What Veggies Will Grow In Summer?

brute(Florida 9B)April 8, 2010

My winter/spring vegetable garden was a total loss. I might try something this summer. What vegetables do well in south Florida's hot and humid summers?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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im wondering the same thing

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Most hot peppers do well and so do the calabazza pumpkin, you eat that like a squash. Let's see what the veggie gurus grow, as I am far from an expert. :o)

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Okra and cowpeas I have heard. I am trying them this year.

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whgille(FL 9b)

I am in zone 9b and last summer I was successful with some of the following veggies

Sweet potatoes

Oriental winter squash

Lima beans

Yard long beans and peppers


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Oh yes, I forgot the yard long beans. They were wonderful. :o)

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Scroll down to table 3

Here is a link that might be useful: Table 3 -planting guide

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Okra for sure !
What a great plant that thrives in the heat .
Stink bugs and leaf footed bugs will bother it
but just hand pick them off .
Soak the seeds overnight before you plant them .
Some people swear by soaking the seeds in buttermilk .

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I just ordered a "Florida Butter Speckled Lima," which is supposed to do well down here. Ever tried it? It's supposed to do well in heat AND humidity as long as it doesn't get flooded. We're high and dry here on a coral ridge, so I'm hopeful.
Also picked up a red okra I'm going to put in the front yard, pretending it's ornamental until my neighbors catch me picking it. I did that with broccoli this year, the problem being I forgot about it and one of them flowered. But gosh, flowering broccoli is actually quite pretty.

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whgille(FL 9b)


All the lima beans do well in the heat. I tried two bush and the one that is a pole, it is a black lima that a very experienced farmer sent me. They are very productive! you will need a trellis for those. If you want to try let me know, I can send you some.

Okra is very ornamental, pretty flowers.

If you like eggplant, I had the variety Ping Tung Long that also was very good in the heat


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Watermelons will probably do OK too, if you have the space for them and you're pretty vigilant about spraying them with anti-fungals. Okra, absolutely - I'm pretty sure okra would be happy on the surface of the sun, and it's surprisingly pretty in the garden; as are eggplants. Just don't do what I did - lovingly tended 5 eggplants and then discovered I wasn't actually that crazy about any dish with eggplant in it! One of these days they're gonna invent a Haagen-Daz bush, and I'm gonna turn my whole yard into gardens! :)

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Yeah, Karen, I'm not a big eggplant fan either. I also pulled up some swiss chard after realizing I really didn't like it. There's no point in growing food you don't want to eat!
And Silvia, I'd love to try the black lima. I'm going to set up some pretty trellises in the front yard, and then grow beans on them! What will the neighbors say? Fortunately, my neighbors are cool.
I'll send you some of the Florida Butter Speckled I ordered. I'm always interested in trying things that the the extension service and UF came up with in the '50s (like this one) because it seems they were trying to work with the climate here back then. Maybe they weren't doing it for political or environmental reasons - but simply because they didn't have the tech to control things as much. But since I'm not willing to use the tech to control things much, and I don't really have the time, I like trying what worked when people couldn't.
And for each bean stalk that provides more than two servings of organic, low-care beans, I've gotten my money's worth! That third, fourth and fifth serving is just a bonus!
We're having a mix of green, string and hyacinth beans from the yard in the stir-fry tonight.
Do you like hyacinth beans. I have a lovely one that another GWer sent me. Really pretty beans, foliage and flowers, and no-care. The little blue butterfly, I think it's called delfin, loves them. I've got a bunch _ think I might use them as a cover crop actually, based on another thread.

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whgille(FL 9b)


If everything goes as plan you will have a lot of lima beans! I will send you some of the black ones. And yes I like hyacinth beans, they come in different color flowers. I just put 2 that I got from the oriental store, I don't know what kind of flowers they have.

Here are the lima beans, left they are ready for eating and right for seed saving. If you get a surplus, you can freeze them. And I don't have the Florida speckled, so I will try yours.


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first of all your driving me crazy with the "can take the heat" beans. pls list names and sources so i can quickly aquire. very nice you guys. i would also love the name and source of the current tomatoes that can survive the heat.
i also stuggled with loving eggplant but found its place for me on the grill! brush with olive oil, sprinkle your favorite seasoning on it and grill till its soft.

one more on my wish list pls large edoname' (soy bean right?) anyone have a recomendation?

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Silvia, funny thing is, I hated lima beans as a kid and only now realize that it was because I wasn't eating good limas. I bought some amazing speckled limas from a really cool bean guy (ranchogordo.com. also has the most amazing chili pepper I've ever had, with a dark, smoky flavor that is out of this world.)
I saw an article about him in the NY Times, about how he was trying to save heirloom varieties by selling them - and creating his own market that thrived so much he was having trouble finding enough growers in Mexico and Southern California who were growing the old varieties. So he found growers willing to try them, doing more to save the old varieties than he could have by setting up a non-profit to save them. I love that he created a commercial market for something he thought was better than what was available. (his beans are as amazing as his chili pepper. The speckled lima from him is creamy/buttery and so meaty it's a meal without meat.)
And I love trying what others have had success with, and sharing what I order. Those seed packets come with far too many seeds for my little plot, given all the different types of things I want to grow.
My hyacinth beans have blue-lavendar flowers, deep purple beans when you pick them young, and black peas, when you let them go a little longer. I've used them as dried beans and as "green beans" though they're purple. Leaves are a pretty burgundy.
I'll send you some in case they're different from yours.
How do you freeze the limas? Do you blanch them first, or just toss them in the freezer?

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whgille(FL 9b)


Don't be impatient, we can not read minds as much as we would like it. lol

You have to ask your questions one by one, like the original poster on this thread.

A vegetable guru on another forum recommended this varieties of soybeans or edamame. Do you like edamame? If so you are somebody who likes to try different things, (I am profiling here) :)

Beer Friend
White Lion
Be Sweet
Sapporo Midori

I am trying this season Beer Friend from Pinetree and Shirofumi from Seeds of Change.

I will report the results later. If you want to know something else just ask...


I know beans since I was a very little girl, beans are my all time favorite!

And I always look for the best, I order my beans from Purcell mountain farms something similar to your source only the freshest and best beans and you can also plant them.

My best memorable bean dinner was prepared in Arizona by one of the best Native American chefs at the Wild Horse casino and consisted of tepary beans and some other native crops.

And yes I would love to try your variety of hyacinth beans,


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