Training Deniculata?

hollie_z9(z9Santa Cruz CA)November 27, 2013

I live in Santa Cruz Ca, zone 17 sunset and fuschias thrive here.

I just bought a deniculata fanfare and it doesn't look like it will grow upright naturally but instead grow really wide and eventually up.

I'd like to train it to grow upwards, anybody have experience in training these types of fuscias? I hate to just prune off all the horizontal branches.

My other fuschias naturally grow upwards but they aren't deniculatas.

Any help appreciated.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

You said it. This a wild and unruly bush and left to its own devices will occupy a good deal of space. The good news is that fuchsias are not averse to pruning. Without seeing it, it's hard to say, but you could easily reduce it by 50% or more without any ill effects. Best time: early spring. Good luck. Ian.

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hollie_z9(z9Santa Cruz CA)

Thanks Ian, I didn't know it was a "wild and unruly bush" that occupied that much space.

I've just planted it so it's still pretty small but I will prune it when needed.

It's planted in a good deal of shade, it will only get some direct sun in the summer, next May on here in the states. I hope it can take that much shade? So far it's looking healthy.

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