HAVE: Spring plant trade

Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)April 14, 2006

Hey all, I thought it might be a good idea to start a new post for trades, since the other one is getting kinda lengthy and I'm sure everybody's sick of scrolling down through all the posts.

Anyway, I have 2 boston ivies to trade now, and 2 eucalyptus. We're starting to change out all the plants at work now for summer ones, so I'm sure I'll have lots more in the next few weeks. Oh, and I have a couple of cannas, and some akuba (however you spell that).

am looking for a little germander, and as always am looking for lots of mazus, pachsandra, creeping fig, strawberries, neat shade plants, native azaleas, and good perennials for sun (especially that tall blue veronica). and paving stones for a path.

wenny, i'd love to trade for your japanese anemone, salvia guaranitica, and new dawn rose.

Can't wait to see everyone in two weeks!

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

hey y'all, HOPING I can make this one...

i have:

Several August Beauty gardenia, small, but solidly rooted from cuttings.

2 flowering plum, about 3 feet high, rooted from cuttings. they bloomed this year.

Rudbeckia, nuff said:)

Pink indian hawthorn seedlings, teensy.

An ice-green sedum I think is probably Pink Chablis, if not it's close.

4 kinds of canna: knee-high yellows with green leaves, 5 foot reds with purple leaves, 2 foot coral with purple leaves, and some Praetoria.

Creeping euonymus, to be dug by request.

Sweet autumn clematis, seedling volunteers and very vigorous.

Dwarf nandina, probably about quart size. 6 or 8 of them.

White flag iris to be dug by request.

2 yearling rose of sharon seedlings, teensy.

Pink oxalis, mondo, liriope, blue spiderwort can be dug by request.

I have a cherokee rose, about a year old, originally rooted from a cutting, now about 3+ feet long and starting new shoots from the base.

Pink african violet and a couple of small citrus plants (no, I have no clue which, but they make pretty houseplants:)

Also I have seeds for 4 o'clocks, zinnias, morning glory and marigold, all mixed colors and quite vigorous.

I have yet to get through all the posts to see what I want, but probably one of everything I haven't got yet:) Especially herbs and antique roses.

this sure sounds like fun if nothing else!

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Mairenn. Glad you're gonna' make it! Your list looks wonderful. I would be interested in one of the flowering plum tree seedlings and a sweet autumn clematis if they're still available. Please feel free to check my list near the top of the other swap thread. You can also check out my member page. It's fairly up-to-date.

I'll be out of town until Tuesday if anyone needs to get ahold of me. Thanks! Squirrellypete

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

hey squirlie, if I can make it you can have those. i also have the blue spiderwort if you want some of that, i have a huge clump.

there were a number of things on your list I really want, but I haven't finished sorting through the 125 previous posts to find out which ones are spoken for:) Black magic elephant ears for sure, and butterfly bush are my top two, forsythia next, and the verbenas and Mainacht salvia.

should I make a list of the things i'd be willing to do cuttings of, as well?

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

kay, want list:) i was gonna do this person by person, but that's an overwhelming list!!

lady banks white or yellow
lycoris - any
winter honeysuckle
alabama crimson honeysuckle
paul's himalayan musk
pink rain lily
hardy amaryllis
iris esp tectoria
louisiana iris and any bog-sun plants
ginger lily
spanish bluebells
climbing roses - any
dwarf purple loropetalum
ditch lilies and ditch-lily-looking day lilies - nothing frilly:)
creeping thyme
creeping phlox
vinca major
hens and chicks
blue or white hydrangea

don't want much, do i?:) and the list goes on, so if I have something you want, make an offer....I am also hunting quite an extensive list of trees and larger shrubs, especially fruit-bearers, and don't mind raising babies.


some other things i could trade:

dianthus barbatus seed - mixed
indian hawthorn seed - pink - very fertile:)
1 baby winter jasmine - special trade only:) i only have the two.
ggg, i think i have some of your mondo grass. once you get it, it will be just as much fun as the liriope:)
lychnis - rose campion - seed
huge mullein seed
mammoth sunflower seed
snapdragon seed
creeping gardenia cuttings
(2 baby empress trees)
red cannas with green leaves, shortish

and fun will be had by all!

cat rennolds

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I would be interested in your ice-green sedum or Pink Chablis sedum & the japanese mondo. I have hymenocallis, creeping thyme, tulbaghia.

I need the mondo to cover a slope in my back yard that goes from sun to shade. I want a uniform groundcover under the shrubs that are planted there. Then I don't have to use pinestraw all the time which is expensive in that area.... plus green is a nice backdrop. This stuff just looks neater than lioripe!!

Please let me know if that is a good trade for you.

EVERYONE! We need to hear feedback from each other if you want us to bring stuff to the trade! I have offered things to people, and not have not heard a yes or no from them. If I don't hear from you I assume you aren't interested and I won't be bringing it. That could be a bummer for you if you want it!!!


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mairenn(7-8 GA)


kay. The sedum I have already rooted is a small one, but I can dig or cut a bigger one. I have to move the mother plant anyway. I will bring all the mondo grass I can spare, probably not enough to cover your slope but enough to get it started.

definitely the creeping thyme, society garlic and hymenocallis. one small each would probably be a fair trade. depends on how much mondo i end digging up.


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GGG, I'll take anything you are offering! I may also have a couple items for Door prizes. I have two Turks Cap Lillies to offer plus one Passsiflora caerullea which might make good prizes.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

mairenn, the small sedum is just fine. That's no problem. It will be a nice size by fall so any size is great. I will have the items you wanted for you.

Brad, I don't have as much as I'd hoped to get ready done...there are a few special seeds that have not come up yet, and I need to plant a few others....I do have a pretty hosta for you and I will have many more special hostas in the fall. They are all slowly coming up from seed :)


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mairenn(7-8 GA)


ooops. nix on the mondo grass. i went back and looked - it's hiding in deep shade behind some shrubs - and it isn't the right kind. it's either the dwarf stuff or a weird liriope. oh well. anything else I got that you want? I can double the sedum offer....

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

if you have dwarf mondo, I will need more if you want to dig it. I have a fair size area in the "hell strip" around a storm drain, then around the fire hydrant that I can not plant flowering plants. I'd appreciate more of that.


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Well, I got back a day early so...

Mairenn --

That would be great! Blue spiderwort would be appreciated as well.

From my list, the black EEs are no longer available unfortunately. I had some extras early on but my Uncle remembered seeing them last year in my garden and would like some for his landscape so I guess family comes first. Wish he was swapping me something for them lol!

