Fuchsia dropping a lot of leaves suddenly

daffodilianNovember 7, 2012

Hello all,

I bought a lovely Gartenmeister Fuchsia about two months ago that was doing very well on my north-facing balcony - growing new branches and putting out tons of blooms. However, a few weeks ago I discovered the bottom leaves yellowing and then dropping off. Initially it didn't concern me as I thought it was just the old leaves senescing, but over the past two weeks a TON of leaves of yellowed and dropped off, leaving half my plant bare.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I'm not sure what the issue is as I haven't changed my care regimen. I water the plant typically daily (it's rather dry where I live) and fertilize maybe biweekly with generic plant food. About a month ago I found aphids on the plant and got rid of them with soap and neem oil, but the drying of leaves started before the aphid attack and has continued despite the fact that I don't see any more pests and haven't used any more neem oil on the plant.

Lessee other info that might be helpful: I live in Northern California so I don't think frost /cold is an issue. The plant is sitting on a balcony with a bacopa, serbian bellflower, and another fuchsia all of which are watered near daily and are doing fine.

Help / advice would be much needed. Hopefully I can save my beautiful plant!


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Here's a picture of the fuller fuchsia from before the leaves suddenly started dropping

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Some suggestions: I would say it is being overfed and overwatered. Once a month would be plenty for the feeding. I'd put the pot in a saucer and water less often. And the pot looks a bit small too. For aphids on single pot plants I'd rinse the plant under the tap and swoosh with my fingers rather than spray with soap or anything else. That might have contributed to the malaise.

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I bought a hanging basket with red/purple fuschia blooms (as well as another fuschia with pink/white blooms) that was in full spate of bloom (really small leaved variety, I guess just for pots), and first some leaves yellowed and dropped off, then almost overnight all leaves fell off and I have bare branches and some flower buds (which are still maturing and blooming), tho I do see some baby leaves after 2 weeks. It hangs on a N facing carport and its sister plant hanging within 6 feet is just fine. I did have a dish under both but when it started being hot and stormy here in VA took it off both so torrential rains & wind wouldn't drown it. Have only fertilized once (plant sticks). Don't understand why one blasted and the other is fine. (Also cannot understand why our hummingbirds go to it as much as its greener sister). Any ideas?

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