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mrlike2u(**)March 9, 2013

It's one of those three sides Euphorbias with a variegated strip up it's mid The reason why it didn't flower is because it doesn't flower in the familiar manner your most familure with meaning it may have
Thanks again E. lactea is in a better soil included a side by side pic for you to get a better idea of what sleepy and grumpy where chatting about

But first the chatty side of grumpy (me) wanted to wake sleepy to let him know you have a home here on this very forum a minor loop hole if told off topic is citrus are fragrant.
Meant to keep this post short and will but wanted to say very nice meeting you and I still think you'll make the better lasagna
Happy rack building

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Thanks Wes. I'm trying to figure out the flowering bit. And how I would miss it... These flowers wouldn't have looked like green little ovals growing up the sides? I thought those were just a trigger to a growth spurt. Since this plant is getting quite large this past year. Seemed to really appreciate the sun Plus 18 hour added lighting.

I'm not making lasagna, I won't compete with your masterpiece. I might make an Asian eggplant dish, instead. And if I have agreement over tofu being a delicious protein option - I can do a stirfry. (Why would Mike think I'm Asian without reason?)

Unless we want to theme our pot luck to a specific culture and not challenge the tastebuds with to much variety of flavors? We'be got plenty of time to discuss menus since we want the garden in bloom while we're doing this. I can hardly wait to see what those ponds look like without snow on them. :)

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and here is the poorly treated parent - yes, in a unholed pot, I have to always be so cautious how much water I put in there - but anyway - she continues to grow - and she's just touching the light fixture of my 18" growlight.

I've had her 4? or 5 ? years? ... I had bought her as a challenge to myself - because I had killed so many cactuses when younger. Only last year I discovered she's not a cactus. LOL!

I stuck the little jade clipping in there - because I didn't want to play with dirt in the middle of the night. I'm going to be on a mission today - going to find a bag of perlite to mix in with that dirt I bought at logees. I probably should have bought two bags of it. I hadn't realized how many plants all those were - or how big the pots would be when I transplant them.

What a project ... I wish they'd just already make bags of stuff the way I should use it. so I dont have to think about what needs to be mixed in... or how it should be fertilized. I'm a lazyman's gardener. I'm surprised when plants survive my abuse ... Mike was right - there should be a service that will do this potting process. you drop off your new plants there - they pot it up in new pretty pots, give you written directions on how to care for the specific plant - and send you on your way.

Wouldn't that make it all so much easier? :)

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Wes, that rack system - this is my current 'disaster' that are my 2 south windows. e you - I haven't transplanted any of the new arrivals yet - so you can well imagine the fear I'm facing in the next few days as I start working on getting those plants into real pots.

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and the second window - some of those shelves are holding 2 plants each.

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here's my crown of thorn shelf. ... I'm using a mentor approach on that 'twig' ... maybe the leaves are a lesson to be picked up through association? :)

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"yes, little one ... this is how we G... R... O... W." :) I love when you see the plant physically pushing out leaves. really pretty, isn't it? :)

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I should probably mention that it was Mike who killed the 'twig' ... otherwise, I'm completely destroying Wes's reputation. LOL!

And it only took him a couple of weeks too...

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Ahhh I see now it was the ole Euphoria in the water tank trick that had me thinking it was something different. Good news is it stayed a wee bit smaller in that no drainage tank for you over the past years

A pot tipping future has just arrived

Nice collection of plants and assortments even after a little practice at placemen they wont all fit in just one window. Yet different sizes are easily found and they always offer more than one if you care to dare the second window

Wait until you hear from Mike M it's been rumored he has one of few bed-less bedroom in the state I'm kind of thinking he may be able to show you some plant placement pointers.
To restore Mikes reputation: I agree somebody else might be able to but he cant kill a C.O.T in that short of a time. If it had been something else maybe but not a c.o.t.
Mikes idea is a good idea but it's already sold for free over the internet.

LOL Yeah new plants can sometimes result in one to be a bit shy on soil. To add to your delemia I forgot to give you a bag of perlite sitting in the trunk.
One step back and only one more forward A small boost is a three pot head start, the stuff in the shoe box is for your orchids.

