Overwintering Fuchsias

realityfaeryNovember 6, 2013

Hello all! I'm very new to fuchsias, this summer I purchased my first two and they have done wonderfully through the heat wave we had. So now, I'm wondering how to overwinter them so that I can enjoy them come spring.

I have a trailing fuchsia "Multa" and an upright "Dollar Princess", I purchased both when they were about 3-5" inches and now they are both around 10-11" long/tall with great growth. I currently have them potted hanging on our fence under our large Chinaberry. Which gives them a lot of shade. Our winters get cool here in the Central Valley, coldest we usually see is mid-20s and with normal freezes. How would I go about overwintering these two?

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I know very little about fuchsias, but 'Dollar Princess' is listed as winter hardy on just about every list I could find of cold-hardy fuchsias.

'Multa' is harder to find info on- I'm guessing it's pretty new, pretty scarce, or perhaps has another name that's more commonly used? I would play it safe, and assume it's tender or semi-hardy.

That said, if you're in 9b, I'm surprised that you regularly get freezing weather. I'm in 8b, and it doesn't often get below freezing here.

My plan is to keep my fuchsia outside in its pot unless we have a freeze warning- then anything that isn't hardy gets moved to the back porch or indoors until things warm up again.

I'm attaching a link for some rather elaborate overwintering instructions for the U.K., but I'm not planning to do all that. The main rules are 1) do not let the frost get to your plant and 2) do not let your plant dry out.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Overwintering Fuchsias

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I,'ve grown them in the ground in zone 9 and never lost one. Fuschia is a fast grower so I remind myself that if I lose one I can just replace it. I worry less that way.

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Thank you! That's good to know then, I'll probably just move them against the back porch, they will get better protection. We usually only get freezes around Jan-Feb when the heavy Tule Fog starts rolling in, but they aren't bad freezes actually. Most of the time, we only lose our hibiscus to the cold, most other survive, but I know so little about fuchsias I figured it would be best to ask :)

Thanks again!

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