HAVE: October Plant Trade

lindagail41(zone 7 GA)July 8, 2005

Its time to begin thinking about the fall plant trade in Atlanta. I have offered my daughterÂs back yard again and we have proposed October 15, 22, or 29. Please let me know your preferences on dates. For those who didnÂt attend last fall, Kathlin lives in East Atlanta, near GGG. If you havenÂt responded yet because you donÂt like any of those dates, let me know that too. I suggested those because we old people appreciate the cooler Saturday afternoons. The first two weekends in Oct are usually pre-planned in my family (parental birthdays).

Also, let me know if you want to do the food thing again.

There are two good strains in exchanges that tell a lot about how we operate. One is titled "Wanted: to tell you a little about how our plant swap works", the other "Have: final date!! April 23, 2005." And we are always open to new ideas.

I will watch this strain with zesto, but if postings are made elsewhere I canÂt guarantee I will see them. IÂm looking forward to a GREAT fall trade.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I definitely want to come to a fall trade, and all 3 of those dates are fine with me as far as I know right now. I did enjoy the slightly later start time of 11:00 at our spring trade, because it's really hard for me to get up early and get somewhere by 10:00 on a weekend. (heck, even on a workday!) Kathlin's house was great last fall, and I look forward to seeing how much her Lady Banks rose grew during this summer. Also, I'd like to have lunch again, and I hope people will bring some of the same dishes, because everything was really good!

Thanks for agreeing to host this again, Linda and Kathlin.

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Please pick a date soon; our calendar is starting to fill up!! And it is hard to hold 3 weekends open....one day to trade, and one to plant what we get!!!

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)


I appreciate everyone being so agreeable about the date. I hope this means we will have a big turnout! I will send out directions to Kathlin's house before the first of October. Feel free to send me any suggestions that occur to you. I'm particularly interested in your ideas about time and food. I thought the 11:00 start time at the last trade was helpful to some and everyone seemed to enjoy the food.

Let the trades begin!

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pam_3(GA 7b)

11:00 is good for me, and Oct. 22 sounds great. Thanks so much for hosting!

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Please send me info. Thanks!

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Jayman_GA(z8 GA)

11:00 is best for me. I've got about an hour and a half drive from Columbus. It's so exciting

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I have told SO many people about how great it was last time; I know of AT LEAST three persons who have never been before and are planning on attending this time. Yeaaaaa! Trades!

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I've never attended one of these before and am really looking forward to it!

Does ya'll think it's too early to start a thread to list "wants" and "haves"??

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plants4meuc(Ga zone 7)

I'm interested. I've been to GGG's for a few trades. I hope to be able to make this one too.

Can I bring a gardening friend?


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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

I don't think it is too early. Why not keep it in this thread.

Hope to see you there and sure, bring your gardening friend.

Would you volunteer to coordinate food? There should be no more involved than answering the questions about who wants to bring what. I will provide paper plates, forks and spoons.

Can I get two volunteers for the clean up duty?

Does everyone know that FlowersRMe from Alabama won't be coming this year. She finally found something more fun than a plant sale: Her first grandchild is scheduled to arrive Oct 28. With a little planning her daughter could have worked around this!

It would help me later on if all of you now would be sure that your e-mail link is active on your member page. I will not send out the address on GardenWeb, only e-mail.

Be cool,

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

I'll volunteer for cleanup :) and i'll start the wants and haves, too, as I'm a big fan of prearranged trades:

I am looking for roses, lilies (particularly the taller ones), creeping fig, escargot begonias, raspberries, pansies, clematis, interesting colors of echinacea (especially "sunset"), and anything that would look good in my perennial garden (sedum, shastas, FOXGLOVES, liatris, rosemary, phlox, etc etc). I would also be very interested in any pretty pots or garden accessories anybody's looking to get rid of.

I will have: baby fig trees, a small banana tree, an azalea, maaaaybe some ferns, ivy, honeysuckle, virginia creeper, at least one rooted hydrangea, brussels sprouts, blueberries for a really good trade, strawberries, rose of sharon, forsythia, nandina, mini mondo, an an unnamed climbing rose. there may be other things too, now that i'm working for a gardening place that lets me keep the throwaway plants, but that's all for now.

yay trading :)

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I'll be happy to coordinate a food posting. And I'll stay late to make sure the food table gets cleaned up.

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Ok, I've made a list. It's kind of long, so I'm not going to list everything right now. These are basically things I have way too much of and need to move some out.

