HAVE: Relocated Atlanta-area trade

turkeytaker(Atlanta)March 27, 2008

It looks like I've been elected to host the Atlanta-area trade, since GGG's place is temporarily out of commission because of the recent storms.

I'm in Marietta. I-75 exit 267A, or off of Blackwell/Chastain Rd. for those who are more familiar with the area. Email and I'll be happy to give you my addy so you can Mapquest/Yahoo/Google/whatever or help you with directions. We're pretty wheelchair accessible and have a bathroom on the downstairs, but please let me know ahead of time if you're chaired or otherwise handicapped so that I can hold some parking space in the driveway for you.

Either email me directly for directions or post here. Make sure your email is unblocked, so that I can contact you. If you don't know how, ask. :) Make sure to include your GW name, so that I can get in contact with you if you use another email address, etc.

This will be the second trade I've been to (the other being the one at lucy's in October), so I'm definitely open to suggestions on setup and stuff I should have on hand. Trade rules will be as GGG posted on her original thread. :)

I, too, have a fully working kitchen we can use for the trade. Please make sure to bring microwave or oven-safe dishes to heat things up in, if needed, as well as any special serving utensils that may be neede. I will supply paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware, ice, carbonated beverages, hot water for tea and coffee. If you have any particular coffees or teas that you prefer, please bring them. We will have coffee and cold tea available, as well.


Disclaimers: We are in the middle of 'home improvement', and my yard and home are far from a showcase. Please forgive our progress. :)

I have a dog, cat, and guinea pigs, so allergy sufferers beware. They have access to the house and covered porch, but I will be happy to contain them to the upper floor, if needed.

I have limited seating, so you may want to bring your own chair(s), if it looks like a ton of people are coming. I have a covered, screened porch and plenty of yard, so space should not be a problem.

I do NOT have a fully fenced yard and have the remnants of the neighbors barbed wire and field fencing accessible, so please keep that in mind if you have small children.


If you have any questions or other concerns, lemme know and I'll see if I can't address them.

Hope to see everyone!


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Stacy, thanks for taking us all on. Are you still going to have it on the 19th or does the date need to change?


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Date and times are fine with me, unless someone would prefer something different.

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

Thanks so much for pitching in. That's what I love about this forum...everyone's always willing to help whenever they can. Count me in. Not sure what I'll have, I'll try to figure that out in the next week or so and post.

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thank you for hosting.
Not sure exactly what i have to trade at the moment - but definitely lambs ear, yellow iris, limelight artemisia, rosemary, canna lilies, blackeyed susans, chocolate mint, pineapple mint.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I guess we're posting our swap lists to this thread now?

Here's what I have as of right now that's greened up. I may have more as swap time approaches. Anything with a "?" lost its label so I am going from memory.