I saw your want list and I do have 'Foothill' Creeping Phlox for trade as well as a more magenta variety (don't know the name). I'd also like to add a creeping gardenia cutting to my want list from you if available.

The Butterfly Bushes, Forsythia, Verbena & Mainacht Salvia are all still available. Just LMK which varieties you want or if there's anything else you're interested in.

Thanks! Squirrellypete

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

squirrelly, one of everything, please:) I can definitely cut you some creeping gardenia, it's trying to creep on to my porch. I just have to cut it before DH can do it:) It roots in water almost immediately if not sooner, so you could probably have one potted up big enough to plant out by this fall. I will also bring the spiderwort.

definitely you can have the plum and the clematis as well. On the butterfly bush, anything except yellow and white, which I don't need. Black Knight first preference. Verbena bright magenta if you have one. I don't know the other varieties by name. I think Marcy said she had some forsythia for me, but I don't know how many of what is reasonable to ask for.

The plum is about 3 feet high, but it has no branches yet, having so recently been a branch itself. the clematis are small, but guaranteed to be big by bloom time, trust me! (its parents are swallowing a fence at the moment:)

ggg, I am currently trying to identify this not-a-real-big-ophiophogon. if it is dwarf mondo, I will bring as much as i can spare. if I can't ID it i'll bring one just so you all can tell me:)

looking forward with glee

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

you know you might be an idiot when......

so i went and picked some of the maybe-mondo from the back yard, and some definitely-monkey-grass from the front. I do appear in fact to have the mondo. the blades are about half the width and half again the length, and they are much softer and a darker green. I think what had me fooled is that it is busily putting out new growth at the moment, and all the new stuff is vertical and paler green than last year's growth.

so yes, ggg, there will be mondo grass after all. let you know as soon as I know how much, but probly quite a bit. how big is your fair-sized area?

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

farmerpickle, i reeeellly reeeelly want that paul's himalayan if you haven't promised it yet. can i interest you in some short cannas, not red? I have the clear yellow with the green leaves (name your quantity:) and then a coral/salmon pink with purple leaves. and/or a sweet autumn clematis? i'm also interested in the Alabama crimson, per my list above.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Mairenn. OK, sounds good. I'll have the following for you:

'Black Knight' BB (dark purple)
'Royal Red' BB (not actually red but magenta/purple -- go figure)
'Nanho Blue' BB (also purple but more toward the blue end of the spectrum)
'Ron Deal' Verbena (bright magenta)
'Homestead Purple' Verbena
'Taylortown Red' Verbena (bright red)
'Mainacht/May Night' Salvia
'Foothill' Creeping Phlox
Magenta Creeping Phlox
And bringing you more Forsythia is no problem at all. I have quite a few. They'll be small rooted cuttings but they are well rooted and grow like crazy for me.

The plum, clematis, spiderwort & creeping gardenia cuttings would be excellent. Thanks!


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Ok, here is my pitiful little list of what I will be bringing to the trade. Maybe I'll have more in the fall, but I'm really behind on getting my vegetable garden going this spring and have been focussed on that and on several neighborhood issues, so I haven't had time to prepare other plants.

Creeping raspberry - two pots of this.
Creeping veronica 'Georgia blue' probably 3 smallish pots of this.
Some plain old orange daylilies in a 3 gallon pot which ordinarily I would never think of bringing to a plant trade; I just rescued them from a developer but didn't want to put them in my yard; but someone has posted that they or a relative want them.
Chocolate mint - 3 pots of this.
Eucomis or pineapple lily - one or more plant, not sure how many.
A sweet autumn clematis I noticed has resprouted although I thought I had gotten it all out from where it is; I see some people want them so I will dig it up and bring it.

Prearranged trades: Kolkwitzia amabilis or Beautybush for Lindabeth.
Chocolate and pineapple mint and eucomis for Rose Bianco.

Special trade possibility if anyone is interested: I have a muscadine grape vine, the dark purple self-pollinating kind, that I purchased last summer for our community garden for $12 or $15, but then the garden manager decided we didn't have enough room for it. It needs 20 linear feet of space and a 4-foot high trellis. I later joined a second community garden and attempted to plant the muscadine there, but that didn't work out either. I know it doesn't want to live in a pot, which is where it will have to live at my house. Does anyone need or want a muscadine vine and have room for it at their house, or have a community garden that would like to have it? If so, I would be interested in either trading it for something or in donating it to another community garden. Let me know in advance, as I won't bring it April 29 unless I have a definite trade in place.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

oh, westender, I didn't even put that muscadine on my list, but it's on my garden site plan. i already even have the site for it, 100+ feet of 4 foot fence....what can I offer you?

also, vroomp, if i have anything you want, i would love to have a passiflora (again, already on site map:) and a Turk's cap.

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Mairenn,I could use the Pink Rain Lillies, Ginger Lillies and some of those Spanish Bluebells if you want the Passiflora and a Turks Cap. The Turks Caps spread slowly, but they do spread! Sorry folks No door prizes from me.

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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

Have to redo my offerings.

Bignonia Capreolata (2) about ready to bloom or it's seeds
one large creeping rosemary
star Jasmine (2) (from cuttings) or (Seeds()
Ajuga (just digging up)
Butterfly ginger (just pulling it up)
Some white with pink calla lilies (just digging up)
White Balloon flowers small from seed. (3)
Pussy willow (2) should be well rooted by then

Ok I believe that's it.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)


I'll bring the muscadine for you, then. It sounds like you've got a good home ready for it, and that's what it needs. I'd be happy to get some seeds from you in return: snapdragon, sunflower, and dianthus barbatus, maybe?

Also, in the fall I should have lady banks roses ready for trade. I have both yellow and white ones, I think the whites are the ones that are rooting now but to be honest I'm not sure. I probably should wait until next year when they bloom to make sure what I'm giving away, but if you want both, maybe you wouldn't mind? But I don't think they've got enough root on them right now to move from the large tub I've stuck them in. They'll be better off sitting there through the summer.

I'm also going to try to take cuttings from my alabama crimson honeysuckle this summer, so I might have some of those to give away in the fall as well. Or certainly by next spring.

And I've got lots of yellow louisiana iris that I wish I had time to dig up for you now. But I'll bring it next time, I promise. It's very nice, can get 5 feet tall or even more if it likes the spot and is pretty much evergreen. The flowers are spidery and very nice. They like a moist spot. Have you got one?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Marienn: I can use as much mondo as you have, either dwarf or longer leaf. I have a large slope probably 100' wide by 50' deep...at least. Dwarf mondo I still have a large area!!!

