Do you know 'First Success' & 'Paniculata?'

Ginny_CaNovember 13, 2004

I know both of these fuchsias can grow very large. I would like to plant them if I can keep them from getting too wide. I guess getting out the pruners can keep them more narrow. I'd love any information about these. Thanks!


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Ginny,
If they are young plants, to keep them more of a 'compact bush' let each stem develop three pairs of leaves and then pinch out the growing tip. You can do this on each stem as many times as you like, after the first 'pinch' leave again until another three pairs of leaves have formed and pinch again, but it will delay flowering by anything up to 6 to 8 weeks.

If it's an established plant, you can prune it back and when it starts shooting new growth do same as above - Kath :)

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They are in gallon containers. First success stems are a foot or so long and flopping on the ground. I haven't pinched them. Paniculata stands straight up with blooms already at the end of one foot stems. I need to be able to keep both of these within a 3 foot space. They could grow up to 10 feet tall. Will that work? I know about pinching basket and upright types, but haven't grown a tall variety such as these.

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

You might succeed by pinching with First Success Ginny, but it does grow a bit 'every-which-way' but Paniculata can get very big, especially in your warm climate. - Kath :)

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Ginny

Fuchsia paniculata is usually synonymous with F. arborescens as they are so similar that it takes a botanist to distinguish the difference and there is even discussion here in the UK if there is any differences in the plants we are growing here.

I have grown F.arborescens over the years and as Kath says it needs treating very much like any other cultivar if you want it to keep a good shape and it to be compact or it will grow and grow and make a very large shrub. It is often referred to as the 'Lilac Fuchsia' as when in bloom it resemble the Lilac. I have had many discussions with people who take some convinving that this really is a fuchsia.

I exhibited F. arborescens at a couple of shows this year, the photgraph below shows it being exhbitied at the Craven and District Show (North Yorkshire UK) in August 2004 where it won 2nd prize. This plant as seen here is approximately 15 months old and to give you some idea of the scale it being shown in a 7" pot.

Although I have not grown First Success I know that it was hybridised using F.paniculata x F.splendens and flowers in loose panicles. I would therefore assume it has very similar habit and can be treated the same as F.paniculata.

In milder climates as Kath also suggests both types should grow all year round although I like to give my plants a rest and replace some of the old compost with new.

DonÂt forget though that when you pinch this type of plant you need to allow approximately 12-14 weeks before it comes back into flower.

You are lucky being able to grow without fear of frost as my plant is now cut back and under wraps (well horticultural fleece) during the coldest nights of the winter.

Hope this helps,


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