One small boost forward and two steps back. Had I known you needed fir fines a half bag would have been on the trip too

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I don't want to give myself a reputation, but I saw that bedless room. It's beautiful. He could give suggestions, but my landlord would frown on my adding skylights into the roof. :)

It would be an interesting conversation though... My landlord might never recover from laughing after he started breathing again.

I went out this afternoon and bought perlite. And then repotted 7 plants, 6 from our adventure yesterday. I got the 2 citrus into larger pots and my space is becoming more tight in doing so. I still need to pot the orchids but they may wait to next weekend.

The cape primroses are beautiful in little colored pots now. Perfect for the office. I know that at least 4 of the fragrants, gardinias and jasmines will need to wait til after they blossom.

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so I brought the Pink Aglaonomena Valentine to work this morning, so my cat would stop visiting it (with the idea that she'll start nibbling ...)

And, now - with 2 plants in the office, I've already had two coworkers come by to ask for plant advice.

Aren't this li'l pots cute? I found them at home-depot when I was picking up the perlite. I just couldn't resist them. :)

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Is that another under watered twig in the back awaiting some bring back to life wisdom ?

This one is over watered and hasn't felt a drop of water in it's soil for three years

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Ah one of those plants you breathe on?

the plant in the back - that's a roseum hydrangea vine - I got it last september, it promptly lost all its leaves - and, I moved her a few times - and just recently she started showing growth again (south window) - but now she seems to have stopped and digressed.

I really "love" the idea of this slow growing vine - and wish that she would rejuvenate with the spring. I've not given up hope on her yet, because she has 3 very green leaves. and only a week ago, she had little green things sprouting out of 2 of those branches ... I don't know if there's an unseen infestation? ... I sprayed her with the neem mix last night and will be "sending" her positive imagery ... You breathe on your plants ... while I use the wishing method on mine. Do you have a cat that eats leaves too?

Evidently your method works ... but that plant does look sad.

Do you have a scientific formula of how much you must breathe on her, on any given day? ... and if you take a day off, what then?

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Wes, I'm posting this - because I know you'll appreciate it.

Last winter - this aloe was my pride n joy - there were 2 in this hole-less pot. And, warped shape - they both flowered for the first and only time.

This winter, this lovely aloe kicked her sister out. Yes - she squeezed her out of the pot and I finally got sad looking at the sad plant hanging on 3/4th lifeless - and pulled her out of the pot. There wasn't much even holding her in there - when I pushed my fingers into the soil - all of the roots seemed to be attached to the dominant sister.

So there you have it - 2 rootbound aloes don't like sharing pot, even with family. :)

One left - and she doesn't look to bad considering how I mistreat her.

Warped, yes. 5 years and still going strong. She's really gotten to big for me. Can you tell? :)

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Yeah I do have a fondness for the improperly grown plants I wont encourage you but do hope you keep your course no matter how wrong it realy is. I'll keep only one of the four you gave me and give it a royal growing feast outside to show you what your missing.

In brief cats are far better and very highly skilled hunters than plant companions. My opinion, plants or cats is a choice, many plants will make kitty very ill no matter how hard one tries to keep them separated.

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Wowowowo...Looks like you guys have been busy in my

First off, I love your set-up and I could actually fit a few more sweet plants there.

By the way, don't even bother to buy a Brunfelsia! One of those will over power even that room all your plants are in, trust me.

I love all the plants you got and that white primrose has such character, I love it! I wish they were fragrant or I would of bought one too.

I must say that Wes is a PRO at growing anything that I can't grow and even I learn so much from him, epsecially in the Cactus and Succulent department.

Let em growm, let em grow, let em grow!

Hey, did I look as old as you thought I was Rosey. You sure looked great for your age! Quite beautiful in fact.
By the way, keep those feet warm!


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Wes, since I donated 4 plants to you to do with what you would - and they were 2 different species - I'm wondering if it was the Euphorbia you will keep, or one of the aloe pups?

I'm just glad I gave them away so that they would be off of my window sill so that I would have a little more space to put a few of those plants I bought. :) And, you noticed - I didn't give away the parents (yet) - I' may be growing them improperly - but, I still haven't given up trying.