You are asking for plants of Marrien's WANT lists. Check up top for her HAVES list. I can bring you a SMALL number of Spanish Bluebells, and a small number of pink rain lilies. The bluebells, if left in a pot for a few months and let to get bound will very VERY quickly multiply. So leave 'em potted until fall and you'll get loads!!


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mairenn(7-8 GA)

ggg, you can't have all of it, my husband is planning a black meditation garden. so you can have half, because by the time he gets to it, it will have replaced itself:)

rain lilies....just even one? you can have one of my kids. the oldest one studies botany for fun (at 15) and the younger one (12) likes to dig. and dig. and water. and dig.

westender, you can have said seeds. and I definitely have a moist spot, i have a water meadow down by the creek that stays pretty much flooded for a couple of days after every rain. looking forward to the other items this fall. my oak tree needs climbing roses, and my fence needs kid-friendly climbing roses and honeysuckle:)

oh, and anybody wanting the shortish yellow cannas, holler now, because I just had to dig up a half million or so yesterday, and your holler will mean the difference between putting them in the ground someplace else or putting them in a pot until next weekend. right now they're all piled every which way with enough dirt to keep them from drying out until they get new homes. It's okay though, I don't think you can kill them. they were sneaking under the fence into my neighbor's yard, so they had to come out of there.

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Mairenn disregard my request, I already have some of those coming from others anyway. Guess I need to wear my glasses online now! Thanks for the info GGG.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Don't worry, I have a small number of the grandiflora rainlilies set aside for you.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Does anyone need snowdrops? Lecojum?
They seem to REALLY REALLY like the soil here.
I will also have a few of the yellow chinese wood poppies. These are still small and will fit in a 4" cup.


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I reeaally,reeaally would like some clematis...please let me know if you have any to spare;I am not too picky about color.

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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

GGG I would be interested in some snowdrops. :)


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mairenn(7-8 GA)

yeah snowdrops!

lindabeth, I only have the sweet autumn clematis but you can have one if you are interested. they're small white blossoms that smell like almonds and vanilla. perennial here, but the vine gets pretty big. My 2 year olds are working on 6 feet at the moment, I'm betting 15 or 20 by the end of the summer.

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I know I'm a little late, however, if anyone still has Cast Iron plants, Stella De Oro, plain old green Liriope, and anything sun tolerant..please take pity on me. I am new to gardening so i dont have much to trade. But i do have a fairly new hand saw used only once....i think its called a "bow saw" and some nursery pots...LOL ;-)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Dredawg, I can bring you two VERY FULL bags of green loriope if you really want it.

Cath, I added your name to the Snowdrops list. Marienn too.

Does anyone have any truely red, really red (not orange red, not burgundy) daylilies? I'm STILL working on my red/white/blue garden. I'd love it if the daylily was evergreen. I don't know if there is a red evergreen daylily out there? But I need some mid-season reds. Fall reds I'm good on, but mid season is a toughy!


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mairenn(7-8 GA)

g, i have a true red canna, green leaves, about 3 feet high, would that help? It's definitely midseason. not quite tomato red, no blue, no orange.

dre, i have gazillion yellow cannas. definitely sun-tolerant, and good spreaders. pretty well impossible to kill. don't worry about trade. we all have to start someplace.

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ggg, if there any snowdrops left i would love some. I would also like some of your red daylilies if there are any left. I have Japanese painted fern, limelight artemesia and not sure what else to trade!

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GGG - thanks I will take the Liriope

Maireen - thanks I will take the Yellow Cannas

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

bmmalone, I definately will have snowdrops for you. I'm out of potted red daylilies, I'll see if I have more I can divide from that clump, but possibly not right now...sorry. I should have taken them off of my trade list. I have been lazy with that lately!!


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mairenn(7-8 GA)

squirrellypete, after I nearly messed up on the mondo grass, I went back and double-checked a lot of my ID's, and I made another boo-boo. those flowering plums? aren't. Probably pear, Not Otherwise Specified. Still pretty, still prunus:) white early bloom (march 13 or so every year), nice vertical, open habit. NOT bradford. light bright green leaves, very shiny and healthy. good fall color.

however, if you don't want, please say.

sigh. oops. sorry.

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Jayman_GA(z8 GA)

I just wanted to let you all know that I won't be able to make the swap. My world has been crazy & stressed. Patsy has been pretty ill and I just put my mother into an assisted living home. As a result my garden has not been even started. All I've got out back is what came up on its own. I have cooked almost all the seedlings I started in December, the greenhouse got up to 128 degrees a couple of times. Looks like no garden this year. I hope to make the swap in the fall.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Mairenn -- no problem at all. If it's pretty I'll take it lol.

Jayman -- sorry to hear you're having a difficult time right now. Hope things get better for you and your family soon and maybe we'll see you in the fall.


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Sorry about the late post - I'm heading into finals week - ick!
Plants for trade:

Variegated wormwood (yellow and green) if you want the latin name, I can find the tag.

Christmas ferns - the native variety
Lamb's ears - unknown variety, smaller leaves
Cherokee roses - small (2/3 year) plants
Native Rudbeckia - very drought resistant
White dutch irises - unknown variety
Purple bearded iris - unknown variety
Yellow daylily - unknown variety, looks like a larger version of stella

Tons and tons of 'ditch' daylilies - these I won't bring unless someone specifically asks for them

Sorry about the lack of variety names - most of these plants came with the house.

Wanted plants:
pretty much anything that does well in the sun. No daylilies, though.

Thanks! pp

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Sorry to hear things aren't well for you and the Mrs. Jay. Hope things are better for you all by fall. Tell Patsy to get well soon.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)


like to have a fern and some daylily, yellow or just the orange. want a flowering pear? or some yellow canna lilies?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I am interested in your Christmas ferns please.
I have lots of things that do great in sun!

There's a
link below to my trade page, and I will update it as I find more things!

Here is a link that might be useful: GGG's exchange page

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sorry to hear that things are a little out of control at the moment. Hope Mrs. Jay feels better soon. look forward to seeing you in the fall

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Kathy Bochonko

Oopa I see I added my wishlist to the old thread. So I am reposting it here, followed by my "have list" Notice the first is longer than the last as usual.

