most fragrant petunias?

Zinia(z7NC)March 24, 2007

Which petunias have the best fragrance? I was planning to get some seed to start. I like the scent on hot summer nights. Someone has mentioned purple petunias as being fragrant, but I didn't know if some of the newer hybrids have the fragrance bred out. I remember my mother's dark purple, single petunias (30+ years ago) being fragrant.

Can someone recommend a seed source for fragrant petunias?



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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Order the old-fashioned vining petunias from Seed Savers Exchange (they have a website) and you will not be disappointed. I started some from seed under lights this winter to plant out this spring. Some are already blooming and the fragrance is wonderful.

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I'm with Ispahan. The only ones I've noticed as fragrant are the old fashioned ones. They also reseed so once you buy them you will always have them.
The scent reminds me of playing in my great grandmother's yard. I never noticed them blooming there, but they must have! I'll always grow them for that reason.

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

I was at the nursery last week looking for fragrant petunias to plant in a hanging basket outside my back door. The only ones that smelled were the purple ones.

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thistle(ontario 5b)

I have single and double purple petunias and the fragrance on warm night like this is absolutely wonderful.
I purchased some double white petunias a couple of years ago which were also very fragrant but unfortunately I have never been able to get them again.

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A couple of days ago, I bought a Wave EZ Starfish mix at Home Depot in Scottsdale, AZ, only mine were all sort of fuchsia or magenta with a few single white ones mixed in. I think it is the star ones that are so fragrant in the evening.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Totally agree that the old fashion vining from Seed Savers Exchange smell awesome. I also like the Supertunia 'Priscilla' for fragrance and the Supertunia 'Double Purple' looks to be fragrant as well! :)


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nooo! not another need! I hate petunias but my granny had these too, I wonder if I can find them in some forgotten nursery in the outskirts.. I hope fragrant sees this because I can't find a european source and seed savers don't ship internationally for less than 100$ 8-0..

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can't we just mail you a few seeds? seems a shame they charge like that for shipping when a package should only be the cost of a few stamps.

after all, seeds are tiny.

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thanks rosey! I meant they only ship abroad orders that cost no less than 100$ not that the shipping is that much! :-)))))

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Oh fenius, you and I know how easy it is to spend $100 when shopping plants. :)

You just have to look at their catalog and it's done.

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