HAVE: Large christmas tree palm

airmandelt(z8a)February 16, 2006

I have a large Adonidia palm that is a quadruple.It is in a 25 inch pot and would make the perfect addition to a large sun room or sunny foyer.It is about 8 and a half feet tall and probably 6 feet across at its widest point.It is too large for my living room now and I hate to give it up but it would be better off.

Erik "Palm Dude" Klaustermeyer

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I would like to take that tree off your hands if you are in the Atlanta area.

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Hey Man, no one wants that tree!........

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Especially when you told me you want money for it, which I believe is a violation of the terms of service for this website!

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Im sorry Vroomp that I didnt just give it to you like you wanted.You offered me NOTHING in trade(what I really want for it is good size sabal minors).The last time I checked this was the EXCHANGE page.Unless you have something to trade me for those trees you dont need to waste my time.
So to make myself perfectly clear for anyone else who wants a freebee.I want to TRADE this palm for good size sabal minors;a large sabal palmetto; or Trachy Takil.Thanks all

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