Lehigh Valley, PA gardeners...are any out there?

barbJanuary 8, 2001

Would like to get to know some other gardeners in the area. Hopefully, there are others who are hooked on plants and gardenweb who would like to get together, discuss our gardens, and swap plants. Hope to hear from you!

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Hi Barb. I'm in Pittsburgh, is LeHigh Valley in the eastern part of PA?

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Yes, it is. I'm about 70 miles north of Philadelphia. Been having a hard time trying to find gardeners who are interested in the same things I am. The garden club in my area is into arranging flowers, not necessarily growing them. I'd just like to know some people in the area who are addicted to GW, plants/their gardens, seed saving, and herbal/plant/gardening projects and crafts. Guess I'm one of a kind! LOL

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Dear Barb,
I am located in the northeast section of Philly and I love gardening.
I live in a city row home but I rent space in a community garden. I love to collect clippings from friends and my home has been described as a jungle.
I just planted some herb seeds in my sunny window. I cook with a lot of fresh herbs so I tend to grow a lot of them.
I am very glad to find your post!
Take Care!!

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Kim Fisher

I'm about 50 miles east of Philly, in Lancaster. Keep your eye on this site. News of the 5th (I think) annual Philly Flower Show GW get-together should be coming up soon.

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Kim Fisher

Sorry. Last time I looked, we were 50 miles west of Philly (oops).

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Hi Barb,

Wow! I've been coming to the forums for over a year now, mainly the organic gardening forum, and finally stumbled into this forum. I am in the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem to be exact.

I like all kinds of gardening: perennials, annuals, herbs, veg. I am taking a bit of a break from vegetables this year. I've got a 16 month old and decided the veg. garden and myself could use a break.


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Oh....I'm sooo happy to have found another gardener here from the same area. I took my break from veggies last year, and boy, did I miss them. Previous years I'd go to picnics and bring along fresh stuff for the hosts. Felt kind of empty last year. Also, missed the yummy taste of garden tomatoes. Can't wait to get started.

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Hello fellow Pennsylvanians. I thought I was alone here. I live half way between Harrisburg and Lancaster so I guess Kim is closest to me. Let me know about any plant swaps in Central PA. Would love to participate. I do mostly shade gardening but have a couple sunny spots.

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I have a house outside of Chambersburg which my mom currently lives in. I travel "up north" quite often and mom and I would love to get together with you! It's a new house on an acre, so we're constantly swapping plants!


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Hi, I'm jumping in to say I live in the Philadelphia area. I started gardeing last year. I'm hooked! At present, I'm trying to identify some blossoming bushes in my back yard. I'm also trying my hand at propagating cuttings so that I could have something to exchange for plants. I have a container garden in the front of the house and patio border garden in the back. I'm looking for an economical way to add some colorful plants (8"- 24" tall) to my small front yard. Since my yard is small, filling it in with shrubs and large flower pots is the best I can do. Most people in the neighborood have a few shrubs and a small patch of grass in the front of the house and patios and decks in the back. I suppose I could trade labor for plants. I mean, I could drive within 45 minutes of Philadelphia and help transplant or prone in trade for some blossoming plants. Any takers?

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skooby(z5 SW PA)

Hello everyone, I am from the southwestern part of Pa (50 miles east of Pittsburgh) & I am testing the waters to find out if anyone from the PA area would like to come to a swap meet in this area next year?? If so send me an email:


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lois(PA Zone 6)

Hi, Barb,
Wow, I just found this site today. I'm about an hour south and west of you. My garden 'thing' is mostly old fashioned roses. I have about 40 of them and counting! I am also interested in drought-resistant flowering perennials for sunny areas where the hose doesn't reach!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a garden get together in winter when we are all suffering from garden withdrawal? What a blast to be able to trade potted divisions, seedlings and cuttings in the dead of winter!

Well, happy gardening to all the gardening folks in SE PA!

Lois in PA

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Hi Barb,
I'd be interested in a meeting.
I live in Altoona- halfway between Pittsburg and Harrisburg. I travel to Harrisburg quite frequently- what's another few miles!
Started my garden last year and have done a lot of trades in the last few months thru GardenWeb- it's great!
Let me know if you're planning a meeting!

