Beautiful Gardenia from Emily!

snasxs(7-8 VA)April 20, 2008

Emily says she does not know how to post pictures. So I offer to post for her.

Please enjoy her beautiful plant. Oh, she says that "the plants look best when you keep them somewhat smaller". I am not sure what she means though.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi emily, Nice job on your very healthy Gardenia. Very nice blooms indeed...

Snasxs, that was nice of you to post it for her so we can enjoy it. Maybe she means that sometimes keeping a plant small, maybe pruning after it blooms to keep it short and compact looks nicer than having it tall and leggy. At least for me I prefer that look myself. I know others like their plants big. For me small, meduim size works better and looks healthier. Easier and less work too.

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It's one of the prettiest Gardenias I've seen. Flowers and many buds.
Snasxs, it was very nice of you posting Emily's pic.
I agree w/Pug..think she means keeping her 'denia pruned to a certain size. Toni

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I never get tired of looking at gardenia flowers. they all look pretty much the same and yet it is so exciting to see another one and to hear of another successful flowering. thanks.

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dose anyone know wut variety this is? I like the shape of the flowers

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