Logee's trip this Saturday! All welcome to join

meyermike_1micha(5)March 4, 2013

Please, if anyone wants to go to Logee's together and have a fun time, please let me know....

So far we have Rosey and Wes. You are all welcome for a ride along or a greet and meet.

I know it's sudden, but it will be this Saturday unless Rosey and Wes want a different Saturday.


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Sudden? Goodness gracious! We've been talking Logees since December.

Gotta say it - anyone going with us - if there's competition over those orange easter cactus - One of em' is mine! :)

But let's get more coming! Any other MA? Connecticuters out there with a plant fetish? :)

Let's go shopping!

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I send an email to Mike asking him to forward to you. I'll be using the better on gas economy vehicle fits three comfortably but with X amount of plants on return trip might have limits.'

Not to put yah on the spot but wrong again Rosey I'm also caffeine free.

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I guess this means I should check my email??? :)

I'm also Caffeine free - but, I sure do love my decaf. :)

As for plant shopping limitations - this might be a good thing. at this point in the game - I'd like to say that I'm limiting myself to 3 plants. (wonder if this is possible...)

But that darn Mike keeps posting interesting photos of cool and fragrant plants I may be looking for at Logees ... shame on him...

Mike, what do you think - should we attempt the Wes eco-efficient car? or yours? .... Im not offering mine because I have a failing muffler that needs time in the shop and it'd be exhausting talking over it.

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Yes I totally agree lets avoid the exhausting chat over a muffler.. Mine fits four adults with ease and trunk space. Was thinking plants could ride in the rear passenger area. I'm not the fastest driver on the road but I've no problem driving even while I toss your thesaurus out the window on the ride.

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Oh, Wes, don't be worrying about fast - we'll be driving through the middle of no-where - I'm sure that if you drive slow enough we can look out the windows at all the un-seen before things like trees... rocks.... indians ... deer ...

We may even come across a Grizzly. Amazing the things you see when you leave the city. :)

Thesauras? who needs that? If it ain't in my head - Im not inclined to use it. I don't carry a dictionary on me, either. But that's what cell phones are for. There's an app for everything. Jee... wonder if I'll have signal that far in the boonies.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

22 hours and 58 minutes for me. Im good for about 16 hours per day driving. So Ill leave sometime thursday and see you all there.

i wonder if the boss would let me off work this short of notice.


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Oh Goodness! Oh MY! I just went through the logee online catalog - and, my idea of 3 plants - well, I'm going to have to be so careful or Wes won't let me back in the car... He'd probably take the plants with him, and tell me to take da' bus.

I thought 3 - and, I chose 13 options that I wanted to look more closely at, on Saturday.

Mike Smith - I think we could definitely define that "A ROADTRIP!" :) You're most welcome to join us, but it seems like a bit of a trek to get here. Make sure you gas up, and bring a map. :)

I have until Saturday to ween down my choices a bit.

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Yep you will see a few modestly sized 30-40 foot high rocks, keep your semi precious stone and gem mining tools at home, it's only glacial granite tailing.

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Is that the way to Logee's? So we can't go by car? We have to get out, and climb through some steep granite crack and then what? ...

Is that the mail man? :) If we pay for shipping - how many plants can he carry at a time?

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LOL no this one is on a reserve, but it is thought to be the original man cave exit door during the late part of an ice

In a way we do drive though wider forms of them drilled then blown by dynamite to fit the highway.

If you really wanna see some exposed granite what you'll want to do is plan a two-three even four day Wht Mtn National Park and Kangamangous highway trip in N.H for the world famed and perhaps worlds best fall colors you will ever see.

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I was only teasing you, Wes. I'm a huge fan of rock formations too. :) And they're everywhere.

I used to ask the parents, on road trips, to pull over so I could look at the rocks. - They didn't often oblige that request.

but, your photo could have been a perfect explanation to the shipping/handling costs being prohibitive to ordering large quantities of plants at one time.

Only a few days from Saturday - I wonder if Mike's started driving yet. :)

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the logee's email flier came today - I printed coupons for us. Of couse, the flier makes me consider more plants I hadn't been considering.

Spring must really be here - because there's some fruit trees and vines that look mighty appealing.

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And you have not seen everything yet!

I can't wait for you to walk through Rosey. Just don't forget to bring your hunting knife, your compas, and hiking boots...hahahha
You'll feel like you are walking in a tropical rain forest.lol

No, I have not started driving yet since I will need my comrads to help me carry all of my plants to the car.

Now, we can leave Saturday from my home at about 9:30 a.m which would put us at Wes's area at about 10:00 a.m.. It's about a 1/2 hour drive there or longer if Wes should drive, lol, and we will be early birds there snatching up all the good plants before the other scavangers show up.

