Which for Hummers ??

kankayak(z5 Ks.)November 18, 2004

Do hummers have a preference for the triphylla type, single, semi double, or double ?? If you are going to suggest a named varity, keep in mind I'm in the heat zone..

Want to order some starts from Earthworks this week, to have them in bloom by 1st of May. Any suggestions??

Thanking you in advance, bob, in N.E. Kansas

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Hi, Bob,

I'm no fuschia expert so others will have more wisdom to add. I do know the standard advice is that singles are better than doubles. I had a Gartenmeister Bonstandt (triphylla) that the hummers were all over this summer. I also grew that variety in Indiana -- not sure how Indiana compares with your climate but it was hot and humid in the summer. I had to keep it out of the direct sun and although it didn't get as large as my one here, it did well.

Good luck!

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Bob

Sorry I can't give you any advice from a person perspective but when I have seen photographs and drawings of hummers on fuchsias they are usually on the triphylla types, which makes sense with the long 'trumpet' of this type of flower which hummers are perfectly adapted for.

There are many varieties of triphyllas from dard red, through pink, orange and white.

Like I say Bob sorry I can't be of any more help but even the crows around here wear thermals!!

Good luck with finding something suitable,


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I have ordered some Gartenmeister starts for my growing hummingbird collection. I have no experience with these plants at all, but I do know they will require extra care in my zone (7). I plan to grow them in containers. I would appreciate any and all advice from fuchsia experts.

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They may use them all, but the little guys seem to prefer the Triphyllas. BTW, don't worry about getting starts in the spring; I bought a Gartenmeister back on April 24th, repotted it in May and June (a 3 gallon then), and it grew very quickly. I've taken a start for indoors, as the original is too big (ok, my house is too small, especially with about 150+ other plants filling every nook and cranny)!

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