have: atlanta area gw plant trade, sat. april 19th!!

girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)March 4, 2008

Hey Everyone:

We're having the Atlanta Area Gardenweb Plant Trade and luncheon at my house in the East Atlanta area (I20 and Moreland) on Sat. April 19th at 11 am (to allow for distance travel).

Everyone registered on GW is invited to attend and of course, bring a family member or two if you'd like. However, please be aware that my yard isn't the safest for little running ones or people with mobility problems (and I do not have washroom access for wheelchairs, I'm sorry to say). If someone wants to come who needs better accessibility, please email me through GW because we could use a different location close for you. When you post here you will be put on the mailing list for my personal information which I email to you. Please do not share my personal info. with anyone. Please MAKE SURE that your email is unblocked on GW. This means you need to find your member page and change your settings so that an email can be sent OR you need to email me through GW with your email address and please state your GW "name" or handle in your message to me. Thanks! I will email my information only to people who are registered members of GW.

Everyone is invited to bring their extra plants, seeds, rooted cuttings, old garden magazines/books, old tools, nice garden accoutrement's you no longer wish to keep but think someone might enjoy...I do ask that no garden chemicals come on the property here as we are chemical and pesticide free.

Consider also that many of us are once again under severe restrictions for water but can water food plants, and have plenty of space for drought tolerant things.

We trade two ways. On this thread we will arrange pre-trades . This means that you will offer plants here and plan to exchange them with an individual here. Then you will get that persons plants together, boxed or bagged and labeled separately and place them in the designated location when you get here.

We also have a "Free for All" trade which starts at 11:30 ON THE DOT this year. You bring in all your plants which aren't designated for a specific person and put them with other plants in categories like "Sun Perennials" or "Fruits, veg". I will have signs for each area. We don't take any plants until 11:30, and then I will call "GO AND GET "EM" and you go take what you like. This pretty much goes on until everything is done with.

To effectively trade, you will need to label all your plants with as much info as you can. Botanical Name, (if you don't know ahead of time, just ask on the forum!), "common name", color, height, sun or shade. Annual or perennial. You need to know if your plant is: sun, shade, annual, perennial, edible/herb, shrub etc.

After trading we eat what we have brought to share pot-luck. I have a fully working kitchen we can use for the trade, however if you bring meat that needs heating, you'll need to bring either a crock pot, or pan or something to heat it in as we are vegetarian and so is our cookware, lol. I will supply all cutlery, napkins, cups, plates, hot coffee, hot and cold teas, milk, sugar and also dairy free "milks". I will also supply gluten free lunch foods. Please feel free to bring what you like to share!

I will not post my personal information here. It will be available early the first week of April for emailing!

Please ask any questions ahead of time!!


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Kathy Bochonko

Hey GGG I am going to try and make it. Please put me on your list. Do you think you may be able to start another one of those yellow bleeding heart vines for me? Mine didn't make it and I would love to try again. I'll try and make a list soon of what have to trade.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I don't know. It has not resurrected itself yet, and may have succumbed to the drought. We'll see how it goes!


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nosyrosie(z7/8 - Atlanta)

I'll put this on my calendar; I would love to see you and the gang. I have not been growing anything to trade lately, unfortunately (I did grow some lettuce and peas for the family); I'll bring lots of magazines and a snack. I don't need to take anything with me, it will just be a pleasure to attend if that's okay.
ta, Rose

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OK. Add me to your list. I can't wait.

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I will definitely try to be there. Thanks for hosting.

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I'll definately be there. And I hope to have more to trade than just maples this year! I'd love to hear how everyone's maples from last year have done.......

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

khanhly, if you like night blooming ceris are you interested in some other epiphytic cactus? I have a few more than I need and I'd be happy to pass them along to someone who can keep them better than I can. I may also have a plumeria if the white one I planted last year has lived the winter...


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I'd love to come. I'll have to see what I've got in terms of plant material to bring.

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woody_ga(7a GA)

I'm going to try to come. I hope I can, 'cause it sounds fun!

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Cool! I would love other epiphytic cactus and/or plumies.

I looked at your trade want list and don't see anything I have that you might want.... except jasmine. However, I do not know the species name as it was passed down from the family, but it has multiple layered petals and the fragrance is incredible - reminds me of asian tea. Also, I don't know if you are intereste in fruit plant, I have Bearss Seedless Lime. I don't care anything about the lime, but I love the fragrance of the flowers. I can give cuttings from those plants.

Also, I have red spider lily. I read that they are supposed to be dug up in September but there are leaves on them now and once the leaves fall out, I won't know where they are (until they bloom in September/October) to dig 'cause I plant them all over my yard!

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Count me in for April 19th. I hope all the remodeling went well this past year. Are we doing food?