I wish many more of our friends could come with us. We could make a party of it. Oh well, maybe next time, right Robert, Mike, Fineus, Olympia, Toni, Butterfly, Rhizo, Kemistry, Laura, Jodik, Josh and our many other friends?

Coupons? Oh goodie!!! I have never used one there before.

Lol. that is why I pay such a huge price on shipping these days. No wonder.lol


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Just testing my GW photo posting skills If you can see the variegated leaves and one spray of fragrant hoya flowers it's not sold at Logees..... If you cant see them then I messed up

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Well, as the token girl in our l'il group, surely I'll be the one getting helped carrying my heavy plants around this "suddenly" very safari sounding conditions. After all - I'm so delicate ... such a fragile creature - us girl types. :D

So, I'm getting the impression that I shouldn't be excited about spring, and breaking out my flouncy spring dresses and heels ... what do I have in my wardrobe that's tropical safari wear? - No machete (sorry) - that's a tool - and us girl types shouldn't own them. :) - Jeans (yes) - and hiking boots (yes) ... Jeez Mike, you got me thinking my wardrobe choices already, for our adventure.

shame I can't wear a happy (colorful) skirt -n- heels.

Welcome to middle of No-where Connecticut, where (evidently) - all women are tom-boys and expected to do gargantuan tasks like carry stuff. ;)

LOL. 2 days away. - Won't this be fun! :)

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Woman asking men about clothing ?
Yes Rosey dress comfortably it's a jeans and sneakers type of place
We here in the rocky river parts of this state don't worry to much about proper dress. Be you wearing shorts and hard torn shirt they will still let you spend your money.

If not comfortably then what ever makes you feel good, aim for a look that could turn a young mans head. Although when it's about buying stuff you might save some cash if not wearing a red carpet look to impress the paparazzi.

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darn - I can't break out my glitter, then?

a look that would turn a young man's head? I don't think I'd want to turn young men's heads - I'm of an age that it's old mens' heads that would be more appropriate to turn. Not that I'm looking for attention... but if it swung me a bargain or two.... I guess there are benefits to a flash of cleavage. ... hmmm... I guess I'll have to rethink what I'm wearing.

:) Seriously, though - if I can be serious ... despite my ever-growing list of plants - I'm going to attempt to stick to top 3 plants. (which I won't know until I see them up close together.) And if I can't afford 3 plants without flirtatious bargaining - I shouldn't be going shopping.

That being said, both you and Mike may be in different territory - since your shopping lists may be much more significant than mine. You may be required to trade in your first born for this adventure of ours. Mike may have to donate a kidney or a limb, for his... Since he's probably the most addicted of the three of us.

I wonder how long his list is... :)

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Not lon..My list is not that long...

The only plants I will be getting are the ones on your list...That is if I get my hands on the best ones first!!haha

So, You can meet me either at my house or right off the highway in the Target parking lot. What ever is eaiser for you:-)

I will see if I can dig out a clay container or two for you too:-0)

Well, I was going to give Wes one of my Orchids, that is until the Orchid called me back and told me the one I have was a mistake on their behalf and that they would take it back and send me two in placement for that one since I paid a hefty price for it.
They do have variegated ones but the ones I want have a fragrance!

Any how, Wes if you see this, I did not have a moment to hit up a store for Dry Stall and I will make it up to you!

We are going to have a ball!

By the way..Wes.....Wes..Wes...That is a beautiful Hoya!
Does it really smell giood?
I am still on the prowl for Lacanosa>>


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Mike: Much happier that things worked out for the better for your variegated Orchid I would easily consider shopping with a company with the plant return favoring of two for one error
Smell of the Hoya ... to describe hmmmmm Suttle soft and sweet not as crisp as your other posted white cross breed but it wont be a disappointment for you or your sneeze tolerant fans either.

WOOOOOOOH WOW OHH WOW YOU Prowling ????? STILL ???? C'mon really !!!! Are you trying to tell me someone ran out of these ?
Rosey: The owner hasa nice wife already and some grandchildren The unrelated young female that will cash you out is old enough to be your daughter and is also in kahoots with a bearded dude from the cave.

If you happen to encounter MS Meany.

................ Well you'll know lol

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

Wes... i thought that pic was of Mike learning how to get in the stores early? Looks like he has the ways of "Block Busters.." LOL.. I'm sure you all will have a wonderful time on your trip!!

Rosey.. Being the "lady" in the group will be the best part. That way Mike will have to hold the door for you so YOU will be in the store first!! LMAO!!!

I also love the rocks and always loved looking at the formations when we would travel to MA as kids.. My dad would never stop either, so i stop at all places that make me and my kids happy!!!