Mike, my dear - I didn't think you looked old! You looked tired, and sleeping all the way home was a sign that you aren't taking enough time to recover from all your jobs. I know you would have loved to have joined in on Wes's taking me under his wing with lessons of succulents and dirt chatter...

It was this discussion that got me inspired to go shopping for perlite the next day - and, I mixed my first pots - I know - I can't believe I did it, either!

I love my new slippers - I actually wore them to bed last night, until my feet warmed under the blanket and I kicked them off.

And, thanks for the compliment - it's hard to be this old, :)
wait til you get my age, sonny... ;)

Hey, have you guys ever compared the African violet dirt to the bagged stuff sold at Loggees? ... It has the same texture ... (I bought a bag of the african violet dirt on Sunday and yes, added perlite for the streptocarpus plants - but, I did compare the textures before doing it - and they felt the same... REALLY! no leg pulling, I swear.

Just wanted to share that.

Wes, My aunt lives out by you - (Northboro) - do you do outside gardening too? I think she'd get a kick out of joining our chats. (she's not into houseplants - but, you'd love her yard)

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Keepers One Aloe as I already have the same Euphoria
Ohh Rosey Rosey Rosey when AV soil feel like an uncertain to confirm farfard whats a guy to do ?

We must introduce you to::: The art of the sift young one Lesson one has already been given. For me( and others) patients is the key.

Outside gardening is a bit off topic for the formal forum types. Let her know she is more than welcome to join in.

I know nothing about roses until I grow it and there is no big secret behind the Rose of Sharon. Everything else out side just grows as it does from the buds to blossoms of a cherry tree to the fragrant summer blooming lily
Late Spring Summer Fall its all the same for them as anyone here in Sutton I guess .
Butterflies are plenty as are dragonflies, birds of prey, bird to feed.... watching the ducks and swans Lilly pads to cat'n-nines fire light flies at night. Sounds nice don't it ?

Try training the weeds .

This post was edited by mrlike2u on Mon, Mar 11, 13 at 22:01

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yes, Wes - it sounds lovely and natural. only thing that comes with fire-flies ... is mosquitoes...

Me and my sweet blood attract those on many a summer night.

We should plan a botanical garden viewing when more of the summer flowers are blooming. I'd only been there once with my aunt - and it was during the lily season. I'd love to see what it looks like in early July instead of late August. :)

I'll have to baggy up a handful of each of those soils so you can tell me yourself ... I may not be the best judge of soil - but, I do understand texture.

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Soil is what it is...... most on forums here are fans of moisture retaining mixes and up to faster free draining very porous substrates I'd be foolish if not to agree for the most part it does help Yet even the best soil ( if there is such a thing) can only do so much, If growing environments aren't closely matched some plants just wont cope with the unseen.

Example of environments and possible effects: The plant in any bank does well in a pot of sludge peat with the least amount of care. The same plant cant grow as well and maybe not grow at all in a small studio apt even if used is an ideal soil or mix.

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yes - soil is only part of any equation. The rest of it is practice, patience and user error.

I have a feeling you don't like the look of my warped aloe - is this particular breed of aloe supposed to grow crooked?

Or is it a light issue?

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soil is soil, dirt is dirt - and yet, I hang out with 2 plant guys and suddenly I begin using words like mix and medium. (that too is more a discussion of texture)

Just thought I'd share - warped plants = warped minds ...

I can't be all bad, some of those trees at Logee's seemed pretty warped too.

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Only problem with thinking is sometimes thinking is wrong

The Aloe has a natural upward growth cause it naturally rips leaves and cuts twigs as it grinds it's way though the under growth to reach for the sun in it's natural growing environment

It's a little thin and causing it to be tipsy and leggy not to bad in your cultivating hands I've seen worse looking Aloes of this type At the end of the day I don't have feelings for plants and fairly they have none for me.

My Turn ? I think you mean two guys that want you to be successful. The language may confuse you only because it's a new language to you ?

Not to go to far off the subject but maybe to relate: Silk and wool are textiles with a different texture I can tell the difference of either by feel but it doesn't mean I'll be a good clothing designer.