If anyone has ony of these items please let me know if it is not too late to trade

Plants I am looking for:
Viburnum Blue Muffin
Japanese Anemone
Rudbeckia Maxima
Swamp Milkweed (Asclepias incarta)
Boneset (Eupatorium Perfoliatum)
Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum)
Coreopsis rosea
Agapanthus (large variety)
wild ginger
Reeves Spirea aka 'Double Bridalwreath'
Bottlebrush Buckeye
Cardinal Candy Viburnum
black Beauty Sambucus
Southern Gold Sambucus
The Swan Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea
Quick Fire Hydrangea
Snow flake Hydrangea
Annabelle Hydrangea
Viburnum Bodnantense
Pink Muhly Grass
Huechera-- Rasberry Ice, or stoplight
Brunnera 'looking glass'
lungwort (pulmonaria saccharata)
Cup plant (silphium perfoliatum)
Any no spray roses but especially--
-Carefree Sunshine
-Aviateur Bleuriot Rose
Weeping willow I will take rooted or unrooted cuttings
Hostas - sieboldi Kabitan, Slick Wille, Great Expectations.
Puschkinia libanotica
crocus tommansinianus
Glory of the snow
grape hyacinth
any spring ephemerals really
Native azaleas
Spice Bush

Have to trade
Variegated Hostas
Ajuga Burgundy glow
Ajuga Bronze Beauty (tons of this)
Ajuga Chocolate Chip
Daylily Chicago Royal
Daylily Stella d oro
Hardy Ageratum
black eyed susans
Golden Oregano
Hardy Ice Plant
Purple Butterfly Bush
Blue star creeper
Mother of Thyme
Lime Thyme
Lemon Thyme
Wooly Thyme
creeping Thyme
butterfly ginger (white)
various ground cover sedums (about 6 different kinds)
Balloon Flowers
Chocolate mint
Verbena Bonaris
Veronica Georgia Blue
Rose Campion
Homestead Verbena
creeping fig
Purple Heart
Pineapple Sage cuttings (not rooted)
red salvia seedlings
veronica (unknown upright blue spires)
columbine seedlings

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Kathy Bochonko

Vroomp I'll take either color Astilbe. What can I bring for you?


I will bring you some iris and some Chicago Royal Daylily also I can see if any of my huecheras can be divided yet, are there any you don't need/want? I would love those things you mentioned in the other thread including the weeping willow.


My neighbor just told me I can take a bunch of his mondo grass, but I ahve no idea what kind it is, definitely mondo not liriope though. Do you want some? Also the chicago Royal Daylily is pretty red, not sure if that would work for you, I can bring you one. I can also bring you one fan of Red Flag Daylily but just one is all I can spare since it is a new aquisition, I haven't even seen it bllom yet, but it is supposed to be a big one. I would love some of your wood poppies and snowdrops if there are any left.

I would LOVE the creeping rosemary if it is still available, what can I bring you?

I think if Danielle's cutting is rooted I will take that instead, thanks though.

    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 12:21PM
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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

if anyone's interested in houseplant, i have a couple of sansiveria (aka snake plant or mother in law's tongue) and an aglanema to trade.

    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 12:26PM
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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Kathy. That all sounds great. Yes, I'd love some extra heucheras too if they can be divided, the variety doesn't matter. I'm trying to spread everything out between my place, my father-in-laws and my mothers lol!

Thanks! Sincerely, Danielle

    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 1:28PM
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Kathy, I have someItea, Annabelle cuttings, snowdrops, and Japanese Anemone (Septmeber Charm). I would like red salvia seedlings, rose campion, balloon flowers, and myosotis if possible. I will have melampodium, but they aren't up yet. Maybe for the fall trade?


    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 2:54PM
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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Kathy, I would love the Mondo. I went ahead and bought some red daylilies already, so no need for them. Save your new babies for yourself!! I can bring you some of the little wood poppies. I am out of snowdrops though, sorry.


    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 4:52PM
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dianega(7 - ATL)

I'm just now able to say for sure that I can make the trade, I hope it isn't too late to set up some trades!

Have List:
Hardy Ice Plant - cuttings, just beginning to root
'Becky' Shasta Daisy - divisions
Pink creeping phlox - cuttings
'Big Blue' liriope - clumping kind, lots
'President' canna - red, tall
Purple bearded iris - tall, an orchid shade
Green hosta
'Strawberry Candy' daylily - pinkish/coral color
'Helen Von Stein' Lamb's Ear
'Alaska' Daisy
Persian coneflower - large plants (can this be divided?)
'Telestar Crimson' dianthus - red, cuttings, perennial
Oriental lily - probably Stargazer, not positive
'Bath's Pink' - cuttings
creeping sedum - yellow flowers in summer, nice trailing over walls
black pots - about a doz or more 1-gal, some bigger (3-5 gal?)

Want List:
'Wineberry Candy' Daylily
'Moonlit Mascarade' Daylily
'Pandora's Box' Daylily
'Joylene Nichole' Daylily
Phlox 'David'
'May Night' Salvia
'Stella De Oro' Daylily (need lots)
'Homestead Purple' verbena (up to a doz.)
'Taylortown Red' verbena (6 or so)
Creeping phlox - blue
Creeping Gardenia
Mystery Gardenia
'Endless Summer' hydrangea
'Indian Summer' rudbeckia - anyone winter sow these?
White candy tuft
'Black & Blue' Salvia
False blue indigo - the dark blue kind
Pineapple sage
Coral bells - purple foliage like 'Amethyst' or similar
Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'
Pineapple sage

Since I wasn't sure of coming, I didn't have a lot pre-rooted, but all of my items which are cuttings are things that will root very easily for you. I'm happy to trade for your small divisions or cuttings which will root easily. Sorry for posting so late in the trading.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Diane. Glad you can make it. I would be interested in the following plants from your list:

'Becky' Daisy
'Alaska' Daisy
Oriental Lily
Hardy Ice Plant

From my list I have available for trade:
May Night Salvia
Homestead Purple Verbena (probably can't bring a dozen but at least a few anyway)
Taylortown Red Verbena (again, maybe a couple of plants but they grow spread and can be rooted easily)
'Pandora's Box' Daylily (have one left to trade)

LMK if you're interested. Thanks!
Sincerely, Danielle

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Marcy and fellow gardners . . . I'm new to GA. Lived in IN for 40+ years. Have had a garden since I was 13. Now, no place for a garden. We moved into a house with NO FLOWERS planted in the yard. We're struggling to find suitable plants. My husband loves flowers, especially plants that flower all season. I'm wondering if you can send me directions to your Plant Swap? What time is it open? I won't have anything to swap but hope to get some ideas of what to plant and where. I'll bring a sketch or pictures of our yard. We have a "hill" behind our house that is erroding down the driveway every time it rains. We especially need help with some ground cover to keep the soil in place. Any suggestions would be great.
Hope to meet some of you on Saturday.
Thanks in advance for your advice!!