White Yarrow (divisions)
'Siskiyou' Pink Mexican Evening Primrose (divisions)
'Limelight' Artemesia (divisions)
'Ryan's Pink' Chrysanthemum (divisions)
'Foot Hill' (or Fort Hill) Creeping Phlox (lavender pink)
'Silver Mound' Artemesia (rooted cuttings)
'Honeycomb' Butterfly Bushes (3 gallon & smaller)
'Black Knight' Butterfly Bushes (3 gallon & smaller)
'White Profusion' Butterfly Bushes (1 gallon & smaller)
'Royal Red' (not actually red, more magenta) Butterfly Bushes (1 gallon & smaller)
'Pink Delight' (not actually pink, more lavender) Butterfly Bushes (1 gallon & smaller)
'Tardiva' Pink PeeGee Hydrangeas (1 gallon)
'Lady Banks' Rose (yellow -- rooted cuttings)
Pink Climbing Rose? -- rooted cutting HAVE ONLY 1
'Mint Frost' Heuchera (small single leaf cuttings rooted)
'Red Fox' Veronica (small divisions)
Burning Bush (rooted cuttings)
Forsythia (1 Gallon)
Bridalwreath Spiria (1 Gal. from cutting HAVE ONLY 1)
'Matrona'? upright Sedum HAVE ONLY 1
Abelia pink blooms (1 Gallon HAVE ONLY 1)
'Tickled Pink' Veronica? -- (divisions HAVE ONLY 2)
'New Dawn' Rose -- (rooted cuttings)
'Navajo Bright Red' Salvia -- (rooted cuttings)
'Purity' Candytuft -- (small rooted cuttings)
Boxleaf Euonymous -- (rooted cuttings)
Spanish Lavender -- (rooted cuttings)
Balloon Flower -- (rooted cuttings, mixed colors)
Rosemary -- (rooted cuttings)
'Madame Plantier' Rose -- (rooted cuttings)
Chorus Line (pink)
Wild Heart (red)
Pandora's Box (cream w/purple throat)
President Betty Williams (red)
Stella De Oro (yellow)
Winsome Lady (pink)
Little Cadet (yellow w/red throat)
Siloam June Bug (yellow w/red throat)
Little Buisness (red)
Little Wart (purple)
Wild Horses (yellow w/dark red eye)
Sammy Russell (red)
Royal Garnet (reddish purple)
Leebea Orange Crush (orange)
Louise Mannelis (peach)
May have more to come....

Any daylilies I don't currently have (please e-mail me privately with want/have list)
Heucheras (any)
Hyacinth Bulbs (especially blue or yellow)
Flowering Almond shrubs/trees
Red Bud Tree
Azaleas (reds, pinks or whites)
Rhododendron (any colors)
Heirloom Tomatoes (plants or seeds)
Hydrangea or cuttings (any besides Tardiva Pink or Nikko Blue)
White flowering Loropetalum
Gold Mops or Crippsii False Cypress
Roses or cuttings (any I don't currently have, please e-mail privately for list)
Pink Bearded Iris
Bright Rose or Red Centranthus
Hollyhocks (doubles or singles)
Purple Astilbe
Named Hosta Varieties
Named Dahlia Varieties

Concrete Mason Blocks
Pavers/stepping stones
Scrap treated lumber, landscaping logs, railroad ties, etc.... (will pick up)
Old glass shower doors or patio/sliding doors
Hoses (regular or soaker)

Whew, I'm tired now. You can e-mail me with any questions!
Thanks, Danielle

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Alrighty, looks like me next. More stuff may be around, but this is what's currently here and visibly alive.

Young catawba grape plant
A couple of containers of very young Teddy Bear sunflowers
Obedient plant (invasive in good soil; barely survives where I've got it)
Chocolate mimosa babies (very invasive)
Small lilac division (unknown flavor, survived the summer drought and heat)
Baby tomatoes (Brandywine, Silvery Fir Tree, Hillbilly, Mortgage Lifter)
Rooted, leafed fig cuttings (most likely Brown Turkey)
Assorted heuchera, tiarella leaf cuttings (will most likely have some divisions, too, just have to go out and dig around)
Dwarf sweet flag
Lemongrass (two divisions)
Fernleaf bleeding heart
Baby red bud
Young orchid plants
Muscari hyacinth (someone attempted to naturalize them, so I've get them all over)
Pink beebalm (invasive; barely survives where I've got it)
Square plastic buckets (love them for toting small amounts of stuff and for herb planters)
A couple of big bags of woodchips

Fig cuttings other than Peter's Honey, Celeste, Brown Turkey
Fatsia japonica
Perennials that don't need all day sun

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Sent everyone who posted an email. If you didn't get one and are interested, please let me know!

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I should be able to come. Please send me directions.

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I am hoping to make it. I will have to post my longer Haves list after the 15th, though, because I am out of town until then. But I know I'll have japanese maples!

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Great! I think I sent you instruction, botanicat, but I emailed you through the GW system and can't actually remember. If you haven't gotten it, I'll resend.:)

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Yes, I did get the directions. Thanks!

