WANTED: Seven Sisters Rose

WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)June 5, 2006

I am looking for a Seven Sisters rose for an elderly gentleman whom I sponsor through my community garden. He lives next door to our garden and as an extension of bringing him vegetables from the garden I have also begun helping him out a little in his yard. He wants to spruce the yard up a little bit with some flowers, and particularly wants a Seven Sisters rose. I looked for one at a few local nurseries but with no luck.

He wants it to trail or climb along a fence; he believes there are two types - one that is a bush and one that climbs. Is this true?

If anyone has one, I could probably come up with something to trade for it. Just let me know.

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Oh my, my dad's pride and joy was a trellis outside our kitchen window on which twined a Seven Sisters rose. I had not thought of it in years! I see them available in The Market Bulletin (which I assume you get)

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cathys1951(z8 GA)

I have the climber not sure when to cut it down, but it does have some strays that need cutting.
not a very good picture ubt this is it.

Where do you live and I will see what we can do?

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Hi, I was with a friend this weekend who actually bought one of these. It was the climbing variety and is at Autumn Hill Nursery in Woodstock. The phone # is 770-442-3901.

Hope you are able to pick one up.


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I remember a beautiful climbing rose bush, that grew by our back door, when I was a very little girl. I grew up loving the mounds of pink roses that bloomed on it each summer and I filled vases with them to enjoy inside, until I moved away from home. They were fragrant as well as colorful and because of them, Roses became my favorite flower.

I remember my Grandmother telling me, that the original rose bush was brought from England with my Grandfather when he came to this country. Every summer when she came to stay with us, Grandmother would bury a rose cane or from a cutting she could root a new Rose bush. By the time I was fifteen years of age we had at least a dozen of these bushes vining over a trellis or up the side of the shed. Dad built an arbor trellis which was quite the sight to see when the roses were in bloom as was a small dead tree at a corner of the garden that Grandmother and I planted a couple of her starts beside. You will have to try to envision that old tree full of Rose blooms. It was beautiful.

The only thing I can remember about the name of the Rose bush, was that Grandmother called it "Seven Sisters" ~ This afternoon when I was sharing memories of it with a friend, I mentioned that I would love to find out if such a Rose name actually existed along with my desire to have a start of that old family Rose. I'm sixty seven years of age now, so I figured the likely hood would be impossible. My kind friend went to her computer and gave me your website. I am thrilled to see this Rose bush again. The one we had would bud in a deeper rose pink color, then as it opened it became a much paler pink. The picture on your site shows the Rose perfectly. I have long since moved from Indiana and now live in a mountain valley in central Utah. I've seen Rose bushes grow here, but I have never encountered "Seven Sisters" since my move from Indiana many years ago. This brings me to the purpose of this writing. If it's possible to purchase a "Seven Sisters" climbing Rose bush, will it grow and bloom in this part of the country? I welcome anyone who cares to send me information.
I look forward to your reply.

A Utah Rose Lover,

Elane Durham

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I have these roses growing along the ditch banks near where I live here in south GA. I've dug up a number of them and transplanted them to where I live. I'm willing to try to root you some or see if I can dig you up some the next time I'm out by them.

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