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Have you seen some of the fashions out there?

Wes, yes - even you could be a clothing designer. :)

Here's a question for you - so, if I put some of that iron stuff in the water bottle - can all my plants be watered with it? Or do I have to give special treatment to the orchids?

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Let me ask you..... Is this a good price point in fashion ?
Five hundred dollars for a pair of jeans that wont ride "up" on a guys hips to far and cover his lower waist with a printed logo of four letters to be seen on the once buttock area intentionally designed to be seen at back of knees... and an additional three hundred and fifty for matching boxer briefs?

Iron: Read the printed information on label for proper use

to help you answer this:
can all my plants be watered with it?

I've not used any iron on " all " my plants. Orchids being one plant type that I've had no necessary need to use iron

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Wes, that's a tough question to ask a girl! fashion? what's a good price for fashion? or what's a good price for looking good?

I never understood the fashion that puts men in big pants hanging from their knees. Does it look good? Not to me. Why do I want to know the color of their undies? I'm really not interested.

But, the price to look good - well, a person can buy a $4 moisturizer and have it take care of their skin ... or a person can buy the name brand $30, or 60, or 120... and have it do miracle work. Does it really? Are we paying for the name and the advertisement? or are there really miracles?

What is a good price for a miracle? :)

I won't pay $500 for a pair of jeans - but, I would for a piece of jewelry. I like things that sparkle...

so, it wasn't you who told me to buy the chelated iron that was in my box of goodies... ok, that must have been Mikey. ... by the end of that trip, I didn't know who was handing me what, anymore...

"get this, get that... you need this... really? ... yes, really!" ok, so now it's a half week later, and I don't know what I'm to do with this, that or the other thing... some get sprayed, some get mixed, some are supposed to water monthly, some with water at every watering... but I don't know if these are good for all plants, or only some plants - when all they say on the back of the containers the generic term "houseplant" ... are orchids and cactii to be treated as houseplants?

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the Iron is primarily for citrus I use it for mainly every waiting bigger pot premix soil that will soon be holding citrus it also helps with yellowing effects if seen on citrus foliage during growth (and some other plants ) The liquid fert foliage pro also containers iron AND yes you will need to use both FP >>>>>.or As Mike suggested now that you have a citrus you should follow up, read along join in to ask questions and gather more information in this or any other Citrus forum

This will confuse you more but

Succulent and cacti are not ALL created equal

Your new Easter cacti is an equal for the FP liquid fert you had bought. If a different fert where any more effective than FP I would be more than happy to tell you and have you pay for it too.
However your new Easter Cacti is not an equal for the bag of soil you got nor is it an equal for a common barrel cacti soil or mix. it's not an equal to a wide range of succulent plants. To mention any store bought bagged soil would only end in lost soil or lost plant.

As mentioned to you, your EC wont need a new pot for a while hopefully before then we see each other and I'd of made a big enough zip lock bag of mix for you containing the "equal to all epic jungle cacti" verbally and visually explained with the easiest growing instructions as a bonus.

Your EC is a Jungle epic cacti They are SOOOOOOOOOOO easy breezy to grow if in the right placements NO joke after the cacti explaining I think all your plants will fit into the easier to grow slot for you.

Women and properly priced shinny objects..... Are you sure ? Really ? News to me......and yes I'm looking to my right LOL

Is there a designer school in my future Thanks for the scholarship offer but No it's easier for me to keep all this soil stuff figured out I have no need for any crossing threads distraction.

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So I probably will need to see you sooner than you'd think because if the easter Cactus will require significant soil help - I can only imagine what my thanksgiving cactus's are feeling in their bagged soil blend. :)

Looking to the right? I'm suspecting that there are other folks in your household who have a similar interest in sparklies? :)

I should tell you a joke:

What do women and parrots have in common?

... we tend to come in bright colors, bright reflective surfaces hold our attention, ... and ... we seem to like repeating ourselves (at least as far as to children and men are concerned)...

Voila! Have a great day! ;)

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What they really want is to have in view is a pretty flower 365 days a year.

