new lilac variety ... anyone?

vieja_gw(z7NM)March 18, 2013

I read about a new lilac variety called 'Bloomerama' I believe? It is supposed to be a small bush that flowers over a longer season & is very fragrant. Has anyone tried this variety & -if so- how do you like it? I have the old fashioned purple lilac that is very fragrant but the blooms don't last very long, a short blooming season & the bush gets 6-8 ft; tall. The newer smaller one sounds like I would like! Am in zone 7 at 5200 ft. elevation & gets down in the 20's in usual winters, lower 'teens in some winters. Short spring & summers dry & in the 90's.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


I think you mean Bloomerang and I've read mixed reviews about it.
I personally have never smelled it but I'd suggest sniffing before buying. ;)


Here is a link that might be useful: Bloomerang thread

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Thanks... one of our local nurseries also said the 'votes were out' on this lilac! Guess I will wait a few years to see... but it did sound like one I would like: low growing, rebloomer, etc. & may not do well here at our mile high elevation like the old fashioned lilacs which do well. I'd hope the fragrance was as good or better than the old fashioned lilacs!

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I have the Bloomerang lilac. I like it! The fragrance is not quite as nice as a regular lilac; rather akin to Miss Kim, something like a sterile hospital. But it grows well. It sat around its first year, and didn't really take off until this year (3rd year in). For me here in z7 DC, it is in bloom off an on throughout the growing season. Heaviest in spring.

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good to hear you like 'Bloomerang', terguy7! Does it have the dark or the lighter faded purple blooms? I am also in zone 7 & want a lower growing, fragrant (important!) lilac but was hoping Bloomerang would fit the bill & re-blooming was an added feature. Guess I will stick to the more fragrant old timers for now though!

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It has powder purple flower color, little on the light side. Its actually about to bloom in the next day or two

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thanks, terguy7!

Guess wirth out high desert low humidity here most fragrant flowers don't have the good fragrance in more humid areas; I have 27 peony plants that are my favorite & had such a great fragrance back in Iowa... but no so much here unfortunately... same as the lilacs! Do you have the lilac in indirect sun where you live? Here, the blooms don't last long in our zone 7, mile high elevation & intense sun so I planted them in partial shade.

I have a small growing old lilac with the small leaves (a dwarf variety?) that has the gorgeous deep purple/lavender clusters of flowers just now; I would like to make a cutting to get more of this pretty unknown variety.. can I or how do I do it? If I got a side root would it be like the main plant as to flowers or would it be like the rootstalk it was for the original? I haven't been too successful in making cuttings grow.. I have an old 'Gardens of The World' rose bush that is 6 ft. tall & nearly 4-5 ft. across & full of flowers all summer long vigorous & beautiful but have been unsuccessful at getting cuttings to grow for friends that want a start. Guess the patent now doesn't allow it to be commercially probagated any longer by the developer, sadly. I love to share of anything I have... as that is probably where I also got a start: someone shared with me!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have both 'Bloomerang' and 'Miss Kim' and I think both smell great. Maybe not as strong as the old fashioned lilacs but they grow a lot smaller and are more attractive shrubs.

My 'Bloomerang' did not rebloom last year but it was planted just last year so I'll see this year. It is about to bloom now.

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