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I am very new to GardenWeb and still a rookie gardener but I am hoping to make it to the trade on the 19th. I've been enjoying the few non-rainy days we've had in the yard and have found many little volunteers of things sprouting up all over the place. I do not know what some are (I recognize that they are not weeds but have no idea what the plant names are) but I will pot as many as I can and bring to the trade. Many originated from loacal farmer's markets but the labels have long worn off...I do have (and can identify) the following as well:

4 medium Rose of Sharon
aloe plants
blackberries or raspberries - I'm not sure which they are
yellow lilies
ryan's daisy (Leucanthemum 'Becky')
columbine (I think)
various varieties of tomato seedlings
some heirloom tomato seeds
dwarf iris

I look forward to meeting everyone and learning as much as I can :)

Danielle M. (I notice there is another Danielle on this thread so I'll include my last name initial as an identifier with my name when I post...)

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Hi turkeytaker,

Thanks so much for hosting! I am planning to attend so I will need directions. Also, could you set aside a division of Lemongrass for me. I don't have a list together right now but I will find something for you in trade. :)

Thanks again,

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dianega(7 - ATL)

Hi! I'm not positive if I can make it, but I'm going to try! Could you send me the directions?

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Just sent a copy of the instructions through the GW system. If it doesn't arrive, email me directly. :)

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I hope to make it. I am new and don't know of much to bring. Please send me directions. Thanks for hosting.

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Emailed you.

Also, those of you keeping track with this thread that are interested in coming, please post what haves and wants you've got together. That way we've got a better idea of what to package up for prearranged trades.


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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Hi. I'm looking forward to the trade and seeing everyone. Will bring something to eat and a few plants.

Kilmarnock Willow (rooted cuttings)
Orange Crocus
Sedum (unknown variety)
Hydrangea (unknown variety)

Shasta Daisy

Turkeytalker -- would love to have a lilac or fernleaf bleeding heart. I have a Hydrangea - unsure of the variety but I believe it is blue or purple.

Squirrelly Pete
Would love to have your Forsythia if you see anything on my list that you would like to trade.

Danielle M.
I would love to have your Ryan's Daisy if there is anything on my list that you want.

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Hi there,

This is not my final list but if you are interested in any of these please let me know by Tuesday morning.
These are from my old house so I have to drive there to dig them.

Bearded Iris - mix of old-fashioned lavender and purple/lavender bicolor
Callirhoe involucrata- Wine cups
Helleborus orientalis - seedlings
Rosemary- pink flowered, I'll need to check that this is still kicking but it has small pale pink flowers, strong pine scent, not great for cooking IMO.

That's it for now!
Hopefully, I'll post soon with more.
P.S. I am interested in Salvias, Abutilons, Phygelius, Dahlias, Cuphea, unusual or hummingbird plants, as well as some edibles.

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I can't believe I missed this thread for two weeks! I must be getting old. Thanks for re-directing me Danita.
I may be lacking a few of these but, here's my list from before.

Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine
Hydrangea... Nikko Blue
Mexican Petunia..Ruellia
Mexican Hat Plant..Ratibida or Prairie Cone Flower
Sedum Sedum Sedum..Stonecrop Hardy here in Atlanta
Serissa Foetida... Varigated Pink Snow Variety
Moon Flowers.. Vines and seeds
Jewels of Opar (thanks to GGG I have a million now)
One Angel Trumpet (Unknown Color, probably white)
Maybe more by trade time

Sedum, Autumn Joy (as usuall)
Anything Different

Turkeytaker, I would like to try out a Chocolate Mimosa if you have one left. I think I have some Liatris I can spare. I also have a small Nikko Blue Hydrangea.

Danielle, I would like about half of your stuff! Unfortunately, I have nothing on your list except for some bricks. I have a small green Chamaecyparis I need to remove if you would like it, an old antique pitchfork with half the handle rotted away and lots of brand new burlap bags. The burlap is excellent for temporary erosion control and holds young plants on slopes well. Great for collecting wood chips or mulch too!

What kind of munchies does everyone like?

