composting enthusiasts beware of the voles

cenepk10October 2, 2013

In all of the fabulous composting articles I read - NARY a mention of a CITY OF VOLES ! Great ! They are voracious eaters of yummy roots of expensive plants, fairly decent aerators of the soil & encouraging terroristic digging of evening larger holes by Twyla- my companion sheepdog ! What in the world am I gonna do about this new hell !!!! ????

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

Someone posted a recipe for a vole repellant on the perennials forum.

To one gallon of water, add 1 TBLS of castor oil and one cup of human urine. Shake well and sprinkle at the base of susceptible plants. This apparently lasts for several months. Continue shaking well as you apply. I wondered if a bit of dish detergent would help keep it mixed and less sticky, but I don't know whether that would diminish its effectiveness.


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Thank you, Martha ! They are troublesome pests. I bought poison- but am reluctant to use as my precious dog is hyper focused on digging the critters up. I will try & let you know - They started feeding on yet another newly planted Oak leaf hydrangea - So I just dug it up myself until these terrorists are eradicated .

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Castor Oil & Human Urine... What a combo !!!

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When my yard was overrun with voles I did try the castor oil. I mixed a 6oz bottle in 2 gallons of water with 1 tablespoon of dish liquid. I sprayed around the base of all my plants and it worked! While the voles did have a good time tunneling through my yard, they did not get my roses and plants! I did repeat after 3 months and it has continued to work so far.

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Yes !!! I did acquire a cat ! He eats 1 a day !!!

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Bobblehead_doll - curious : do you have oak trees dropping zillions of acorns ? I read that is a particularly loved victual of voles... Sigh. I clean up trillions of acorns. Wish I had a quarter of a cent for each one !

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