Is Jasmine hardy for me or not?

Lynn NevinsMarch 13, 2008

I'm confused by this description...if something is hardy to 0 degrees, why is it then listed as only hardy down to Zone 7?

Could this work in my zone 6 yard, and in a pot (subtract two zones and make it 4)?


Jasmine beesianum x officinale) In mid-summer this beautiful evergreen vine is covered with clusters of soft pink, fragrant flowers that waft the scent of a tropical paradise. Yet this cousin of the tropics is hardy to 0° F. and will thrive on a fence or trellis. It will climb to 15-20'. In colder locations it is deciduous and would benefit from a winter mulch. 1 Gal Pot. This one does not produce fruit.

Climate Zones: 7 to 11

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Definitely not in a pot, but in the right location (south facing wall, protected from winter winds, good mulching, etc.) it might make it just fine . . . at least until we have a winter with subzero temps, which may or may not happen soon.

If you have to pot it, you can always bring it inside for a month or so when it's coldest.


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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

There is supposedly a clone of jasmine x stephanese that has survived zone 7 in a pot and the nursery claims it is hardy to zone 5. (I've had my eye on it for over a year for my own yard)

Check Lazy s's nursery.


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Jim is right. What I'm learning about zone pushing, though, is that getting something to stay alive is sometimes different from getting it to grow well. I have the above-mentioned stepanense and also officinale, and both survive in the ground in protected parts of my garden. The thing is, they hardly bloom at all, and the idea that I'm growing jasmine is losing some of its appeal when all I have are some vines that take up room. Same with Gelsemium Sempervirens. I have one that lives, but who cares if it looks ugly and I have to run out into the cold to see if it has a bloom?
That's just my experience. You are at least a zone warmer than I am. Maybe you'd have better luck.

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I planted two jasmines out in my garden and a severe frost killed both of them, or so it seems, yet when I checked the web on Jasminum polyanthus it said that it's from China and hardy to -18 C. That's cold. I reckon it never got past -2 C but I just wanted to know if anyone else knew whether they come back from the ground or not?

I live in the West of Ireland, by the way, and they are planted in either corner of a fence and an old, tall, stone wall.

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IMO, when they list a plant that says, hardy to 0F, but plant in zone 9 or higher, I think it means, the plant is hardy to zone 9, and if by chance temps drop to 9F, (a few nights) the plant will survive..but I don't think it'd live in cold climates with )F temps for months on end..If that was the case my garden would be a tropical paradise..LOL. Stick with the zone.
One example, some citrus trees are tagged, survives at temps of 15F, hardy to z9+..They'd die if temps remained 15F all winter, unless sheltered, mulched, and Christmas lights were set on the soil so roots don't freeze. I'd stick w/the zone, not what they say temps exceed to.
If anyone here ever visits the Palm forum, did you happen to notice threads from people in Chicago, IL? One guy has palm trees in his yard..but he does a LOT of work keeping them alive..we get weeks at 0F temps..The last time I saw a pic of his palm, it stood about 10?' tall..amazing..
Yippee, is there a nurseryperson you can ask? Do others in your area grow Jasmine? Keep an eye out, talk to neighbors, nurserypeople. Toni

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Thanks for the help. Supposedly I am in zone 9 here but for some reason it seems exactly like a 7b to me ... So I am a bit confused. It would be nice to actually know my zone for sure and then I could get a better idea. Thanks for the info about the extreme zones, I never really thought of it like that before, although it makes perfect sense.

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kaihui(Z7 VA)

Surviving and doing well are different. I planted many Gardenias outside. They are all supposed to be cold hardy here, and they all look pretty bad in winter.(lots of frost burns on leaves, but they are all alive).

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Nancy, perhaps you're like me. Cold at 70F. LOL. I seem to recall someone mentioning a micro-climate meter/guage that tests different areas of a garden. I'm unfamiliar with it, never bought one, but I've talked to people who have. If you're worried sections of your garden may not be as warm as other parts, maybe you should look into these guages. I just checked Rapitest Supplies, but didn't find anything. They're out here somewhere, finding is another story. Toni
PS. Nancy, you know how GW has forums for different parts of the world? Did you check to see if there's an Ireland forum? If so, perhaps someone there has an answer.

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