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi all, I hate to do this but I'm gonna' have to cancel after all. It looks like interest was starting to pick up too so I really hate to do this now. But it turns out I've got company coming in Friday for the weekend.

Stacy, I know you and I had a few pre-arranged trades and I apologize for having to back out. Brad, I would have loved to take you up on it...maybe at the fall trade or next Spring.

Hope you guys have fun and the weather is nice for you.

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Have fun with your company, Danielle. Hope we see you next year! :)

vroomp, I'll hold one out for you. I'd love some of your liatris or jewels of opar. I've got a naked spot that would love them, too.

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Hey there! I'm Susan and was at G's trade last year.. I hang out on DG. Can I get directions? Thanks!


Here is a link that might be useful: Susan's page on Daves

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I may add a few more things but so far I have for sure:

-Annabelle hydrangeas (3) - small in pots
-Mock orange rooted in pot
-Japanese maple -seedings from my tree various sizes
-Phlox - blue upright form, blooming now (2 pots)
-Various tomato plants
-Various flowers new from seed including dianthus, poppies, etc.
-Rose - Banshee and maybe some others rooted. I have some old roses that I can get cuttings off if there is interest.
-Sedum - probably Autumn Joy but was a lavender-pinkish color flower (2 rooting in pots- very small right now)
Lycoris - red spider lily
Miscellaneous daylilies - no idea what the names are.
Blueberry - recent division from mother-in-law's prolific producer.

These I can dig if anyone is interested:
- larkspur
-columbine - mostly two toned pink/rose
- Sugar maples and dogwoods from our woods - not the best time of year to dig them but if small they would probably be okay

May have some other stuff. I check again.

What I would like to have:

Lilies including as oriental, trumpet, tiger.
Figs - I already have 2 brown turkey figs and would like others
Sedum other than Autumn Joy
Hydrangeas - any but would like to get endless summer and oakleaf

I will probably bring something sweet to eat. See you all Saturday.

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this what i definitely have,
lambs ear,
yellow iris,
limelight artemisia,
canna lilies (tall red and dwarf yellow),
blackeyed susans,
chocolate mint,
pineapple mint.
yellow yarrow
white yarrow
penny royal
shasta daisies
sedum - autumn joy i think

tomato plants
ground cover

Lucyatlanta i have shasta daisies if you would like some. would like an hydrangea if you still have any left

Danita would love some bearded iris not sure if i have anything you would like

vroomp have sedum would like moon flowers if you have any left

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Hi. I am looking forward to the trade on Saturday and to meeting many of you. Thank you turkeytaker for being our hostess. This is my first trade, so please be patient with me if I make errors. This is a partial list of my haves and wants. I intend to make some additions tomorrow. I am a chronic plant collector, so if I have something you are interested in and you have something to trade that is not on my list, make a suggestion and I might be delighted to have it, who knows?

homestead purple verbena
red gazania
east freeland sage
crinium lily
buddleia black knight - butterfly bush
senecio - dusty miller
solenostemon scutellarioides Alabama Sunset - coleus
aloe vera
rick rack cactus
moonflower seedling
hyacinth bean vine seedling
double yucca seedling
red cypress vine seedling
rooted althea bush cutting - rose of sharon, unknown color
purple mexican petunia
limelight artemesia
astilbe- vision in red and vision in pink
balloon flower - color unknown


lemon tree, especially myers improved
red maple tree
red japanese maple
roses, any
hydrangeas, especially mopheads, different colors
bleeding heart
star jasmine
Carolina jasmine
angel trumpets
iris, other than white
hostas, any variety
pink muhly grass
pink or white mexican petunias, not purple
sedum, different colors, not white
allamanda bush
hibiscus, different colors, esp. texas star
coleus, sun or shade
corkscrew vine
unusual morning glories
white hyacinth bean vine
coreopsis, especially moonbeam
red spider lilies
pink lily of the valley

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botanicat, I'd love some of your columbine, unfortunately all I've got, right now, are BT fig cuttings that are doing anything. I do have some unnamed sedum that's definitely not Autumn Joy, if you're interested.