Great pic Wes!!! Oh.. I have a pic that i thought was funny and it was of two stores side by side. I don't think i can post on the forums, but it reminded me of the thread you had posted... to funny!!! ( it might make the forum police mad at me..)

Mike Smith... pick me up on your way .. I bet we would all have a ball!

Hi MIke!!! Thinking of you and had to laugh thinking of you squeezing your way through those rocks to get the "early bird specials.." I would do the same.. LOL!!!

I would have to "sharpen" the nails and make them all pretty tho if i had to scale that beast!! LOLOL...

YOU GUYS and GALS Have a wonderful time!

Stay warm,


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Funny thing is I got so darn use to seeing your nails first and knew who it was, but today.
OMG it's so good to hear from you Laura would love for you to be there too but understands. Just left a little bonsai inspiration for you in containers ( truthfully it's not little) but inspiring.
We'll have fun is a promise if not Mike pays for it all
Happy Growing

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People are never "Mean" to me...so I may never know.

:) Wes, it must be your shopping skills need more practice.

there has to be a reason why a sales person would be mean... you like to move plants around and make a mess, huh?

I looked at the map on the logee's site and saw the youtube videoand some of the mass of plants ... the owner reminds me of Mike Rowe (don't know why though) ... :)

Wes, the only reason you'd have a bad time at this point would be on my account, since you already know Mike... but surely that doesn't make sense.

I've got a sense of humor - it's somewhat caustic when I like folks .. Yes, my humor is acidic - good for gardenias - yes? :)

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What the HECK is up with this storm! and why's it affecting me???? Surely storms this late in the year should only be a 495 belt topic.

I was not enthused to see the mess outside that'd built up overnight. No plowing yet? and everyone is expecting this is to melt over the weekend - so it's just snow everywhere.

When it's supposed to end, and will it melt by tomorrow?

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Some guy wet to worms way for a nice ( funny) person and spent less than 50 dollars and had fun doing it. Take my word for it Ms Meany would of just given any of us the evil stiff standing stare while pretending they didn't hear anything at all.

Snow: hmmmmmm I've done the math and read all the maps. According to the global warming factor and then adding the variable wind speed over the next few hours to the divided sun rise into the time of sun set = The snow should be 25 % melted by days end on Sat.
Math can be checked and confirmed if all variables are also the opposite as stated forward, When this math was re worked backwards results where as follow.
If you don't like the weather in New England hang around it awhile it'll change.

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Wes, I don't know ... you either aren't giving her a chance - or she's just playing hard to get. :D

Sometimes people act tough when they like you. Don't you remember that from grade school, high school, college ... yes, she must really like you. :) She's been fantasizing about you since your last visit, and just can't wait til you return.

You want to do her good, tomorrow, ... be flirtatious. She'll love ya for it. ;) ... I don't know what you should flash her - if you were female - it's easy to show interest cause it all starts at the chest... you want attention - show a little. But for men - I don't know if it'd be legal for you to 'show' anything. ;)

But, yeah - she "so" has to like you.

Work with that, and you might bring us home some real bargains.

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Mike, shovel out your street and I'll find you. :)

The main roads need to be clean or I'm not driving, though. I guess if worse comes to worse, if it looks really nasty still by morning - I could take the train - but that will limit me on my shopping ...

If the main roads aren't clean - should I ask if you guys are free for a Sunday raincheck?

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Mike - I have 2 lists - each one of them has 10 or so plants... but I'm only buying 3. So, are you buying from my "LISTS"? ... or are you buying what I'm buying? :D

Of course, I say that, and I already know I want to get 2 indirect light plants for the office (and am thinking at least one should be a primrose). ... and I really liked the look of the geraniums... hard decision which one to choose there...

And then there's the choices between the kumkuat varieties, dwarf lime tree, and sweet olive ...

and ... I can't forget the French lavender plants...

so yeah - how can I only choose 3? Especially since none of the aforementioned are on the sales flier. which means I have to pick something from that too...

yes - sounds like I'm going to keep you both busy with analyzing my options. Shame I don't have more window space, better lighting... I hope I am sane by the end of this. If a bout of insanity strikes - I'll buy them all, and we'll have to hold plants in laps/around feet/ and goodness knows how else, in order to drive back with them.

But - only 3! How the heck am I going to do it?

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Hey Mike

I do have a favor to ask of you while you are there, or for that matter anyone else here who visits them.

I have been eyeballing a few of their Brugmansia. Can you find out what size the plants are when the ship them. Their prices seems reasonable but not if they are little 2" sticks.


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yeah, the snow has stopped, and it looks like it's starting to melt (or maybe it's just that they clean up so much better in Kendall square than anywhere else) - thank goodness it's over!

