Normal? White Thready stuff ?

desperationfalls(z5 MA)December 12, 2004

Hi, I need help from the fuschia gurus.

I examined my Gartenbonmeister (now indoors) very closely

this morning and found that every intersection of leaf with stem has several thready (about 2-3mm--i.e. 1/32-1/16 inch)

whitish-greenish) things. I looked with a magnifying glass

and using 3 pairs of reading glasses and can't see any

'beings--like mealybugs'

Question: Is this normal on a fuschia? I don't have

any other fuschias to compare this one with, so I don't


Any help here would be appreciated.

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Desperation

You may possibly have (or have had) an attack of Âmealy bug even though you canÂt see the actual insects. I havenÂt experienced what you describe on any of my fuchsias but I have had something similar with AuriculaÂs when I used to grow these for show some years ago. The way I treated these was to remove the Âweb using a large artists brush (a half inch paint brush will do) dipped into methylated spirit and brushed over the webÂ.

You need to check under the leaves whenever you are either checking for pests or treating them, you will have the best results if you actually spray up from the base of your plants and forget the spraying over the top as the foliage acts like an umbrella and sheds the moisture away from where you want it.

I am not sure how large the plant is  if it isnÂt too big you can always Âdunk it in hand hot water for 10 seconds as described on my site  make sure that you only have the water hand hot though  I donÂt want you to burn your ÂpinkiesÂ.

Come back and let us know how you get on,


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