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Stacy - I'll definitely bring you some columbine. And I would like to try your sedum.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Thanks Stacy!


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Help! If you don't mind, would someone please explain how I can edit my post so that I can add some things to my have list? I have looked everywhere for an explanation, but the forum instruction and help pages are blank! Thanks.


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Hi Cathy,

You can't edit posts, here, so you'll have to post a new post with additions and stuff. It's a bit crude.


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Hi Stacy.

No wonder I couldn't figure it out. It can't be done. Thank you, Stacy, for letting me know. I am too tired to start over tonight, so I'll post a new list tomorrow. By the way, if you have any of your bleeding heart, bee balm, or sedum left, I would love to figure out a trade if there is anything on my list which interests you. I will be adding 1 Georgia blue veronica, l butterfly weed, one rooted gardenia, one rooted rose of sharon, some sansevieria, a red kalanchoe, a tiger lily or two, and a few other things I'm too tired to think of at the moment, if any of that interests you. Off the top of my head, the astilbe and artemesia don't have to have all day sun, and I am sure there are others on my list that aren't coming to me at the moment. Of course you are welcome to any of it. Thank you for your help.


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Cathy-What kind of crinium lily do you have? Is is spoken for? Also, if you have a tiger lily available I would be interested in that. See if I have anything you are interested in. I might have some rooted roses also.

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Hi Cathy, I was curious about the type of Crinum too as well as the type of Nicotiana.

Also, my trip to the old house was delayed until Thursday so you can request until 11am Thurs. on those plants. Have requests from bmmalone and turkeytaker so far.

I have a Geranium maculatum and 'Stella de Ora' Daylily available too. Hopefully, I'll have more listed Thursday.

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Y'all, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff being posted and pre-arranged trading. This is my first swap and I'm a rookie gardener (other than veggies) so I'm not really sure what all I have or whether I should be digging it all up and bringing it if I have not pre-arranged a trade. Mostly, I just want to meet some other local gardeners and learn about what I'm doing. So I guess what I need to know is what should I bring? Everything I can or just a few things that interest has been expressed in? I will definitely bring food :)

In the event that I cannot make it (I am planning on it but one of my three boys is home with a stomach virus today so there's always the possibility that it will make it's way through everyone - hopefully all will be well by Saturday!), I will contact anyone who has already asked for anything I have and arrange to get that to you.

Danielle M

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Hey Danielle, don't panic. :) If someone asks you for something, definitely bring it. If you've got the time and inclination or just something you want to get rid of, bring it for the free-for-all.

Cathy, I'd be interested in your limelight artemesia and Black Knight butterfly bush. I'll see what of the sedum and beebalm I can rummage up.

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Bmalone I have your Moon Flower seedlings in peat pots for easy transplanting but, I would love some yellow Yarrow if it is still available.

Turkeytaker, I have plenty of moon flowers but I really wanted to get a Chocolate Mimosa if you have one left. Unfortunately, the Liatris isn't up yet and I am not sure where it is. How about a few shovels full of Liatris and whatever? Maybe by Saturday I will see some sign of it.

Is everyone bringing food? I am doing some marinated shrimp hors d oeuvres with a Lemon Wasabi and Pepper Jelly Dipping Sauce. Unless ya'll can't handle that.

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vroomp, a shovelful of liatris and whatever is quite fine. If you'd prefer and have any left, I'd love some of your Jewels of Opar. The shrimp sound delicious and extremely interesting.

I'll probably do something boring like pasta salad or maybe quesadillas, if I get motivated.

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Barbara -- I'll bring the hydrangea and look forward to getting the Shasta Daisy.

I logged on to say I had to cancel but I'm going to do my best to be there since I live so close.