Mike S - is there a specific hybrid Brug you want us to look at? If it's really pretty, do you want us to take a picture and make you see what you're missing? :)

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Mike S:
About two years ago Logees completed a small warehouse sized change. It's normally closed to public, this newer building is where plants become propagated I think they also ship directly from the new house. For size to size comparison what we see in the main house might not be exactly the same size as the one they ship to you.
As well shipping cost can be higher for bigger sized pots holding bigger sized starter plants.
Unable to see inside the new house by missing a one time open house invite I cant confirm Logees operating procedures in that area.

I am however very happy to confirm what goes on in the the older main house and house two:
On visiting I've yet to come home with a plant that isn't ready for the next size larger pot bought visits to purchase a starter potted plant that is ready for re-potting to the next size.

At times I do wish the cleanliness of tipped pots would be better but as Rosey said : I sometimes toss the plants all about and I cant really accuse Rosey of being a fibber.

The sometimes disarrayed plant messiness doesn't stop me from visiting.

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OH MY GOD! What a day! My forum folks - MIKE is CRAZY! I told you all I suspected he sneezed and we'd buy plants - well, if you ever actually go out with him on a shopping spree - well, you'll find you will have absolutely No control - and, well, I attached the picture of what I brought home with me. (DOES IT LOOK LIKE 3 PLANTS?) ... yes, so it's all his fault.

I showed him only one of my lists - and he took great joy in finding me every plant - choosing the most select one from the shelf - and then, of course, I had to have it.

So now I am the new owner of 15 plants. about 6 of them would fit a indirect lighting type environment - luckily (because they won't all fit under my plant lights)

And Wes, did his effort to hook me up with chemicals so I can feed my yard this year, transplant my orchids into better potting materials, and even threw in a bag of pots.

It was like another round of Christmas, but with the selfish quality of it all being about me. :D

Mike gave even further recommendations about bug preventatives, soil mix for my new plants, and some other two bottles which sounded to Chemistry so I don't know if it's fertilizer for house plants, or something else - only that I'm supposed to spray it.

I think my eyes glossed over on the chemistry discussion - the word "emulsion" ... daunted me and I just smiled and nodded and figure when it comes to opening the bottle I'll have to hope that I have better luck with the written word and hope I can figure it out ... (now you know why I don't mix things) ...

So that said - the trip was a grand success. I had a chance to see Mike's greenhouse which is PACKED so full of tropicals I don't know how he could ever want more ... yet he does.

And, his FABULOUS plant room - which smells like heaven - it really should be bottled that blend between citrus and so many other great plants just all in one fantastically sunny and verdant spot. Even his cat wanted to stay in there! ... he went in with us and seemed perfectly content to sit among the pottery. Mike was determined that the cat wouldn't be closed in at the end - and the cat comes on command. Very well trained! Don't know how he does it - my cats always make me do all the work.

And, I got to meet his mom, who is a very sweet and gentle sort. She gave me handmade knitted slippers to take home with me - and, I'll be wearing them when I relax with my "pests" ;) and watch tv.

All told - you all missed a wonderful, but expensive day. A box full from Logees doesn't come cheap - but at least I saved on the shipping. The rest of the weekend will involve repotting some of these wonders - so that they will be happier in their sunny windows.

Oh, and you may wonder what treats the 2 men bought - well, I'm not telling - that's their story to share. They definitely didn't go as crazy as I did.... "Darn Mike" ;)

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the two orchids I bought - with my favorite plant to the right of them.

Cattleya - Green Emerald Queen
Brassolaeliocattleya Fararl - Carmela
Gardenia Jasminoides Variegated

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A randia ruziana - angel of the night

a Fukushu Kumquat

an Osmanthus Fragrans

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The potential work plants -

Aglaeonema "Valentine"

Oxalis "plum Crazy" shamrocks

Orange Easter cactus

and two streptocarpus "Amanda" and "Maasens white"

and .... Mike gave me a leafy plant that smells like lime - but I dont remember what he called it...

I'll have a lot of work to get these repotted and pretty for that big window. :)

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Let's see... what one's havent I spoken about?

An orange Jasmine, an African Gardenia, a tiny jade clipping that has pink edges (from Mike), OH ... and let's not forget ... I'm the new owner of a thorny twig. LOL ... somebody must really like me! (It's ok Wes - I'll figure out how to make it grow - I will!)

Well, that's all folks - What a day. Time to put on my comfy warm slippers, curl up with my cats, and watch a netflix movie... I've been sitting on 3 of them for the past 2 weeks. All comedies this time... you just have to be in the mood. :)

Options - "Jeff who Lives at home" //"Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer// "One for the Money"

Have a fantastic night, may the grass grow green, the flowers smell fragrant, and your lives be blessed.

