Shallow or Deep?

birdsnbloomsMarch 22, 2009

Should Gardenias be planted in shallow or deep containers?

New 'denias are in 4" round, 1 4" square pots. Roots are growing out of drainage holes, so guess it's time for new homes..

If anyone knows which pots are better, please let me know. Thanks, Toni

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Hi Tony,
I don't think the shape of the container really matters, just the size for the roots.
THey like to be slightly potbound though.
You have to repot them anyway, and now is the perfect time.
See the link below.
Very informative.
Good Luck with your new babies, we just can't help ourselves can we when we see those beautiful plants. (my favorite).

Here is a link that might be useful: interesting info on gardenia babies

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Hi Butterfly..thanks for the link.
The reason I asked about pot sizes is, while looking for Azalea pots, a seller had gardenia pots. At the time I didn't think twice, but after getting new 'denias considered buying them. The problem is I can't find the
I guess any pot will do..thanks, Toni

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Hi toni.

I have seen your plants and they are remarkable!

I also saw you were growing them in tall containers. Now the

Why do you use tall containers like them, especially for your citrus?
Does it take alot longer for the lowere roots to dry out?
How do you know when to water your plants in deep containers as such?
Here comes the biggest question of all....
How in the world do you keep the wind from toppling them over?...
I have these type of containers I ordered a couple of years ago, and I havn't used them yet. They are still in my cellar. I have been afraid that I will not let the soil dry out properly in such shallow containers.....

Thanks toni!:-)

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LOL Mike..First, thanks. My plants are nice, but they have their problems too. Especially in winter..I thank God insects haven't attacked..As you know, I spray w/my home-made insecticide, which, is probably one reason insects steer clear..they come near a plant, take a whiff, and go elsewhere, or they're in BIG

Why do I use tall containers?
I think you're talking about citrus, right? Okay, as you know, there were two nurseries in Fl my citrus were purchased. They shipped in, tall square pots, called Tree Pots. To be honest, I prefer round, but since roots adapted to square, I 'assumed' they'd needed potting in containers that were the same shape. Square.
When I looked for tree pots, the only pot supply store that sold large pots were square. They also had a round pot, but it was huge and expensive. Since I believe in potting 1-2 sizes up instead of 5 sizes larger, I decided to order the square tree pots until trees needed larger..when this happens, I'm going to order a few bigger, round tree pots a little at a time. This spring, each citrus will be unpotted, inspected, and planted in fresh soil.

Does it take a lot longer for the lower roots to dry out?
Nope. When I mix soil and other mediums, it's well-draining. In fact, each tree needs a lot of water cause it seeps through soil. Despite what some believe, when citrus get fresh soil this year, more black soil will be added. I don't want soil to stay wet, but don't want it to dry soon after a drink either.

How do you know when to water plants....
I just Mike, there's so many ways to test. Lifting a pot for weight is one way..when I pick up a pot and it feels almost weightless, it needs water. In winter, they get much less water and no fertilizer, spring and summer, they get watered every couple days..enough water it seeps out of drainage holes. When containers are heavier to lift, I know roots are wet.

How do you keep wind....
I can't..pots tip over easily..that's one reason I can't wait to change to round pots, and a bit heavier soil. There are times I go outside, pick up the same plant, as many as 8 times in an's a pain in the behind. lol. Soil spills. Plants are grouped together, like solders standing guard. lol. But honestly, they need round pots. Square tree pots are okay to start out, but as tree matures, and placed outside, they no longer work.
If anyone knows of a pot supply store that sells tree pots at reasonable prices, please let me know. TIA

Mike, think I answered all your questions..All I know is, can't wait till spring, when it's warm enough for plants to go outdoors..sun, fresh air and humdidity..Heavens Rain. Sprinkling with a hose. Gotta love summer. I am sooo envious of those who live in warm, humid areas. lol. Plants in the ground, year round. Oh well, maybe in my next to all, Toni

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Wow toni...

Where the heck have I been? I was so sick..
Sick of winter too. Today it hit over 60 for the first time.But still lots of winter.

Thanks so much for all your info. I really appreciate all you share.

I wish you sucess on your new babies..
I just picked up 2 more over the weekend

Butterfly4u, very informative...Thanks for that.

We will chat later...I guess I will keep my round pots then. lol
I thought they were the magic to your beautiful plants toni.:-)
I hope your surgery went fine..:-)

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