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My lily is crinum powelii, and is supposed to be pink, though it hasn't bloomed yet for me. I bought the plant at Grower's Outlet, and it had two additional small bulbs attached to the mother plant. They are fair sized bulbs with long leaves, but when I removed them from the mother plant and transplanted them, they didn't have roots of their own yet. I'm not very familiar with growing from bulbs, but as far as I remember, that is normal, isn't it? Anyway, if you think they will grow well from these rootless bulbs, there will be one each for Stacy and Danita.

Stacy, I will be happy to have your sedum and beebalm if you have them, or a bleeding heart if you have any left I will save the Black Knight and limelight for you, as well as the crinum if you are interested in it.

Botanicat, I will save a crinum and a nice oriental tiger lily for you. I would be happy to have columbine or rooted roses, whatever you have available.

Danita, I don't know exactly what kind of nicotiana I have. I bought it at the UGA plant sale and it wasn't specifically labled. It will be blooming in a day or two, and it appears that it will be either dark pink or red. I would love to have your bearded iris if you have any left, and the geranium maculatum sounds very nice as well.

Dbmoore9,I would love to have one of your Ryann's daisies if you have any left, if there is anything on my list that interests you.

Mapleplace, I would love to have your japanese maple seedling if you still have one available, if there is anything on my list that you want. I am going to add several other things shortly.


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Stacy - Do you have any more lilacs or fernleaf bleeding hearts? If so I would like one if there is something on my list you are interested in.

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turkeytaker - would love some bee balm, not sure if i have anything you would like

dbmoore 9 tomato seedlings if you have any left would be great, let me know if you want anything i have

vroomp i have autumn joy if you want some more

anne242 i have yellow iris would like some aloe vera

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dianega(7 - ATL)

Sorry I'm having to post my list late, just had to make sure I could come before risking to make trades. Anyway, here are some things I can bring:

Verbena bonariensis - attracts butterflies
Hardy ice plant - magenta flowers, drought tolerant
Iris - tall, orchid colored
Bali Hai daylily - peachy/apricot shade
Alaska daisy - were dug up, but will easily re-establish (can't kill these things!)
Creeping phlox - magenta flowers

anne242 - would love several Homestead Purple, if you still have any. I have a good bit of iris if you'd like.

botanicat - interested in your Annabelles... do they need lots of moisture or can they take a good bit of sun? Anything on my list you'd like?

vroomp - interested in Nikko... again, same question about moisture & sun requirements as above. Also interested in liatris. I have some small sedum that are either Autumn joy or possibly Neon. Or anything else on my list?

Here's some other wants if anyone is bringing:
Homestead purple verbena
coreopsis - zagreb or moonbeam
stella de oro (looking for a good bit)
pee gee hydrangea - heard this can take a lot of sun & can be pruned to tree form
daylily - pandora's box


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dianega - Would you like trading Verbena bonariensis and Bali Hai daylily for some Stella de Ora daylilies?

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botanicat, I'll save you a lilac baby.

anne242, I've got a little pot of sedum and a division of beebalm for you.

If anyone else wants any beebalm, we can hack it up here.

Just went out and checked my pot garden to see what else could be of interest to people, and I found that I have two gallon pots of Teddy Bear sunflowers. I can't think of anywhere to plant them, so lemme know if you'd like them. I've also got two big bags of guinea pig bedding, if anyone wants it for their compost. :)

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anne242, I think I have that crinum so I'll pass right now but I would love to have the Nicotiana and Homestead purple verbena. I'll save you an Iris and Geranium. Also, would you like a cutting of an unnamed gold-orange angel trumpet? I think it's 'Charles Grimaldi' but can't be sure. It is very fragrant.

    Bookmark   April 17, 2008 at 6:48PM
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Dianega - I would like to try your Bali Hai daylily and iceplant. My Annabelle does well at the base of a hickory tree with little care and part sun. I'm sure would do much better without tree competition.

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 5:43AM
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Anne242: I didn't think I'd be back in town in time for the trade. But We got home last night so I will bring you a japanese maple. I would be interested in the artemesia or your astilbe if either are still available.