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I can honestly say I didn't buy anything, but I still didn't walk out empty handed.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I hope your Fukushu blooms as often as mine.Mine is a flower producing monster

Hey mike. Did you get one?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We wanna see more pictures! Did anyone think to take some of the trip, of each other?

What glorious fun it must have been.

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A blast was had by all, rhizo. We all had misconceptions. I thought Wes would be ancient, but not yet. Right, Wes? I think I also misconstrued him as being grumpy. ... I may never live this particular adjective choice down.

Mike thought I was Asian. ... Well no, I'm a canadian French / polish mutt.

And Wes was surprised that I was likeable. Lol.

We'll plan other gatherings now we've had the first one. But I'm hesitant to shop with Mike again. He' takes to much joy in knowing that while I bought some awesome plants... I don't know what ill do with them if they should grow.

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The secret trick to growing dead looking thorny twigs......... give it water.

The secret trick to growing all other plants known to us is......Don't take advice from anyone who is both grumpy and ancient.

If Rosey waters the thorny twig and if it doesn't grow then by theory I would be ancient and grumpy but what will happen to theory if the thorny twig should live ?

Response might not make sense to anyone but the guacamole gets eaten by a gecko.

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Or I could glue a variety of leaves on it and call it a hybrid.

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I'm so jealous of the box!!!

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Ah Fenius, My dear - all you need do is come shopping with Mike someday - and you too could have a box even fuller than mine. :)

And, he takes such joy in sharing the Logee greenhouse, he's like a little boy showing off his favorite toys - and then he'll put them in your box - and you take them home. :) LOL!

Wes, bless his soul - actually asked me to reconsider one of the plants he'd talked me into - and it was only the one plant ... I don't think he realized by the end of that 3? hour shopping trip - how much would actually be going into his car. He'd been afraid that we'd overshop the size of his trunk.

Fenius, you really must come visit MA - and soon. :) Probably by May we'll be back there hunting for outdoor garden plants. I never did get my French Lavender...

(OH! But what am I saying? !!!! )

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And, can you believe, I almost suggested to one of my friends who's going through a stressfilled life right now - let's take a road trip - ... I know the perfect place to unwind...

I had to bite my tongue - so I suggested instead - let's go to Revere beach, walk the beach, sit in the sand and my treat to Kelly's roast beef for clams ...

Fried clams for 2 from Kelly's would still be a whole lot cheaper than another trip to Logee's...


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What would you rather do, eat roast beef or clams at Kelly's or jump for citrus at Logees
No comparison even if you cant jump high enough.

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LOL! I'd forgotten about that! that the both of you would try stealing an orange by jumping for it...

I didn't try. I'm shorter than the both of you and I was just glad you stopped before one said to the other ... "Let me get up on your shoulders..."

All I could imagine was a huge muddy footprint in the middle of your back, Wes. - Cause you know that Mike would have finagled his way as being the one climbing.

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This is the cute little window sill companion I talked you out of

Ledebouria pauciflora AKA Scilla pauciflora flower at seventeen times closer

It would of been dwarfed by The other one I handed you that you did keep LOL in about X amount of time the keeper that I handed you should look like this

The alleged impossible to grow in high rise buildings Easter cacti have fun with yours

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You know, if I hadn't been so tired that day, I would of climbed the tree like a monkey and grabbed you more than one!
It was a wonderful trip and I'll bet you would love to add a 3D view to the inside world of Logee's, right Rosey?

I forgot to tell you to buy one more thing there....Ah, I'll just keep it to myself..lolo

Wes, thanks again for driving us there. It was quite fun and to think I bought very few plants and still spent a whopping 91 dollars!!!!
When are we going again..After the Lasagna partty?

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I can't believe it won't grow in a high rise! And, that will be my challenge - because It will go to work with me at some point this week. One plant in, and I think 2 more to go. the Easter cactus, and tht lime scented mystery plant I got from Mike.

Mike, is it official, this lasagna? I am going to make something else -and leave the 5 hour lasagna for someone else to slave over :)

Wes, are you baking the lasagna, or will this be a gift from wifey? the effort to make one is definitely a gift not for the faint of heart to ask of _ unless she really enjoys cooking in the soon to be summer heat.

I'm thinking to bring wine - or if I'm really inspired - I could make a Sangria ... and, cooking wise - something with Japanese Eggplant. :)

Mike, Glad you didn't climb the tree - I think they would have frowned on breaking one of your limbs, or theirs.

I told my neighbor about the 3D experience, and if I don't go car shopping this year, I may go the TV route instead...

I will need to buy French lavender - but I don't have to go there to do it... when the snow disappears, I may just order some and save myself the risk of another 15 house plants...