Purple Oxalis
Variegated Serissa (white)- some are in pre-bonsai form
Coreopsis 'rosea' (pink)
Rain Lily/zephyranthes - not sure of colors, probably pink
Clematis - 1 sweet autumn, the rest are large flowering
Brugmansia - Charles Grimaldi, Frosty Pink, Sunray, White & a peach/pink unknown id (have rooted & cuttings)
Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender'
Kalanchoe -orange
Ghost Plant
Variegate Liriope (fairly sure it's Silver Dragon)
Rice Paper Plant
Variegated Tall Sedum
Chrysanthemum pacificum
Variegated Japanese Iris 'ensata variegata'
Stokesia Blue Danube
Crinum 'americanum'
Spirea 'Magic Carpet Ride'
Sweet Williams
Mazus reptans 'alba'
Chleone (turtlehead) pink/purple & white
Peruvian Daffodil
Contorted Willow
Fernleaf Bleeding Heart
Kerria Japonica (double flowering) flora pleno, I think
Ruella (Mexican petunia)
Toad Lilies
Soloman's Seal
Variegated Pennywort
Campanula glomerata 'alba'
Golden Creeping Jenny
Weigelia - this one was var. but has mostly reverted
misc. Hosta
Daylilies (would like to trade 4 or more fans of the following for other reg. dl's):
Tom Wise
Pandora's Box
Newberry Echo
Becky Lynn
Red Rogue
(I will list more dl's later if anyone is interested)

Now for the want list:

Iochroma - PLEASE ANY COLOR!!!
Registered daylilies I don't have, from rust-free gardens only...sorry, but this is very important to me. Somehow I've managed to avoid rust so far.
I really can't think of much else....as long as it isn't invasive and I don't have it, I'm open!

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Wow! Wildflower, what a list!

If I had anything at all to trade that you would want, I'd like to have some of your Magic Carpet spirea, peruvian daffodil, and fernleaf bleeding heart. I have wiegela wine and roses and could start a cutting of that, if you're interested - but do you already have it? I also have a few named hydrangeas I could start cuttings from if you are at all interested in hydrangeas. And I have two different kinds of pineapple lily (eucomis) that could stand to be divided this fall. But it sounds like you are way, way ahead of me in having selections of plants that are interesting trading for a collector.

Does the peruvian daffodil multiply? I"m assuming it must, since you want to get rid of some of it. Is what you have the yellow, or the white? I've got a couple of plants of each, and have been surprised to see them come back for a couple of years (I thought it was really slightly too cold here for them) but so far they don't seem to be multiplying, and I really would like to have more. Should I try lifting and dividing them? How long does it take for them to need dividing?

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Hey WestEnder,

I tend to go only slightly overboard when it comes to propigating plants!

I'm thrilled about the Wine & Roses! Never even heard of that one, and those burgandy leaves are gorgeous! What hydrangeas do you have? Any that stay fairly small would be good for me. I have Pink Elf already, but that's my only dwarf.

My peruvian daffodils are white and they do multiply well. Mine was probably in the ground for a couple of years before it started going crazy.

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I,too am a big fan of pre-arranged trades. I am interested in perennials,some easy-care sun but mostly shade or part shade.I'd love someone to check my list and see if there is anything on it you'd like to have for YOUR garden!I stll have LOTS of bare ground to fill in!!!

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Lindabeth, I am interested in your hosta Sum and Substance and stachys Countess Helen von Stein. I have several things on your want list: pink astilbe, several hardy ferns, heuchera (green), and daylily (I have a short, very bright yellow that blooms for a very long time), Can we work something out?

Wildflower, I would love some of your indigofera and toad lily. Please look through my list and see if there is something you want so we can make a trade.

Westender, I have calycanthus florida for you. I would be interested in your weigelia Wine and Roses or a white hydrangea if you have one (Annabelle?)

Marcy, I will have some creeping fig to trade for your azalea if it is one that I don't have. If you don't know it's name, can you describe it?,

Vroomp, I really need some oriental lilies! Could I have one or two in exchange for the Autumn Joy I am holding hostage for you? Or anything else, because I have certainly taken from you more than I have given to you!!!

