WANTED: wanted: spring trade may 16th 2009... part 2!

squirrellypete(z7b AL)May 13, 2009

Okee dokee, the original thread reached its max message limit so this is part 2 of the thread for the May 16th swap at Barbara's (bmmalone) house.

Here is my master swap list. If I've missed anyone or anything please let me know. The only folks I didn't see responses from were Frannyflowers & Vnginger. Were you guys interested in swapping for anything I have?

Vnginger...I can bring you Oakleaf hydrangeas from your wants and if you see something else let me know. I was interested in your brug cuttings, dark red weigelia cuttings rooted or unrooted and/or some English Ivy.

Franny....I can bring you hardy geranium and daylilies from your want list if you're interested. If you have particular colors or varieties of daylilies you'd like from my "Haves" please let me know which ones. I was interested in some heirloom tomatoes if you still have some. Preferably a non-cherry type but anything is fine.


Vroomp -- bringing you Oakleaf hydrangeas and I might have some extra 'Homestead' heirloom tomatoes for your 'Sum & Substance' Hosta

Pam -- bringing you some Spanish Lavender, 'Pardon Me' Daylilies and Blue False Indigo for your 'Paper Butterfly' Daylilies, Pink Hardy Geranium and possibilities of Beautyberry, 'Sarah Bernhardt' Peony and/or Hosta.

Esh -- bringing you some 'Navajo Bright Red' Salvia for your unknown native azalea

Lucy -- Bringing you some purple hardy geranium for your bluish hosta.

Turkeytaker -- Bringing you some purple hardy geranium and rosemary for your heucheras.

Janen -- bringing you some 'David' phlox for your red hardy amaryllis bulbs.

Barbara -- Bringing you some 'Honeycomb' Butterfly Bush for your Tall Yellow Iris and Japanese painted fern.

Botanicat -- Bringing you 'Honeycomb' Butterfly Bush, P.G. Hydrangea, 'Pandora's Box' Daylily & 'Winsome Lady' (pink) Daylily for your Dark Purple Iris, Antique rose cuttings and possibly heirloom tomatoes.

Amy -- Bringing you 'Madame Plantier' rooted rose, 'Tickled Pink' Veronica & 'Red Fox' Veronica for your Purple Columbine and Foxglove.

I think that's everyone. I'll also be bringing some plants for the free-for-all. And for anyone who doesn't feel like they have much to trade, if you saw something on my list you'd like please don't hesitate to ask. Even if you don't have anything I'm looking for I'll be glad to bring something for you. Is anyone interested in those aluminum blinds I offered? They're kinda' big so I don't think I'll bring them unless someone specifically wants them. Some folks like to cut them into small lengths and make plant labels to stick in the ground or pots but I don't use them myself. Speak now or off to goodwill they go!

And again, thanks to all for the support and good wishes. I don't seem to have gotten any worse since Saturday so that's good.

Sincerely, Danielle

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Thanks Danielle, I could use the hydrangea and I am in need of a few Tomatoes.
Lucy, I have seen your request for Mexican Petunias and will bring you a one gallon size.

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Thanks, esh, for sending me the directions. I will definitely be there and will have that Gold Lace juniper for anyone who's interested.

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Danielle -- I don't have anything besides the juniper to trade (although I am going out tomorrow to see if any of my Mexican ponytail grass has reseeded and, if so, I'll pot what's there), but if you have anything in the free-for-all that is purple or yellow or blue or true red; I'm probably interested.

Looking forward to meeting some of you on Saturday. Will have husband in tow...he's not a gardener...he's mostly the hole-digger! :)

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Vroomp -- gotcha down, thanks.

Hi mk87, I'd definitely like the gold lace juniper. I almost wrote you about it but thought I'd give someone else a chance at it first...didn't know how much you had. Looked around the garden again today and I found a couple more 'Navajo Bright Red' Salvia cuttings I forgot I rooted last year. They are true red and one of my garden favorites. Small right now but should grow fast. I can also bring you a division of 'Georgia Blue' trailing Veronica that has nice real blue color, not purplish.

And if anyone happens to have some 'Mona Lavender' Plectranthus they overwintered I'd love a cutting or division.

Thanks! Danielle

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HI everyone, I am looking for pink Love in the MIst (Nigella) seeds or plants. Does anybody have them? THanks for looking!

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I'm so glad you want the Gold Lace Juniper and I've already got it potted up for you! It's pretty large (I didn't prune it before potting), but it's in a nice, 3-gallon-ish fiberglass/plastic(?) pot I had laying around so it's not heavy. I would love the Navajo Salvia and the trailing Veronica sounds great too.


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pam_3(GA 7b)

What are y'all bringing to eat?

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I was just going to ask the same thing, pam_3!

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I'm just bringing some cheese and crackers - snack food.

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I am making a salad lettuce, tomato etc and bring a not homemade but looks good cheesecake.

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Could you all please bring an umbrella - that way the rain is sure to stay away! Looking forward to tomorrow.

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I'm making a red velvet cocoa cake.

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I am bringing some homemade bread, and some chocolate brownies.

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I'm bringing chicken salad and an umbrella!

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FYI, I won't be able to attend.

I hope everyone has a great, rain-free time! :)

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