Calathea: a fragrant houseplant for low light

musaboru(Inland Calif.)March 31, 2012

I would like to thank Daxin for mentioning this plant in an old post on fragrant houseplants. I went out and bought this plant back in late January with no idea on how long I will have to wait for it to bloom. Well, I was pleasantly surprised today to see this one flower. And judging by the number of sheaths there, it may produce at least 2 dozen more flowers like this in the upcoming weeks.

As for the scent, it reminds me very much of 'Singapore' plumeria with that light citrus/lemony fragrance. Again, it's not very strong, but very pleasant.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Very nice!

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

How do you grow this plant musaboru? Does it receive any direct sunlight?

A house plant that I'd like to recommend is the common Corn Plant (Dracaena). It has a very impressive scent when it blooms. Super fragrant; smells like greentea+jasmine :o)

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

I grow this with no direct sunlight at all in my bedroom (the only window is north-facing). And it's too far away from any artificial lighting to receive any benefit from that. Just keep it well watered on the moist side, but not soggy. If allowed to dry completely some of the leaves may start to turn brown. I water it like once or twice a week dependingly. It's pretty easy to care for; not much fuss.

I've been wanting to get a corn plant as well, but they're
just too gigantic for my room hehe.

I figure the species I have is C. concinna, but Daxin mentions it wasn't concinna he got but a similar-looking species, so perhaps that might be more fragrant than C. concinna.

The bad thing is the flowers only last a day. Good thing is they bloom in sucession. After this one died, 3 more flowers popped out of the bracts and I can see more coming.

Stoke's Tropicals sells a variety of Calathea with pink bracts held up high that is noted to be fragrant. The flowers are actually white though.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Thanks musaboru! I will keep an eye out for the Calathea. I've got plenty of spots near my south facing windows that don't get direct sunlight. Yay..!

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