Evening primrose plants

daesaflgatorfanMarch 11, 2008

Growing up, every summer my granny's yard would be taken over by hundreds of evening primrose plants. I'm not talking of the ground hugging ones, but the ones that grow several feet tall. We would sit on her porch every evening, and just drink in the heady smell.

I can't find these anywhere! I was given 2 last summer, 1 bloomed, with no scent. There haven't been any evening primroses blooming in granny's yard for decades now, or I'd rob some from her. Can anyone help?

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I know, they have the most wonderful scent! I see them blooming around here sometimes but they are off our property, usually in the ditches. I keep meaning to get some seeds, because I have read that their tuber is very good to eat as a wild food. You might want to post your 'wanted' on the seed exchange forum here. Horizonherbs.com might also sell them, I seem to recall seeing them for sale when I was looking through their catalog.

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There are a number of native plant nurseries that specialize in perennials and should have fragrant cultivars; oenothera is the genus name.

I grow o. speciosa, which has beautiful pink flowers but only a slight scent.


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Thanx, y'all. I'll check it out ASAP. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some growing this year!

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Where and when do seeds from Evening Primrose develop? I found EP at the grocery store, sitting in what I call, the dead cart..think it was .50..Planted, and it pops up every yr..(Now it won't watch..LOL)
Do seeds fall off the plant? If someone tells me when/how it's done, after mine flowers I'll keep an eye out for seed..if anything I can mail for postage..Flowers are yellow, they dote on cool temps..after a few weeks of cool to cold temps, and soil dries, flowers really pop out..Toni

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