12 jasmine sambac leaves turning yellow..

alfred_floro(ca)March 2, 2005

I have 14 sambac in a 5 gallon container i noticed that 12 of the plants leave's turning yellow? i read somewhere the cause could be lack of iron.. the fertilizer that i used contains iron though?

can overwatering cause yellowing of the leaves? its been raining here in southern california... how about bugs?


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Don't panic! Cold, wet weather can certainly cause some yellowing and leaf drop -- it's something sambacs probably do naturally in preparation for a burst of growth in spring -- so don't go dumping pounds of iron sulfate or Miracid on 'em, they don't need much fertilizer at all until they're actively growing again and putting out a lot of new growth.

Do be careful about drainage, which can also cause yellowing -- make sure the plants aren't sitting in trays full of water, and I hope you lined the bottom of the pots with something quick-draining: styrofoam peanuts, gravel, etc.

Finally, did you really say 14 plants in a 5 gallon pot? Even if they're small, they're probably crowding each other's roots or will be very soon, and I'd recommend removing all but 3 or 4 and putting them in other pots, so they all have room to grow.

Hope this helps!


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jview(Z7a NY)

Yes, over watering can do it, `and so can over crowding. Why so many in one pot? It might be better to divide and repot them. Hope they do better for you. Jerry

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I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.. each jasmine is in a 5 gallon container


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each jasmine is in their own 5 gallon container

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If they're small plants, under 2 feet, than a 5 gallon pot is too big for them, and their roots may rot from too much wet soil. The main thing is to keep them moist but not soaking wet, and pray for sun; these are pretty tough plants and will take off once the weather gets better.

Jim (Not a single sign of spring around here!)

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angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)

Alfred: All my Sambacs look sick too! I think it's from all the rain we have had, I have a sambac in a window on my desk at work and it looks great and has had two flushes of blooms, once in December and one in February. If they get enough light I think they grow better indoors in front of a window with strong lite. Seriously!
I have 2 planted in the ground and they look much better than the ones in pots on my patio. I also lost my Grand Duke from all the cold and rain, bummer! I never got to see if bloom. I guess I will have to buy another one.

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Nope, it can't be the rain, mine hasn't had much water at all this winter and it's yellowing. I believe Jim's right, it's the time of year for the old leaves to be pushed off by new growth. You see that in Southern Live Oaks too, every spring they dump all the oldest leaves just before the new growth emerges.

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Hi, I am very new to this but was wondering if anyone can offer me their thoughts...I purchased a Jasmin plant..it is not the Sambac type.. It has much larger leaves. I have it inside of my house where it seemed to be doing very well and had a lot of new growth and new leaves. all of a sudden, all the new leaves as well as some of the older leaves have turned yellow and are falling off. It was repoted right before I got it and I was told that I would not need to repot soon...i do not think that is the problem. Is it over watering? I also started using a small air conditioner but it is in another room and we do not keep it cold because I have a tropical bird. None of this is new to the plant and it was doing well all along. The plant was doing so good and now, i think i am going to lose it...any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

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Based on your description, you are likely overwatering your sambac.

Overwatering symptoms usually start as yellowing of a few mature leaves at the lowermost portion of the plant. When the problem is not corrected, the yellowing worsens and spreads to more mature leaves. If still uncorrected, it climbs up to the newer leaves until majority of the mature leaves are yellow leaving only the youngest leaves at the tips green.

When majority (more than half) of all the mature leaves are already yellow, the plant is usually hopeless and death is almost certain even if the buds and younger leaves at the tips are still green. By then, most of the roots will have rotted.

Better start drying the soil now or repotting your sambac to a new, dry soil. WATER only when the soil is completely dry. Looks can be deceiving so what looks like dry soil at the surface may still be very wet deep down. You can poke your finger deep into the soil before watering to determine if the soil needs watering or not. If the soil is moist, don't water.

AVOID any soil ammendments or fertilizer while your plant is still 'sickly' or recovering. It will only hasten the deterioration and is likely to kill the plant than help it.


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Thank you very much for the input. Most of the adult leaves are still nice and green. All of the new young leaves have turned. What is the safest way to dry out the plant without causing it any more trauma? Should I remove all of the yellowing leaves or leave alone? When will I know if the plant is past the danger time and if I corrected the issue? Thanks so much again

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It would be better if you could post photos of your 'sickly' jasmine... By the way, is your jasmine a 'gardenia' or is it a 'jasminum'?

If it is a gardenia, then I suggest DO NOT remove the yellow leaves. Leave them to drop by themselves. When they drop to the soil, throw them away. (Don't leave them on the soil.) Pulling yellow leaves from a plant in 'stress' disturbs the already fragile and sickly root system. Better leave them alone.

Here's how to dry the soil:
1) Place them in a sunny area where the soil gets full sun and leave them to dry.
2) Periodically check on the soil moisture using the 'finger test' I outlined earlier and water only when soil is no longer moist to touch.

When to resume fertilizer and other soil ammendments?
You can safely resume adding fertilizer in 'conservative' amounts when these two conditions are met:

1)The yellowing of the leaves stops and you see vigorous, active new growth. Tiny leaves should slowly but surely, grow and mature each and everyday. If the plant growth remains stagnant for several days, the plant is still in critical condition even if the yellowing has stopped.

2) When all the leaves that have turned yellow and fallen are already replaced by an equivalent number of newer leaves that have matured from being a small bud, you can resume fertilizing. (This is an indication that the 'dying' trend has sufficiently reversed and the plant is picking up. It is also and indication that what you are doing is right.)


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When do you prune yellow jasmin.

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