Panama Rose indoors, special care?

Ren_FlowersMarch 26, 2012

I was searching old posts and I read someone mentioned having Rondeletia splendens in the bedroom. I'm extremely interested, but there isn't very much information published online. I'm wondering if it needs much special care such as a cold spell to induce bud growth, or maybe it's shy to flower? I don't own one yet.

Here is basic plant information for those who are interested.

I've heard you can get them from Logee's but I don't see any right now. Kartuz has a plant called Rondeletia leucophylla, but I have no idea how different they are.

Anyway, any advice and shared experience is much appreciated!

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

In my experience, they aren't finicky at all. I have them growing in my bedroom too under florescent lighting. And it bloomed recently even though the temperature inside is constantly changing between 45F~80F throughout the winter here.

Just keep them well watered. I nearly had the buds all drop because I forgot to water and the buds started drooping due to overly dry soil. Half of the flower buds fell off, but after watering again they stood back up and opened a week later. This could have been easily avoided by not letting the soil go totally dry.

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