    Bookmark   April 23, 2006 at 8:43PM
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dianega(7 - ATL)

Sounds great! How much would you like of each? Since I'm looking for several of each of your other trades, I want to make sure I bring you a good trade amount! Do you have more than one May Night also? If you end up with any extra ones that you don't trade away, I'd be interested in a couple of those too. I have terraces that stretch the width of my yard & try to avoid the 'polka dot' look (you know, 1 plant each). Anyway, let me know how much of each of mine you would like for a good trade. (except the oriental lily, I think that has 3-4 young plants in the pot).

Also add to my Have List:
Black shepherd hooks (with double hooks), brand new with tags still on. Purchased from JoAnn's but never used. If someone wants to make a nice trade for 1 or more, I can bring them to the swap. I'd like something more than cuttings for these. :-)

    Bookmark   April 24, 2006 at 12:48AM
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mairenn(7-8 GA)

hey tigger,

your husband ought to love georgia, he can have flowers all year:) i can bring you a couple of gardenias, some summer annual seeds, and plenty of yellow cannas as a starter - no worries, if you've been gardening that long, it won't be very long before you're starting somebody else off!


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mairenn(7-8 GA)


how bout some creeping gardenia cuttings, one for each kind of your Dianthus cuttings? the creeping gardenia roots really easily too. and I have to prune it off the porch anyway:)


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Kathy I'll take some Creeping Fig for my wall if you have some left.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi Diane. One of each of your plants will be just fine. I checked the garden again today and I can bring you:
2 May Night Salvia
1 Taylortown Red Verbena
Several Homestead Purple Verbena
1 Pandora's Box Daylily

I'm going to the AL trade in a few weeks as well so I gotta' save some goodies for those folks too. Otherwise I could probably offer you more but that taylortown red is an excellent grower in full sun. You'll be able to propagate it before you know it and then spread it around your beds -- it roots in about a week!. If I'm able to come to the fall swap I should have more of it to bring you by then.

Thanks! Sincerely, Danielle

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dianega(7 - ATL)

Terrific! I'll bring several cuttings of each of the dianthus. BTW, will the gardenia do well in full sun or needs some shade?

Thanks so much! I don't want to be a hog... you've gotta share the wealth! If you want, I can bring you some extra ice plant cuttings & you can share some in AL too!

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garischa(7 GA)

Bmmalone -
I have some bloodroot for your limelight artemisia and/or painted fern. Please let me know...


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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

The rosemary is yours and it's very big. I would love some bluestar creeper and maybe Forsythia if it's not too much.



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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Kathy -- I'm embarrassed to say I can't find the rooted willow cutting I planted last week lol. I have to write locations down religiously but I neglected to do that one. It's lost amid the perennial bed somewhere.

If Mairenn's is still available you might want to go ahead and get that one. If I find mine by swap time I'll bring it for you anyway in case you'd like it too.

So sorry bout' that. Sincerely, Danielle

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

dianega, my gardenia is facing southwest with nearly zero shade and is attempting to take over the front yard.

kathy, you are still welcome to weeping willow. it isn't rooted, but it won't take long. let me know so I can cut it. i thought squirlie's was pussy willow anyway?

anybody else wanting anything off my Have list, top of this thread, and not already spoken for, had better holler, because I'm digging on Friday, and I'm not bringing one of everything....only, probly a million of some things:) Like August Beauty gardenia and yellow Florida canna, because those are already dug and I have no place to put them.

also if anybody has chamomile that would be great.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Mairenn, thanks for saving that for Kathy if she wants it. Mine was a weeping willow but it doesn't do her any good if I can't find it lol! Wonder how big it will have to get before I figure out where it is? I've never tried rooting weeping willow before and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they root.

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dianega(7 - ATL)

If no one speaks up for your August Beauty, I'd like to have several of those. What else would you like from my list?

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bloodroot would be wonderful! I will certainly bring you some limelight artemesia. It is growing like crazy at the moment!
See you Saturday

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It always happens, something has come up and I will not be able to make it to the trade. Sorry.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Diane -- I didn't mean to imply you were a hog lol! Far from it, we probably all know how it is trying to fill large areas and make it look more natural with multiples of the same plants instead of that patchwork quilt effect hehe. I only meant I wish I could bring you more -- if it wasn't for the other trade that wouldn't have been a problem. The Taylortown seems to be surprisingly popular with folks.

Don't feel obligated to bring extra plants. Trades don't have to be perfectly even anyway. It's just fun to share anything.

Can't wait to meet ya' and thanks for the trade.
Sincerely, Danielle

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

diane, you can have some August Beauty. Don't know my count right off the top of my head, but you can definitely have 3 or 4. They're babies, 6 inches or so, but solid rooted and already trying to bloom.

I'd love to have some of the ice plant and the creeping sedum, and maybe a lamb's ear. what is a persian coneflower? is that centaurea dealbata? (like a purple shaggy thistle-thing?) if so that would be nice too.

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Kathy Bochonko

Mairenn I'll take your cutting of the weeping willow, I have heard they root pretty easy. My sister has a huge tree she started from a cutting 20 years ago, it is enormous. Danielle, don't sweat it.

Vroomp I will bring you some creeping fig, but it will be freshly planted so it won't have much root if any.

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Kathy Bochonko

tigger2715 I saw in the "directions" thread that you live in Cumming, so do I. Email me if you want to. I have had a lot of erosion/slope issues in the 3+ years I have been here from IL we probably have a lot to talk about.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

kathyga, cool, can I have bluestar creeper? and I have some little blue-purple crocus, maybe tommies (honestly I don't remember) if you'd be willing to trade for the myosotis.

marcy, do you want some dragon wing begonia for your shade garden? i have one bit rooted already. i also have oxalis to spare, pink, and then a dark-leaf one with white blooms.

pins, i have a mum you could have some root divisions of - not hot salsa, I don't think, but peach with darker orange centers. hoping to trade it for a hydrangea and/or italian arum.

farmerpickle, if you are still out there, i have 3 different small to dwarf canna and some sweet autumn clematis. would you be willing to trade for the Paul's Himalayan? if not, maybe the grape hyacinths, lycoris, or alabama crimson?

plants4meuc, I have lunaria seed but not plants, and the ubiquitous sweet autumn clematis. love to have a pussy willow and/or butterfly ginger.

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Hi Mairenn, I emailed you didn't seem like you got it. But yes paul's Himalayan Rose and honeysuckle alabama crimson for for your canna 2 foot coral with purple leaves and Praetoria. Dose that work?

garischa 7 I got you down for your Bishop's weed. The Fiveleaf Akebia Vine Chocolate Vine didn't make it.

