries. They grow like crazy and if well tended produce tons of fruits.

These raspberries are aamzing. So I'll have some of those.

Also have some fruit tree cuttings but not sure exactly what will be rooted by then or if I'm going to be available on the day of the swap, but this sounds good! I'd love some mountain mint... sounds so tantilizing!

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Does anyone have Ginkgo Biloba, Persimmon, Blueberry or Apple tree cuttings for trade?

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Hey squirly pete looks like I gotcha raspberries and Iris lol... I need to study the lists.. I work two jobs but I need to request the day off NOW... lol... GGG is great!

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Hey squirell are you really a day lilly freak ? lol.. I know why ! cause the old saying if you kill a day lilly..

You might have to just dig me out some clumps.. I love me some day lillies..

LOL... ok back to work .

Is my email listed in my profile? lol this whole internet thing.... Can email or talk here.

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WOwo squirell, ok, I just finished the list and I can come up with tons of empty pots... and especially since there's plenty of time to request off, I'm sure it will work out. I will post later with my FULL LIST, Want's etc. Thanks!

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That Orange Crocosmia is definitively something I want!

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hey Herb, that all sounds great. Iris, Raspberries and empty pots!! I can use any or all of the above. I'll get you some daylilies.

Yes, I am a bit of a daylily freak lol. Someday I'd love to open up a little daylily farm out here, there aren't any in my neck of the woods to my knowledge. If only I had enough $$ to vole-proof my whole daylily field lol.

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Are we still on then? I was thinking not, but I counted 8 of us, is that enough? I hope so.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Gang, I think we are not going to be on. Besides being very scant in numbers this spring, my neighborhood is having some streets closed due to a festival, and it's going to be NUTS trying to get to my house!
Lets try again in the fall, shall we? I really would love a trade, but we need some numbers to get this done and done right! I'm thinking perhaps early October?

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I was looking back through the posts,, I thought someone said, they were excited about just making this trade happen. If someone else in the general area was willing to host at such short a time, no one need be dis appointed, and GGG could still come. It's a ways for me, so that doesn't matter. We are all crazy this time of year, so it's not about getting your yard ready for the garden club to come. Otherwise, maybe we could meet another way, unless it's not a problem for those who may have things all potted up and ready to go, waiting til fall is still okay.

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garischa(7 GA)

I would be happy to have it at my house. We are in Alpharetta though, so not sure how convenient the location would be. The date and time work perfectly for me, and I would love to set up some trades. Let me know...

By the way: herboil: would love some of your raspberry cuttings... I need to get busy taking some pictures and getting things listed here.


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

OK, so especially given the street issues GGGs place is out from what I am reading. Thanks for trying anyway GGG.

Garischa, I'm not sure yet if we could come to Alpharetta for a trade but I'll check.

If the GA trade is cancelled for Spring I may just head on over to the Alabama swap which is on the same day. I cancelled on them when I found out the date for the GA swap. I'm sure any and all from GA would be welcome there if they don't mind a day trip. I'm on the state line so it's probably about an hour drive West of me. I believe it's being held at a public park a little South of Birmingham, at least that's where it used to be. They do it picnic style under a reserved pavillion.

There should be info about their swap on their page or if anyone is interested they can contact me and I'll share any info I have with them.


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garischa(7 GA)

Please let me know if you are interested in still trying it on May 4th at my house in Alpharetta. If there is not enough interest, then let's try again in the fall, like girlgroupgirl suggested.


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Uli... *I* live in Alpharetta too!

Also , sorry people I've been so busy with work... EMAIL me ULI and EMAIL ME SQUIRELL!!!! So I can give you the iris and pots/raspberries..... My email is firesidestrider@gmail.com

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Hey, squirrelly! I will go ahead pot up the guara and salvias for you. I would love to just bring them to you, and meet your garden helpers. Can i just come and see your daylilies when they are peaking. i would really love any of them, they are so beautiful, I do like the darker ones, too. The one plant you can dig up and divide when they are blooming, and they dont suffer. I also have been to a daylily farm in SC around Columbia, went crazy. I have some of mine on my fb page, you might want some. I did not see any red in your colllection, I do have a huge red one with a yellow throat. I'll still take the other plants if you stil have them ready.
I have mexican petunia. Ruellia purple showers, we are going to dig them up and keep them in pots, i found out they can be invasive, so I hope I ge it all. My husband will be doing the digging for me, you might want some of it, they are great for the tall plant in big pots. Let me know, Lorinda

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