bauhinias for fragrance

cattman(z10a FL)March 15, 2007

I am aware that bauhinias variegata and purpurea produce fragrant flowers, but what about the smaller pink bauhinia monandra? I love the speckled markings in the lip, like one of the old varieties of Deep South azaleas. I think b. monandra also has a later bloom season than the bigger variegatas and purpureas. I just want to be sure I'm growing a bauhinia that will have a pleasant fragrance.

BTW, if you cull the seedpods right as they're forming, will it make a bauhinia continue blooming longer?



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I think I've smelled bauhinia monandra once, and I don't remember any fragrance -- you could try bauhinia acuminata, or lunarioides, a Texas native -- both are small, good growers, and fragrant, but they're both white flowered.

Alternatively, plant a purpurata (I was just down in the Miami area and they were all in bloom!) and cut it way back after flowering to keep it small; bauhinias can stand heavy pruning and will branch out more as a result, they're even used as large-scale bonsai.

[The nursery down in Florida, banned on GardenWeb, whose initials are TT (sorta like the artist formerly known as Prince) has a couple of articles about bauhinias that are worth checking out)

Also, bauhinia corymbosa is a vining bauhinia that's supposed to be fragrant; mine's too small to flower, but I'll report back this summer.

I think pinching the seedpods, particularly on a young tree, is a good idea, but I don't know how much it would prolong flowering; most bauhinias seem to be pretty seasonal.

Good luck!


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cattman(z10a FL)

Hi Jim --

Thanks for all the info; I had never heard of the lunarioides variety you mentioned but I will look out for it. Many, many years ago I grew an acuminata which bloomed wonderfully full, white flowers but I can't remember whether it had a fragrance or not. I hope you'll post the results of your b. corymbosa when it blooms; sounds great!

Thanks again for the detailed reply,


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