I have some white plastic trelis you can see it on my webshot/under member page, rose, new dawn rose. The trelis fell of from one of the tornato so I'm going to bring them.

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Hey guys! I am still hoping I'm not too late. I've been without an internet connection and was freaking out thinking I was going to have to miss this trade afterall. Please everyone forgive me for jumping in only days before the trade. Can you guys still work with me?

What I Have to Trade
purple, yellow, & mauve-pink iris
native red/yellow columbine
mountain mint
pink obedient plant
burning bush
green and gold
native ginger
hardy ageratum
native geraniums
horsetail grass
maiden grass
sea oats
red honeysuckle
tall pink garden phlox
tall white garden phlox 'David'?
grape mahonia
reseeding impatiens
red hot poker
unknown perennial sunflower
Johnny jump ups
plume poppies
blue star amsonia
blue eyed grass
a bucket of Moisture Mizer crystals
lots of 3-4" plastic pots, round & square

What I'm Looking For
Homestead Red verbena
yellow swamp hibiscus
white spiderwort, heck, blue too
red yarrow
elephant ears-any
any large leaved plants (leaves at least as big as your hand)
red lantana
winter honeysuckle
perennial herbs
red passionflower
white creeping phlox
named violets, daylilies, hostas
practically any large shrubs
plants/shrubs for heavy clay in full sun
plants/shrubs for sandy soil in part shade
plants in the white, red, and blue-to-purple spectrums

Heck, there really isn't much I wouldn't take. I'll try anything once and I'm just getting started with this plant collecting stuff. I see you guys toss these named varieties around and I'm like, "I don't know what it is yet, but I want some!"

I'll try to skim through the posts and get in touch with some of you on Tuesday. Looking forward to it!


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mairenn(7-8 GA)

fpickle, it's a go! i think that email went to my old addy before I updated.

all, my 15 year old would like to know if she sends some of her purple-leaf white oxalis, can she have some herbs? perennial would be good, she wants to do a window box. she can't come herself, she has a journalism event. she divided and repotted it herself, I'm so proud:)

heather, would you be willing to trade mahonia, amsonia, obedient plant, ginger, and/or any of your other stuff for any of the following:

Firepower nandina (still small but will get around 3 feet and like full sun - definitely in the red spectrum:) I have several.

Giant purple-leaf canna with red blossoms - heavy clay, full sun, leaves as big as your hand:)

empress tree - either a huge tree with purple flowers, OR you can cut it back every year to make a shrub of your desired height, with leaves as big as your head. which prevents it from seeding, if you are worried about invasive tendencies.

yellow Florida canna - full sun, spreads quickly, about 3 feet high with bright green leaves, will handle any soil you got:)

blue spiderwort..

it's almost saturday, it's almost saturday....(doing happy dance:)

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garischa(7 GA)

Heather - I would love some of your native red/yellow columbine and maybe also partridgeberry. Please look over my list of haves (in the earlier thread). I think from your wanted list, I only have hostas. I can email you a list/photos of the hostas.

Uli (garischa)

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

After our plant trade on Saturday I'm planning to keep driving east to Crawford Georgia to the ninth annual Old Timey Seed Swap at Agrarian Connections Farm. I also plan to make a pit stop in Winterville, Georgia at Thyme after Thyme (it's on the way). The seed swap starts at 3 pm and goes until 8 pm and includes a potluck and BBQ (donations needed for the BBQ)as well as music, storytelling, log cabin raising, dancing, and other activities. I've never been to it before but I'm very interested in learning more about the Southern Seed Legacy and meeting some of the people involved in collecting heirloom farm plants and seeds. If anyone would like to ride with me, I'll have room in my car for 1 to 3 people, depending on how many plants y' all force me to take from the Gardenweb plant trade. My plan right now is to take very few. We'd be getting back to Decatur/Atlanta late, maybe not until 11:00. But I think it will be fun, so if anyone else is interested in just making a day of it, let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Timey Seed Swap

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Mairenn - I'll bring a fern and daylilies - do you still have any sweet autumn clematis?

GGG - How many ferns would you like? I would love to trade for just about anything on your list - any of the sedums, or the salvia (is there any left?)

hdmchandler - would you like to trade for the sea oats? I have Christmas ferns, daylilies, and I could part with an elephant ear.
If anyone has rosemary, I would love to trade.

And...can someone send me directions? I posted on the directions post, but I haven't gotten a response - maybe my email is putting stuff in spam.


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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

It's a trade.


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dianega(7 - ATL)

I'd be interested in your white phlox if it's mildew resistant... that's why I'm looking for David. No time for spraying with a baby & toddler. Do you have more than one? Also, I'm interested in 4 or 5 impatiens if you have that many. Do you like anything on my list?

Yes, it's centaurea dealbata. I was out looking at it & it's an awfully big clump, so I'll take a division from it if that's ok. And I'll bring some ice plant, sedum & lamb's ear.

BTW, I think the sedum is the same as what I saw at Home Depot yesterday. I didn't have a pencil to write down the name, but it was something unusual like Katschmican... or something like that. Any sedum lovers know which one? Else, I'll bring a pencil on my next HD outing.

Vroomp, did you still have any Black & Blue? I drowned mine last year... but I have a drier spot to try.

Lindagail, did you still have Endless Summer or False Blue Indigo (if it's the dark blue)?

Did anyone winter sow herbs? I forgot to start mine & would love any teeny sprouts you can spare.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

dianega, the division will be fine.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Patience Plus:
I can bring you 4 4" cups of sedum and some blue salvia (I'm not sure which I will have for you: either black and blue or the species, guarantica).... I'm not sure how large your ferns are. Please bring what you deem appropriate for trade. I'm happy with one, or more if you have it. Thank-you!!

EVERYONE: since I am running around Sat. AM before the plant trade (I may not be there until 11:30, sorry in advance for that!!), I need to know all trades to give by Thursday PM since I need to finish all potting up and organizing my boxes to go out on Friday.



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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Heather, besides what we talked about trading, I can have for you an Elephant ear (they are behind, but should come...)
and I would like a native columbine please.


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Hello all and thanks for working me in so last minute.

I have sent email to the following folks since jumping back in. Some went directly to you and others went through the GardenWeb form thingie...it's the latter I especially want to make sure have gone through.

Squirrellypete, GGG, marcy72, garisha, Kathy_z7, mairenn, dianega, and patienceplus.