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billie_ann(6b PA)

Barb, If you're looking for gardeners in your area try the cooperative extension office. They usually have classes/seminars and it's a great place to meet other gardeners.

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angel_1226(Z6b PA)

Hey Kim and Rkarper, I'm also in the Lancaster area. It's great to know that there are others in the area. Send me an e-mail and let me know where your at. Maybe we could plan a Spring Swap in this area?


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valeriepa(z5-6 NEPA)

I live in the Wilkes Barre-Scranton area. Would love to attend a plant swap. I travel to Allentown a few times a year to shop at Macy's.
I have an ever growing perennial garden and I find myself with extras every year.

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pamama(z5 PA)

I live in the Poconos. I struggle with the differences in my new zone - 5B. We moved in the fall of 2000 from zone 7B. I also struggle with the wildlife issues - deer resistance is a whole new concern!

I would love to attend a get together/swap this spring.

Happy Gardening All.

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daylillylover(6a PA)

Hello my PA neighbors!! I currently live in the Poconos & can certainly relate to Pamama with the wildlife. What a love/hate relationship!! Great to see more of us onboard here :)

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Not the Lehigh Valley but Mechanicsburg.15 minutes from Harrisburg.If ever needing another body for a plant exchange.Count me in!
My husband knew I had farm blood in me when my dad called the other day and said that HE couldn't wait to get outside and start planting.Hubbie said,"That's funny,your daughter's been saying that for 6 weeks!"

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I TOTALLY forgot,Elizabethtown has a plant exchange on the last Saturday of April and September.Email me if you'd like directions.

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Hi, I live about 45 minutes nw of Philly in Chester County. Am trying to totally redo about 4 acres of neglected land in stages. Complications are that practically none of it is full sun, all part sun, plus herd of 6 deer living in the woods and lots of squirrels. I would love to get together with other folks for some chatting.
Glad to be here!

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ddrum(Z6 PA)

Hi Barb,
I live in Bangor, just recently began gardening and would love to meet. I know that I can find a few extra's in my garden to swap with others.

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tamlamb(5b-6a NEPA)

Hello Fellow Pa neighbors. I too am in the Wilkes Barre Scranton area and would like to meet other gardeners in my area.

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Wow, this is an old discussion. But I want to chime in nonetheless, since I'm squarely in the Lehigh Valley - west of Allentown, in Upper Macungie twp. Visit my garden virtually at the link below (or send me an email to visit in person!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Rob's plants and garden

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bonsaist(Z6/ Bethlehem, Pa)

I live in Bethlehem, pa.... I love the unusual plants and trees... I've been meeting some intresting people in the area who share my intrest.

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I'm in Carlisle, but I can travel. There is a young man named Skeeter who lives in Lancaster, PA and who has been putting together a plant swap and covered dish (yes, we all get to make our favorite food & bring it along to share), for some time now, but he doesn't have his website up, so I'm not sure if he is doing it this year or not. I could hook any of you guys up with him, too. Also, the Cumberland County Extention office also has a plant swap in my hometown of Carlisle, PA on April 24 also.

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Judeth(Z8 B.C. Can)

Hello "Fellow Gardeners" in Lehigh Valley, PA from the Beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. I'm a gardener but I am also doing some "digging" of a different sort. I am "digging" for our Family Roots. Would any of you folks from the Lehigh Valley or Carlisle have any knowledge of the family of John Lahay (various spellings) and his wife Mary nee Annas aka Estnesse? Some notes I took years ago, it said to look up Carlisle, so when I was reading threw the above, I thought maybe. Good Luck in your Gardening Projects Folks. lehay@shaw.ca

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barbella(z5 PA)

Hello Barb and Pocono gardeners!
Obviously I live in the Pocono's too...the west end. I would love to swap plants and discuss gardening.
I have Hostas, many varities of moss, and vinca minor available.

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skooby(z5 SW PA)

Hello everyone!!!! I will be planning a swap this summer in late May, probably the third weekend in May on Saturday. Please email me with (swap meet in subject line)to let me know how many will be interested & we can go from there!!


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Hi everyone, I live outside of Schnecksville. Did anyone go to the plant swap at the Promenade Shops yesterday? It was a ball, I guess their first one. If anyone knows of any future swaps please let me know!!!

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