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 9:00AM
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dianega(7 - ATL)

Danita, it's a deal!
I forgot to add to my list:
persian cornflower (centauea dealbata)- have a number of these

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

So if the rain is too heavy tomorrow morning, my other obligation will fall through. If we get rained out, and you have room for one more, I'd love to come. Won't know until we see the rain in the morning, so that makes this a bit tough.

Being that I wasn't planning on coming, I don't have much prepared. And because some of this was here when we moved in, I don't know the scientific names for them. I'll give descriptions best I can.

Here's what I'd have:
* 2 small japanese maple seedlings - 2 years old, the tree they're from is about 20-25 feet tall (beautiful canopy!)
* Snowcap daisy - I have a tag from purchase at home that I can get the "real" name for, but they spread more like a groundcover at about 4-6" and the flowers shoot up to about 10-12"
* Phlox. Grows about 2-3 ft tall. Medium pink blooms.
* Asian jasmine - I think that's what it's called...have tag at home and will double check. (Bought a couple of years ago and have never planted.)
* Blackeyed Susans - not sure of specific variety
* Ruella - purple blooms, gets about 3-4 foot tall (is a bit of a rapid spreader where I have it)

I also have and can take some cuttings (with some guidance from someone)
* JP yellow simplicity rose
* confederate jasmine

dianega - I have a couple of homestead verbenas I can dig up. Will trade you for some alaska daisy or daylily or creeping phlox.

botanicat - I think I have a small endless summer hydrangea I can dig up and trade for your mock orange or phlox. Bent a branch down 1 1/2 years ago - surely it's rooted by now!

Hoping for early, heavy rain. ;-)

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 11:24AM
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bmmalone, if it's not too late I'd like some of your mint. Thanks!

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 1:47PM
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Hi everyone. I am getting things together for tomorrow, and I would like to double check with you all to see if I have recorded all my trades correctly and most importantly to be sure I haven't left anyone or anything off the list of trades and things to bring. If I have missed someone or something, please remind me today if possible. Here's what I have so far:

botanicat - crinum powelli lily, oriental tiger lily I would love to trade for the red spider lily or one of your ice plants if possible, if not either iris or rooted rose would be fine with me.

danita - nicoiana and one homestead purple verbena I would be delighted to trade for the angel trumpet cutting if possible, if not the iris or geranium will be fine.

turkeytaker - limelight artemesia, black knight butterfly bush, and I think you wanted a crinum lily too, didn't you?
The sedum and beebalm will be fine, if they are still available. If not, the bleeding heart or hyacinths would be fine as well. I'm adding a few things and some seeds as well if you see anything else that interests you.

dianega - I only have one homestead purple verbena left, but you are welcome to it. I would love to have one of your hardy ice plants if available, or if not iris would be fine.

mapleplace - I'm glad to hear that you can make it. I will bring limelight artemesia and astilbe for you. I an looking forward to your japanese maple.

dbmoore - I would love to make a trade with you if I have anything of interest to you. I would be interested in your columbine, dwarf iris, or Ryan's daisy if I have anything you want.

bmmalone - I am interestged in your yellow yarrow, hostas, yellow iris, or shasta daisies if you see anything on my list you would like to trade for.

vroomp - If I have anything on my list that you would like, I would be interested in trading for your angel trumpet, liatris, jewels of Opar, or prairie cone flower.

jmzms - If you are able to make it, I would be interested in making a trade with you for confederate jasmine cuttings, pink phlox, or your yellow rose cuttings. If you see anything on my list that interests you, please let me know.

Let's all hope for early rain that won't intere with our day!


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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

I'd gladly trade for your red cypress vine, hyacinth bean vine or nicotiana, or even the butterfly bush. (I sense a hummingbird garden coming on!) I do have to ask the question...is there anything special I need to do to take a cutting for you? Specific length? Above/below a leaf? Should I just keep it in water to bring it? Have never done this before.

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 3:22PM
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Sounds perfect, anne242!

