Love Spell

dillon_67(Z5 CT)March 24, 2005

Okay, I asked a question about Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" fragrance before. I didn't get the response that I was actually looking for, so I will try and ask a different question, in hopes of getting to the answer.

Here goes:

On the BOTTLE, what is the flower that is pictured?

What type of flower is it?

What type of flower could it be?

Any answers would be appreciated.

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mahlerlover(AZ - 8)


My close friend wears that perfume - it's a nice scent. I visited the website to view the bottle, but it's difficult to tell what type of flower is depicted on the bottle (if the picture is modeled after an actual flower). It looks like some type of violet rose - the leaves especially. However, if you're hoping to pin that fragrance to one plant, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. Most perfumes are composites of scores of different natural and artificial scents, and I'm sure Love Spell is no different. Hopefully someone at the forum will be able to give you a more specific answer to your question.

Best regards,

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mahlerlover(AZ - 8)


I looked at my friend's bottle - it's a purple hydrangea.


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