Also, in case I forgot to mention, all my stuff for trade is currently in the ground. I usually dig the day before the trade and put the plants directly in those plastic Wal Mart type bags for transporting. Hope that is ok with everyone.

See you all soon.


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Dianega, no one else has asked for the Salvia so you may have it.

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Would anyone like any pond plants. I have

Palm plants
Water Hycents

I am bringing

Swamp dasies
Varigated hostas
Turks cap lilies
Bee balm
White phlox
Mock orange
Chocolate mint
Cranesbill geranium
Hardy begonia
Evening primrose
- and a few others -

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dianega(7 - ATL)

I didn't see your email, can you post your request here? Maybe my email filter blocked it.

If anyone else sent me an email & hasn't heard from me, better post it here because I've responded to all that I've gotten so far.

Thanks! Can I interest you in anything from my list?

    Bookmark   April 26, 2006 at 2:15PM
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Is anyone bringing rasberry plants, fig, elderberry, catnip or fennel?

    Bookmark   April 26, 2006 at 3:00PM
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Whoopie, could I get a turk's cap lily and a mock orange?



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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

lessee if i can catch up, now :)

patience, i would be interested in lamb's ear, and irises;

diane, i would be interested in any of the following: strawberry candy daylily, iris, bath's pink dianthus. i have some candytuft you can have, but i'm not sure what else i have that you're looking for;

heather, did you get my email? also, i'm drooling over pink iris, native geraniums, any and all phlox, and blue star amsonia, off your list :) i have some shrubs, i think- nandina for sure, if you're interested in that, and some rosemary?

whoopie, i'd love some turk's cap lilies, hostas if they're not the super-common kind, campanula, bee balm, spiderwort, phlox, cranesbill genaium, and/or any pond plants that would live in shade. (i don't want much, do i?) i can give you a few baby raspberry plants; anything else i have that interests you?

and then, i also have to trade away: several rosemaries that need a bit of tlc; 2 matching palms, maybe 3 feet tall; a few of The Fairy rose; 2 boston ivies; and if there was a very very good trade to be had, a large camellia bush, potted, in maybe a 7- or 10-gallon container, with bright pink flowers in the spring.

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marcy72 - will bring lamb's ears - did you want both the bearded purple and the white dutch iris?

hdmchandler - didn't get an email - could you post here? I think my email is kicking things to spam.

GGG - sounds great - the ferns are pretty well established clumps - my mom's house is being sold, and the new owners are going to tear them out.

whoopie - I would love a turk's cap if you have any left.

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whoopie, if there are any left i wouldlove some Swamp dasies
Varigated hostas
Turks cap lilies
Chocolate mint

not sure what you would like, I have artemesia, nastursm, yellow iris, and some ferns. let me know

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

whoopie, I have elder, american kind. I can bring at least a couple, so let me know how many you need. I'd love to have mock orange if you have one left, bee balm, primrose or turk's cap.

bmmalone, i could use some artemisia (gray not green:), do I have anything you want?

Still seeking perennial herbs, for me AND my daughter:)marcy, maybe we could substitute a few of those rosemaries for a mahonia or two.

ggg, let me know if you want that winter jasmine (nudiflorum) or not.

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garischa(7 GA)

Farmerpickle -
what can I bring you in exchange for the bishop's weed? I don't think I have anything on your wanted list, except I could bring you cuttings of a variegated hydrangea. They won't be rooted, but I could cut them right before the trade on Saturday and bring them.
Please let me know.
Uli (garischa)

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All those I'm trading with, your plants will be in boxes with your names on them. Anything I get in trade from you, please ask Marcy where to put it! Hopefully all together in one spot- I know it get busy and crazy!! I will pick up your trades next week sometime.

I'm also bringing for free trade about 15 potted-up Wood Poppies and a box full of loose Creeping Jenny, with some plastic bags- just take what you want- even sprigs w/o roots will grow. Only get 1-2" high and bright yellow in sun.

Have fun- I'll miss ya'll!


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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

mairenn, I have some Oregano I can pot up for you and your daughter.


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dianega(7 - ATL)

I looked up your trade list & am interested in: heliotrope, lemon thyme, petunias (in that order). Want to throw in some of those along with the candy tuft? I can bring the items you requested.

Whoopie, I'm interested in cranesbill geranium & white phlox (is it creeping or tall?). Do you see anything on my list that you'd like?

Heather, I still haven't received an email from you. If you still want to trade, better post it here as I will be digging tomorrow.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

kay, here goes, just to make sure I haven't missed anything, this is what i am bringing.

If you aren't on here, and you should be, or I left something off or got it wrong, tag quick! I am digging tomorrow. everything not otherwise specified is rooted.

marcy: sweet autumn clematis, citrus, dragon wing begonia, oxalis, spiderwort, and morning glory seeds, plus cumin if you want it.

squirrellypete: sweet autumn clematis, flowering pear, and spiderwort, and creeping gardenia cutting.

ggg: mondo grass, sedum, and jasminum nudiflorum.

westender: snapdragon, dianthus and sunflower seed.

dianega: 3-4 August Beauties and some creeping gardenia cutting.

tigger: yellow cannas, August Beauty, sun annual seeds.

kathyga: weeping willow cutting.

pins: peach garden mum.

patienceplus: sweet autumn clematis.

farmerpickle: Pretoria and dwarf canna, purple with salmon bloom

plants4: lunaria seed and sweet autumn clematis

heather: spiderwort, big purple canna, empress tree, yellow canna, creeping gardenia cutting.

whoopie: elderberry.

special trade for anyone offering perennial herbs: Teenager-grown white oxalis. (come on guys, donate to the cause, let's raise another gardener:)

for general trade (if I get them dug AND what my neighbor doesn't snag on the way to the car:) :

rudbeckia, probly Goldsturm.
pink indian hawthorn
spare flowering pear
nandina Firepower
empress tree
Cherokee rose
pink oxalis
MORE yellow cannas (there will always be more yellow cannas....sigh)
more creeping gardenia cutting

Houston, do we have lift-off?:)

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

patience: yes, both would be wonderful... i have a rosemary if you like- you were looking for those, yes?

dianega: i didn't realize my trade list was so outdated- unfortunately i no longer have any of those :( what i have left is: fan palms (2), rosemary, eucalyptus, decorative grass (unknown type, very short and sort of sandy-colored), boston ivy, The Fairy rose, one well-rooted red hybrid tea rose (still working on an ID, but i have several examples of the grown-up plant blooming right now), decorative ivy, possibly some ferns. does any of that interest you at all?