I'm all over the place since I made the mistake of having all of the replies to this thread emailed to me, so please let me know if you're not on the list or if something is missing. Since it's going to be here, we can always dig while you're here.

Here goes:

danita - lemongrass

lucyatlanta - lilac

botanicat - sedum, lilac

vroomp - chocolate mimosa

anne242 - sedum, beebalm

I have another division of beebalm up, but I don't know who it's supposed to go to!

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 3:36PM
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Yikes, same goes for bleeding hearts.

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 3:43PM
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okay, I will bring everything that was requested:

columbine - Stacy and Cathy
Ryan's Daisy - lucyatlanta and Cathy
tomato seedlings - bmmalone
dwarf iris - Cathy
daylilies (general)

and anything else I find or can dig up before I head that way tomorrow. I am also bringing a big salad and possibly homemade bread.

Anything else?

I have no idea what I want/need but y'all can take whatever I've got and we'll figure it out.

Looking forward to it!
Danielle M

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 4:14PM
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So here's my list of things requested so far:

Stacy - columbines

Anne242 - Columbines and spider lilies

Dianega - Annabelle hydrangeas

Jmzms - mock orange (thanks for the offer of the endless summer!)

I also have some gladiolas that seriously needed dividing. I am guessing the color is peach with yellow throats. Also some tomatoes plants that are still a little small. We would need an acre or so to plant all those I grew from seed.

    Bookmark   April 18, 2008 at 8:23PM
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Stacy, were you the one who asked for aloe vera? P'm pretty sure someone did, so I will bring it anyway. I had mentioned that I would like bleeding heart if you have any available.

Jmzms, I will bring the hyacinth bean vine and the red cypress vine seedlings for you, but the butterfly bush and nicotiana have already been requested. Would you be interested in anything else on my list? I can bring you some little seedlings or the seeds for nymph salvia if you are interested in something for butterflies and hummingbirds, if that is what you are looking for. As for the cuttings, I'm no expert either, but I would suggest that you just make a cut about 4-6 inches or so from the tip of the branch below a leaf, and leave the other leaves on for the time being. You can just wrap them in a damp paper towel and put them in a plastic bag, should be fine that way for the day. I hope you are able to make it to the trade, but if you have to keep your other obligation we will certainly understand.

Anne242 (Cathy)

    Bookmark   April 19, 2008 at 12:14AM
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will confirm trades first thing in the morning. hope the rain s gone by then!

    Bookmark   April 19, 2008 at 12:39AM
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bmmalone, you were the one who requested the aloe vera from me, weren't you? I will have it set aside for you.


    Bookmark   April 19, 2008 at 1:56AM
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The aloe wasn't me, Cathy. I'll set aside a bleeding heart for you, though. :)

    Bookmark   April 19, 2008 at 7:48AM
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lucy atlanta
hydrangea trade for shasta daisy

bearded iris trade for chocolate mint

moon flowers trade for yellow yarrow


aloe vera for yellow iris,yellow yarrow, yellow iris,shasta daisies

turkey taker
would love your sun flower if its still available

would like some tomato seedlings cant see what you wanted from me!

I plan to start digging in about 30 minutes, so if I have missed anything please let me know

    Bookmark   April 19, 2008 at 8:26AM
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Hi bmmalone. You are sweet, but I don't expect you to trade that many things just for aloe, unless I have other things you are interested in as well. I meant my request to be either/or, not all of the above. I don't intend to be that greedy, lol. Thanks anyway.


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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

It did not rain enough to cancel my other obligation, so I won't be able to make it afterall. :-(

If anyone is still interested in any of the items (I've already dug them up), I'd be happy to set something up to meet you. I live in Johns Creek, but Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Suwannee, Sandy Springs, Buford, etc. are not really out of the way for me. I'll even be over near Cobb Galleria on Monday morning. Just email me directly and we'll try to work something out.

Have a great time today - you're going to have great weather for it!

    Bookmark   April 19, 2008 at 9:07AM
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