    Bookmark   March 11, 2013 at 8:19PM
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91 dollars and a lighter box that hoped for but don't forget you also paid for the one handed to me.

It's settled,,,, My new name is Grumpy your new name is Sleepy we can call Rosey HELP I could use a little help with a female dwarf name here !

Rosey is thinking about cooking a fusion dish of Italian egg plant with a Tahitian twist for the party. My Americanized Italian pasta wont even have a chance.

It's the before the pasta party I'm worried about LOL
Part exhibitionist for two of four days at Boston Flower show later this week then C&S this Saturday after spending no money at Logees.

After this week is okay if you want to initiate the day time date. If on a Saturday we could truck to Bellingham and give Rosey a pot buying lesson or swing over to the Sudbury line in Maynard with the bigger indoor plant selection ? Yes I know Littleton is closer but they don't have guacamole ( is really a pet gecko though ;-)

Maybe we find some place close to her door so she can easily pick up them as needed plant items ?

    Bookmark   March 11, 2013 at 8:38PM
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stumpy? shorty? midget? how about clumsy? ... I felt like all I did was trip over my toes this weekend. :) But, I'm not normally THAT bad. REALLY. :) It was all the dressing to impress - then realized I was sweating to death in a 90 degree hot-house and a sweater.

You guys decide - this weekend is out - I need to recover from my $300+in plant shopping/misc items last weekend. I still need one more designer orchid pot ... the ones Mike gave me are HUGE!

Not italian eggplant - although that does taste awesome on the grill ... Mike, I didn't notice under all that snow - do you have a grill if we decide to do any outside cooking?

Mike - you're choice - I think you're the busiest of all of us - so - if you want to do weekend choosing (before summer - when I become caught up on birthdays every week) - you can decide if you want this to be a seasonal activity or a regular plant hang out club. and, if either - we should consider opening it up for others, yes? :) Not that I don't enjoy keeping you both to myself - but, the more the merrier. :)

    Bookmark   March 11, 2013 at 8:56PM
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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Everyone!!!

Sounds like you all had a great time!!

Rosey.. Did they hold the door for you? :-) Love everything you purchased at Logees.

Congratulaions !! Looks like the trip was a successful one for all!

Wes.. thanks for the pics on the other forum. Inspring.. ;-)

Mike.. Glad to hear you caught up on your sleep!! ;-)

You all are to funny!! Wish i could have been with you guys!!

Have a wonderful night!


    Bookmark   March 21, 2013 at 12:57AM
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Well, Yes ... sort of. The door opened inward, so Mike technically walked in first. :) When I commented on this, he was sure to point it out. LOL!

You would have loved it, Laura - and I really hope you'll be able to get up here again, and join in. For plant lovers, you definitely should NOT miss a trip there.

    Bookmark   March 21, 2013 at 6:31AM
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It's spring, and in the 40s all weekend. Anyone feel like getting their hands dirty? I'm thinking to plant some seeds indoors for some annuals - so that if we're meeting in May, I'll have some sprouts to hand around to my new friends.

some happy annuals... shasta daisies? sunflowers? maybe some poppies?

Well, Wes, Mike, and anyone else who's thinking to join into our cooking/plant social in May... anyone have room in their yards for some seedlings?

    Bookmark   March 22, 2013 at 1:53PM
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Took action when I heard " Move west young man" Unfortunately they never mentioned slightly cooler temps would also be moving with me it hadn't made much difference as I also shifted south but yes the snow would not be deeper from the days of my northern youth.

I've got a few items on reserve for Sat pick up in Ct Certain to find at least one winter grower in the back burner dept of my brain I'll be thinking about your office.
My back burner dept however It's really far back and most times whats there doesn't make it up to the front burner. I know I'm going to pick up some more variegated phlox for the out side garden.

My smallest winter grower, it's botanical cultivar however might put one to sleep, simply It's a napaforme with a caudiform and also sets few small flowers for me grows like crazy I wish to grow a desert rose as well as I can this

    Bookmark   March 23, 2013 at 10:57AM
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Dam where is my passport :) you are all so lucky i mean randia ruziana how much i have wanted this plant! or even just the seeds so i can give it ago after seeing this http://www.pernellgerver.com/angelofthenight.htm
god please some one list the seeds on ebay :)

    Bookmark   March 23, 2013 at 3:58PM
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The randia is a cutie. I dread the day that she grows into a larger pot size. Because I just don't know how to make bigger pots fit.

Wes, what is that one? A desert rose? Or something else?

My logees shipment came, yesterday. Got more potting to do for some streptocarpus... Beautiful plants that put the two I handpicked a few weeks ago to shame. Very leafy.