Plants for trade:

Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine
Hydrangea... Nikko Blue
Mexican Petunia..Ruellia
Mexican Hat Plant..Ratibida or Prairie Cone Flower
Sedum Sedum Sedum..Stonecrop Hardy here in Atlanta
Serissa Foetida... Varigated Pink Snow Variety
Moon Flowers.. Vines and seeds
Jewels of Opar (thanks to GGG I have a million now)
One Angel Trumpet (Unknown Color, probably white)
Maybe more by trade time

Sedum, Autumn Joy (as usuall)
Anything Different

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

khanhly, I thank-you for your offer of lime, but I don't want anything else in the house. Thanks. I'm glad you can take the epi's off of my hands, no need to trade...

You can bring food, but I don't have pans to heat up meat. So if you bring meat/fish or anything that was breathing before you decided to eat it, please make sure you have your own heat and serve dish. Thanks!!

The renos went well but we'll be trading next door again because I have humungous piles of dirt in the yard here...they dug out a lot of basement!!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Please bear with us about the plant trade. We took a direct hit to our property with the tornado. Anyone who was at the plant trade last spring will not recognize our yard except for the house. At the pink house, everything living and green was pretty much completely demolished.
We had massive flooding in the down pour and hail because of lack of vegetation. So trading here may not be safe if we get a lot more rain...And of course trees that are standing are still dropping limbs and stuff. We don't have a handle on the few trees left standing, what is safe and what is not.

So please be patient with our decision to have or cancel the trade at our house. So sorry,


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I feel pretty safe in saying that everyone here understands after what's happened. No pressure; you do what you need to do and if we need to have it somewhere else I'm sure we'll have a great time as always.


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So sorry to hear about your home. Let us know when you're ready and we will help you restock your plants.

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Hi, would love to come to the plant swap. Just e-mail me with directions.

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Sounds like a pretty tragic mess. :(

I'm in Marietta (probably less of a central location than Atlanta), but I'd be happy to host, if needed. As long as everyone would be willing to excuse my meager beginnings of a garden. :)


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

On the morning after the tornadoes hit Atlanta, I drove over to East Atlanta with some neighbors for GGG's church plant sale, which had been cancelled. From there we went to her house to make sure she was ok. I've never seen such a frightening scene of devastation and destruction. In the midst of the chaos stood GGG's beautiful purple house, virtually untouched, but the implications were heartstopping.

I would like to suggest that instead of our regular spring plant trade on April 19th, we volunteer to meet at GGG's house for a cleanup day of her backyard. Anyone who wants to bring plants to trade with each other could still do that, but I think it would be really great if we got together to pitch in and help with whatever is ready to be done in GGG's yard at that time. I would imagine that might be cutting up felled trees and branches, moving soil and rocks around, rebuilding garden beds, planting new trees and shrubs, for example. Those who are unable to do heavy work could offer moral support and carry glasses of sweet iced tea to the workers.

I have not mentioned this to Glynis. But if she's agreable and thinks it would be helpful, what would everyone else think?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

OK, I don't think a work day is in the plans! There isn't anything to work on. I need BIG MACHINES over here with some dumptruck fulls of fill dirt, major terracing and retaining walls, backfilling, grading... it's a LOT of big work (including even more trees to come out). Frankly it is just not save for a bunch of people and honestly, my yards except for the veggie patch and the purple house front garden are nothing but pure mud, and feet of it. You just sink way down in the mud!

I'd also like to say I would like NOT to host the plant trade this year, since now I have a lot of work to do getting a plan together and getting the work and materials together!

Thanks, we'll see where we stand in the fall.


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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

So sorry to hear that your house and yard were impacted by the tornado. If there is anything you would like help with please let me know.

Take care. --Lucy

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I would volunteer to host however, my yard is also in a shambles and I am currently remodeling my home. With a dumpster in the driveway and the backyard all torn up with new stone pathways going in and plants being moved around my yard can become all mud very easily. I also really don't wish to show my home with the lovely blue tarp on the roof.

TurkeyTaker mentioned she would like to host if Marietta is ok with folks and I second her nomination as host.

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Just lemme know. :)

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Glynis, I'm sorry we can't be of more help to you. I've got a little backhoe & tractor experience but I doubt those boys working on your property would let me play with their big expensive toys unsupervised lol.

After all the big work is complete I think westender's suggestion is still a good one. Maybe we could help you get your planting beds back in shape when you're ready for them.

Turkeytaker, your place sounds good to me too. Thanks for offering...we'll gladly be there. Would it still be planned for April 19th or do we need to change the date?


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I'd happily play with the big toys, too! :) I know I'd do more damage than good, sadly.

I thought I'd make a note on this thread to say that I'll been emailing out instructions and stuff to anyone who's interested in attending at my place. Don't know how many people are still interested on this thread, since I'm a bit out of the way.

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