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Kathy Bochonko

Carmen, I would love the Itea cuttings, Annabelle cuttings, snowdrops and Japanese Anemone and I'll bring you the red salvia (but I found the tag it is actually "purple knockout" but the foliage is rather burgandy tinged, rose campion, balloon flowers and some myosotis)

Glynis I will bring you the mondo if I can get ahold of my neighbor tomorrow to let me did it up.

Marien I will bring you bluestar creeper and some myosotis and would love the blue-purple crocus.

Also I posted some of these requests on the old thread after this one had started and never heard replies on some so I am reposting it here--

I am also looking for limelight Hydrangea and a Penny Mac. If so email me and I will see what I may have from your "wishlist" A lot of what I have is stuff I can steal a little of if requested, but I probably won't dig up for the genral trade. I am really unorganized this year so I still don't have much of a list put together, I won't be bringing a whole lot, but that is my focus for this week, getting things potted up to trade. I have my trades on "my page." Here are the things I would like that you all have offerred let me know what you would like in return if you have any of this left.

Pins do you still have any of the variuos rooted hydrangea cuttings? I would love a Penny Mac as I mentioned as well as an Annabelle Beautyberry would also be wonderful.

Glynis do you still have any of the wierd Euphorbia you mentioned? Also interested in some of the Van Sion Daffs and Santa Barbara Daisy, I can bring you some various camelia cuttings and Becky shasta daisy as well as a baby red tinged hens and chicks.

Linda Gail I have some lemon verbena if you still need it and I think you mentioned hostas, I have some unnamed varigated ones. I would love any of the following that you still have available Spanish bluebells, minature iris, Strawberry Shamrock, Ninebark, Jasmine "winter Beauty"

Barb still have extra Mazus? I would love what you can spare.

RDhanson-- If they are still available I am interested in magnolia saplings and oakleaf Hydrangea cuttings (any really but specifically Pee Wee)

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Kathy Bochonko

Almost forgot I have some orange trumpet vine seedlings and some kind of cool succulent that is not hardy and I have no idea what it is called. Marcy gave it to me at the fall trade and I have many babies to offer. Marcy do you know what it is called (they were in 2 1 gallon pots)

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

ack! Westender, I can't find my sunflower seeds. found every other seed i've ever saved, so I can only think....well, I do have a teenage boy in the house.

no, that can't be it, because then I would have found the empty bag crumpled in the corner on the floor:) so who knows.

i could double the dianthus...or?

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Marcy72 - both colors coming right up - the rosemary would be appreciated very much. If it's okay, the iris will be bare root, in a bag - that way they won't rot.

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dianega(7 - ATL)

Marcy72, do you have several of the candytuft for trade? BTW, I just read that there are both annual & perennial candytuft...which one is this? And maybe a small rosemary? Thanks!

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

westender, found 'em after all. they were hiding in a pile for dried arrangements:)

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Diane, from your list I'd like the 'Big Blue' liriope, as much as you can spare. Just want to verify that this is the one that gets BIGGER than plain ole' liriope, right? The red dianthus would be nice also if still available.

I have you down for 'David' phlox and some impatiens.

Hope you get this in time!


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Diane, I just rooted a couple of 'Purity' perennial Candytuft. It's supposed to be evergreen or semi-evergreen. Cuttings are only a couple of inches long but have nice roots. I can bring you one if you'd like.


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I have Monkshood if you want some. I haven't dug it out of the ground yet but I can dig out a hunk today and bring it if you still want it. I'd accept a passionflower in exchange. I'll email you directly in case you don't look back before the swap.

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dianega(7 - ATL)

Danielle, I'd love some rooted candytuft! Thanks!

Heather, I don't know what size "plain ol' liriope" is... but you can google Big Blue & see if that's the size you want. Let me know soon... I'll check back before digging.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Kathy, I no longer need the becky daisies, but yes for everything else. I have everything you wanted plus I think you asked for another one or two items...anyway, it's all boxed up for you!


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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Sorry, Diane,
Endless Summer and baptisia are gone. The baptisia was a medium blue. These winter sow wonderfully. I will save seeds this year and have plenty at the fall trade.
Linda Gail

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Wildflower and Snoogie, bad news. The Dutchman's Pipe Vine seeds I had saved do not seem to be viable. I had thought the pods were a bit small when the first frost hit them but I left them a little longer to see if they would develope further. All the seeds I have started have failed to sprout and the remaining seeds grew some kind of fungus or mold. I will try my hand at cuttings this year to see if I can propagate them.

GottaHosta, my Spider Lillies have yet to show their faces. Amaryllis are mixed with them and they have come up only in the past week or so and I have the uncanny ability to shear bulbs in half when digging them up unless I know right where they are. I will happily dig you a couple when they show themselves. I travel all around Metro Atlanta in my work so I can deliver to a wide range of areas. See me at the trade.

For everyone else I have your trades ready to go...........

I think!

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dianega(7 - ATL)

Vroomp, I didn't hear back if you wanted something from my list...? Anything?

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Kathy Bochonko

Okay so let me know if I have forgot your trade please

I have--
Marcy Ajuga, Lorapetulum (big one), Chocolate mint, Golden oregano, veronica

Heather- Chicago Royal daylily, myosotis

GGG- Mondo grass, Red hens & chicks baby

VRoomp- Creeping fig

Danielle- Burg bearded iris, Chicago Royal Daylily, Huecheras

Carmen- Purple knockout sage, Rose campion, Balloon flowers, Myosotis

Brenda- Columbine, Hyacinth bean

Marien- Bluestar creeper, Myosotis

Cath- Bluestar Creeper, Forsythia

Linda Gail- Lemon Verbena, Hostas

Let me know if it was you or if I have forgotten anything else.

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Does the plant swap start at 11:30 tommorrow? I'm leaving class at 10:45 and might be bit late. Wenny

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

Hey all, I now have two small palms to trade, and two lavendars. Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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Nuts, I don't think I will be able to make it tomorrow. I will figure out another way to get the plants to the people who asked for specific things. So sorry.

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

also, diane, i only have the one candytuft, but i've got it and a rosemary set aside for you.

getting excited- two people have dropped their trades off already :)

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Diane, yes to the Big Blue.

Snoogie, I would take a Monkshood if you're going to drop stuff off anyway. Otherwise do not sweat it. I have a source I can take cuttings from.

And Kathy, I did locate some of the stuff I had previously said was unavailable. Lucky you.

And Marcy, I will bring the stuff I was supposed to take pics off and you can take it or nix it on the spot. I have no problem paying it forward.

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Marcy - I would love a lavender - would you like a fern?

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