I was hoping the snow would have been far enough gone to work outside yesterday, 4 plants came that should go outside but the foot of snow still on my flower beds. More pots sqeezed on my window sill waiting for a spring thaw. Clematis, a himilayan butterfly Bush, a hardy Jasmine, to join some tuberose bulbs, my geranium that's to big for my tint window space. Even last summers potted impatien... They can all go outdoors to make room for growing citrus, desert rose plants, jasmines,gardenias... Oh and let's not forget my growing assortment of streptocarpi..

    Bookmark   March 24, 2013 at 9:17AM
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Yes as I said lol Desert Rose but only because I think my math is slipping.

    Bookmark   March 24, 2013 at 6:29PM
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I was surprised by the leaf shape of this one. This is the Desert rose I received on Saturday. the other thing that surprised me about it - was that for all that the soil in the 4 " pot was moist... the leaves look so dark/dry... and resemble more an evergreen than I was expecting.

How long should I wait before I transplant this?

    Bookmark   March 25, 2013 at 9:36AM
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When is it the best time to re-pot your DR ? Me personally I would of had a bag of pumice rocks and sifted 1/4 inch pebbles and an amount of other grits as a prepared mix for it and re-potted it at the store.

At this time of the year I would even want to leave it there for a later date pick up.

As they are not plant sitters and my willingness to leave it there VS a few minutes drive should be some indication that DR's don't ship very well in this area this time of the year.

My best offering is yours needs to go dry and it needs to dry FAST it will look not as nice as it does now when or if it does becomes as such Be it by repot or shipping shock even when it does become dryer.

Honestly I have a low batting Avg for DR. If tossed to me is a Patchy I'm a golden glove. Go figure, It's like I could raise and care for a Collie for the shows of AKC but a Shepard I'd fair not as well, for me or the dog either.
Again my DR math could be wrong I wont mind being corrected

    Bookmark   March 25, 2013 at 11:45AM
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Well, this is my 2nd DR - my first one is just coming out of hibernation and is beautifully green. It's technically still my first season with her - because soon after I bought her, she went dormant - and lost every leaf and looked very sad. 4 months later and she's a different plant. I'm looking forward to seeing what color bloom she'll offer up, coming summer.

My new logee DR - cost 3 times as much - and, I'm especting a gorgious 2 color flower - if she'll bounce back from the 3 day shipping process. I don't want to transplant her until she shows some sign of recovery but, I do think she will recover. Positive thinking. My Michigan bulb order came. (I know - bad idea ordering from them - but I got tempted by some of their shade plants and wanted to put together a shade garden above Papi's grave.) I got some white hosta which would brighten up my friend Lynn's back yard too...

Darn snow - to be so close to getting my hands dirty with all my new plants and bulbs - and yet... there's still at least 10 inches in her back yard, and on my flower beds.

Wes, you're confusing me again... what does math have to do with DRs?

    Bookmark   March 25, 2013 at 12:46PM
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Riddled I have good results growing Pachypodium but not good results growing DR's
As both DR and Pachies are very closely related I would expect usual and common results from both plants
Math may confuse you as it may but my DR cultivating skills in comparison to Pachypodium just don't add up for me
With our with out you knowing it and even mis understanding what I'm saying you're kind of helping me calculate hopefully better DR results.

    Bookmark   March 25, 2013 at 5:29PM
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So the michigan bulb order came - only one plant - a tiny little thing in a 2 inch plug. and a bag with some roots for the silver hosta. (I should start that now, with lights - I'm thinking, since I'm hoping to put that into a very shady back yard and I don't know how well it will "start" from a tiny bit of roots - without some indoor help to start.

All the rest are bulbs. should I start those indoors too? I went out on Saturday and bought some starter trays - with the idea that I'd be able to start sunflowers and other annuals indoors soon. And I got a new lamp yesterday so that I'd have room to do it. :)

None of those bulbs say a germination timings - so that I will know when to begin though. Is it still to early?

I'm thinking the tuberoses should be in a pot ... so I don't have to dig them up at the end of the season.

Wes, there's no math in plants. If you don't succeed at a specific type, it's because you haven't tried hard enough. You will need more practice, that's all.

DRs seem pretty easy. You give them as much light as you can. you water them when they look dry. And then you leave them alone.

If you can succeed at cacti - and jades - I'm sure you can master DRs.

(... I've never had luck with Jades) ...

    Bookmark   March 26, 2013 at 9:25AM
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DRs seem pretty easy You will need more practice

Been there done that as seen on the tee shirt

Thinks nobody can EVER HAD what never existed There's no luck in plants either but they do have microscopic cells moving about.
Happy Growing

    Bookmark   March 27, 2013 at 12:50AM
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Man... you guys are so lucky to live close to Logee's! I wish!