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Wes, now that's a heallthy ct! The leaves are lush! Not quite like my twig.
Tomorrow is orchids repot day. I gather I soak the chips before I use them?

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I've very few of them ( five is almost to many) I'm an Orchid bark user or they where already mounted... I tend to think they'd be okay if you soak the co co chips I gave and re-potted into the pots you showed
If you have orchid bark and tend to use it you would certainty need to soak 1-1/2 pot full of orchid bark for each pot you are using.

Thanks for COT peek a boo comment
Lets see if I have a pic I can leave to lure a comment from Mike, after all he does have a few more orchids than I do and I also think he would have better advice.

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Ok so how , or where do I find the ingredients to make the mix?

Go to the forest, go to the beach, climb a mountain to look for a specific rock and take chips from it... Sand, rocks and dead leaves right?

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Wes , I completely missed your last post, sorry about that! I think I was cross posting. I txted Mike earlier today because of his quiet behavior of late. I have a feeling he's working himself to exhaustion. I get the feeling he needs a vacation, badly.

You'll get a kick out of this. I texted my plant explosion photos to my best friend and she responded, "it's like a secret garden!"

Yes, I didn't intend that, but all those pots, and assorted greenery and flowers must appear that way all smooshed in front of those tiny Windows.

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LOL No No no I think your a little confused LOL cross posting is for anyone but hidden valleys full of trees and special rocks are my thing LOL

co-co cubes where in the box I gave you at the end of the trip you can certainly use them as an orchid soil My guess is, as I preference orchid bark. You could soak the coco blocks for a short time then pot the orchids in.

If you want to use orchid bark and not the co co cubes. Bark can found at a big box store soak them so they hand break easier into smaller pieces

Mike has random family days and in my book that's priority for him or anyone else. If not involved with family matters, Mike the lurker is just reading along and probably absorbing all this info so he can pot his plants too.

He knows and it's my way of saying hello to him

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Oh God, the logees email flyer came. 2 day plant sale on their overstock. 6 more plants I want. Including 2 clematis, 2 cape primrose , an adenium, and a tilisandra... No time for a logee visit... Ugh! These email ads are dangerous!

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So I repotted 3 out of my 5 orchids.

I got to say that the market bought orchids are so horribly potted - that to water them in anything except trickles causes root rot. one of the orchids was so tightly compacted into a plastic cup with moss and styrophome - that the roots were unable to breathe - the moss - once wet, was a miserable clinging thing - I ended up having to pick all the mess off othe roots - and then pull away the roots that were already beginning to rot. Thank goodness I didn't wait on these.

the second pot - was 3 quarters dry, and the mix was all moss - tightly pushed into the pot. I lucked out that at least this one was dry moss since there was no plastic cup holding all the water in - and it had dried out. The roots on this cupless one was in better shape! thank goodness.

I used the wood chips, wes - and with plenty to spare. :)

I need a warm day to bring my phal home from work - so that I can see what is hidden by that plastic pot - and do a similar clean-up.

So, in case Mike is reading this - the plastic cup idea - and full watering? ... not a great idea. Proper media and full watering! yes! definitely!

Oh - and, these 2 plants I just described - both had the advice to ice-cube water.

Why can't stores put plants together properly in pots so that they'll remain healthy? I feel so bad for these plants.

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And, I couldn't resist putting in a logees order - I can HARDLY wait to get outside and get my spring garden going. I ordered 2 clematis for the front porch stairs. a himilayan butterfly bush. at least half my rose bushes are beyond salvaging (heck, one disappeared - I think the neighbor's BF must have run it over with his snowblower.) I also ordered a hardy Jasmine for my neighbor Lynn. Because I think it'd look good to have it grow up against her fence. (Yes, it's good to have friends in the neighborhood that have said - well, if you need the space, you can use my yard... ) :D

(do I mention that I ordered 3 more indoor plants?) 2 more streptocarpus on sale, and another adenium.

Gotta love sales. So It behooves me to say that I really need spring to start (like now) - I have plants to move out of my apartment to make room for the new ones coming in...

Can't believe it's supposed to snow today. Sun still shining here - and, while cold - it just feels like spring.

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