Nice acquisitions! :-)

    Bookmark   March 28, 2013 at 8:27PM
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It's at least four times a year visit for me always something going on in the warmer indoor tropics of Ct.
Even living this close careful wishes may need to be applied as it can become overwhelming during the first two or three visits.

    Bookmark   March 30, 2013 at 10:08AM
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Juts stopping by to say HELLO and that I miss you all.

Have been under the weather but I will be getting back to you all soon and will be back soon. Hoping you are all well:-)


    Bookmark   April 2, 2013 at 8:47AM
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Mike, Still ill? That's been hanging on a while. I hope you're ok.

Time to increase your vitamins, my friend. Double dose your anti-oxidents. Frighten those germs out of your system.

    Bookmark   April 2, 2013 at 3:09PM
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Hi Rosey!

I was just searching the forum and saw that you got a variegated gardenia! I just got one too, from Logee's nonetheless. I work about 2 miles away from the greenhouse, lucky me! I was wondering how the plant is doing, and what you ended up planting it in mix-wise? It just looked too interesting to pass up, so I'm curious to hear what you think of it!

-Mike B

    Bookmark   April 9, 2013 at 1:15PM
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Hi Mike B- Yes - I have one - and she still isn't blossomed - she's been teasing me for 2 months! - still beautiful though. Gotta love how cute and varied her leaves are.

One day she'll open and I'll be IN awe at her flower though, I'm sure of it.

Wes, this picture's for you. I was visiting my friend paulina and I know how you like the big old cactus'es. :) - amazing that this Thanksgiving cactus is still in bloom (although all the flowers had seen better day they were still hanging on.)

    Bookmark   April 15, 2013 at 6:08AM
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There's a benefit to living close to Sensei _ Meyer Mike. I had some questions regarding citrus _ bad problems when visiting friends - a few texts later, and I knew how to treat them.

Then, got a chance to meet up with him and came home with 3 orchids; including this fragrant beauty. :) and a delicate coco scented pup :) and some roots waiting to throw greenery for a chocolate scented orchid - Yup - I lucked out having Meyer Mike close by, yesterday. It was SERIOUS X-mas in April!

I stopped by to see his koi pond, the koi are sooooo cute! :) Great to see his yard not covered in snow. there's so many fragrant bushes and trees - all starting to come to life, budding here, budding there. budding everywhere.

Seeing it, makes me wish I had a bigger yard to play with. :)

He had quite the job ahead when I left though - he'd brought a lot of his citrus trees out. Yes, he was going to exhaust himself carrying them in at night - because it was going to be 32 degrees and to cold again. So, yes, Mike is still doing well, but working hard to get the season started.

Happy Monday everyone! :)

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Very cool Rosey!

Yes, I love the leaves, they're a little curley with huge color contrast. Mine's getting little buds on it but it is a very samll plant. It might be some time before it blooms. Also trying to get a hang of the watering schedul. I waited a little too long and I thought I had killed it, the leaves were wilted really bad, but it perked back up within 30 minutes of a good watering! I also got a "frostproof" gardenia that's doing very well! I'm hoping its hardiness will serve well in a container but we'll see. Supposedly you can actually plant it outside (safe to zone 6).

I was a little disappointed in the citrus selection there. All young trees, less than a year old. Decent price though at 25 bucks. You pay double that plus shipping from a mail order place. I got a Keffir Lime, hopefully it'll be a good investment for me!

-Mike B

    Bookmark   April 18, 2013 at 9:46AM
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Mike B, it could be safe to zone 6, but if you do decide to put it outside, make sure that it's in a wind protected spot - and, maybe wrap it in burlap, and mulch well the roots before the frost hits.

I know what you mean - most of the plants I've bought have been tiny. I personally don't mind this since I'm so space deprived. All the citris I've bought, I've been contemplating bonsai'ing to keep them to smaller pots, and fitted to my window space.

congratulations on the keffir lime though. I think I saw one of those at Meyer Mike's and it has the nicest smelling leaves when you sacrifice one and sniff at it.

The variegated gardenia - mine's still not bloomed and I bought it with a bud. It's a complete tease. I held off transplanting it into a better pot because of that bud - and yet, still ... small pot - no action. that small pot it's in means I have to water it every 3 days.

If you haven't picked up the African gardenia - that should be your next splurge. It's blooming weekly. this month - new buds every few days. and voila! they open. And, the smell on one flower is light - but as more open - last night I came home and the scent in my apartment was really intoxicating.

Next time we plan a Logees trip, you should join us there. :) A good time was had by all. :)


    Bookmark   April 18, 2013 at 10:46AM
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