Anybody, I am looking for the common form of maidenhair fern that grows wild out in the woods, lemon verbena, astrantia (major or maxima), spirea japonica Shibori, stephandra incisa Crispa, and as I have said many times before, any red, white, or blue full sun perennials. Below is what I think (for now) is a fairly complete list of haves and wants:

Artemesia 'Powis Castle'
Canna (yellow)
Ageratum Eupatorium(perennial)
Hedychium coronarium 'Mama Claude' ginger lily
centaura montana
aegopodium bishops weed
lime thyme
maltese cross
verbena 'Homestead Purple'
euonymus alata (burning bush)
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
Setcresia Purple Heart
Stokesia Stoke's Aster
Viburnum 'double file'
Viburnum Chinese snowball
Viburnum odoratissimum
Nine Bark
Hydrangea paniculata

Plants I am looking for

Gillenia trifoliate bowmans root
Rodgersia podophylla
Rose Perle d Or
Hydrangea Mother Theresa
Astrantia (major or maxima)
Spirea japonica Shibori
Stephanandra incise Crispa
Aloysia triphylla lemon verbena

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I think I should pack up and move in with you, because you already have what I want! I would love some Stoke's aster and Ageratum Eupatorium. I might also be interested in the Ninebark. Check out my list to see if anything I have is worthy. :)

Wildflower, I wouldn't mind trading for a Turtlehead.

Plants I have to trade:

Achillea (yarrow - white)
Agastache foeniculum (Blue Fortune)
Astilbe (white)
Canna (yellow)
Christmas fern---maybe!
Chrysanthemum (white daisy like flowers)
Heuchera (Palace Purple - I think, also a green variety with pink flowers)
Hosta (Alba marginata and many others I don't know)
Ipomoea quamoclit (Cypress vine)
Lantana camera (Mrs. Huff), Lantana (Athens Rose)
Liriope muscari (Big Blue)
Passiflora incarnata (Passion vine)
Penstemon (pink)
Persicaria (Red Dragon)
Salvia greggii (purple - cuttings---maybe!)
Solidago (Goldenrod - fireworks)
Tradescantia (Spiderwort - blue, purple, and white)
Tricyrtis (Toad Lily) ---maybe!


Plants I am looking for:

Alliums and Ornamental garlic
Helianthus angustifolius
Sarracenia (pitcher plant)

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Lindagail, I'd love some of your viburnums...'Double File' and 'Chinese Snowball'.

I meant to put a warning out on the indigofera and the rice paper plants. I havn't been growing either of these plants for long, so won't say that they are invasive, but both seem to spread very rapidly. If anyone is interested in these, please make sure you have lots of room for them!

Pam, how about some of the turtlehead for your persicaria 'red dragon'.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Wildflower, it's a deal!

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

I am willing to take a chance on the indigofera. I have put your name on a doublefile and chinese snowball. I think you might have your e-mail blocked, as I got a message that I cannot reach you by e-mail. Did you get an e-mail from me about the indigofera and toad lily?

I listed my hardy ageratum incorrectly, it is eupatorium coelestinum rather than ageratum eupatorium. Does that affect your decision?


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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

lindagail, my azalea has smaller darker leaves and flowers than some of my other azaleas... the flowers are a very dark pink, almost reddish. I also might have a larger one with lighter-green leaves and white flowers; i'll check. let me know if you're interested in either of those :) i would also be interested in your tuberose and asters.

pam, what kind of a center does your rudbeckia have? i would be interested in your lanata athens rose, pink penstemon, and white astilbe.

Wildflower, I'd be interested in any brugmansia that's white or pink, clematis, and the creeping jenny.

in addition to what i've already listed, i have a bunch of ferns, bamboo, and a kinda beat-up lavender plant :)

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Lindagail, E. coelestinum is perfect!

Marcy, I believe I have Rudbeckia fulgida, but I wouldn't stake my life on it. They have a black cloth covered button sort of look. I'm very interested in your ferns, the lavender, OR if you want to consider this a special trade, I'll trade whatever you want for your blueberry bush. :)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I haven't done a full inventory yet, but so far I will have...

Oxalis Iron Cross and also Reverse Iron Cross (not weedy but multipies well! A bright coral flower)

Chrysanthemum: Clara Curtiss, Ryan's Pink

Sedum: angelina, blue spruce, tetractinum (it has a round leaf and is a groundcover), vera jameson, "mystery sedum" a rather weird form that blooms bright chrome yellow

one or two double/triple pink flowering Columbine

Climbing roses with a carmine flower. I'm unsure of which one it is...the flower is double. They are cuttings from my own garden

Jacob Klein Monarda

Salvia: Guarantica and black and blue

hymenocallis "peruvian lily"

crocosmia (orange)

a variety of different types of snapdragons, and hollyhocks. I will list varieties and colors as soon as they mature a bit.

Lobelia siphilitica: great blue Lobelia

Veronica: "Goodness Grows" - (Medium blue with thinner flower stalks. Spreads nicely)

Veronica: "Sunny Border Blue" (navy blue to deep purple in some people's eyes. This one has fatter flower stalks)

Dwarf asters: Woods pink, wood's purple

White butterfly ginger

For requests only: Bags of lamiamstrum or yellow archangel, bags of creeping liriope, creeping strawberry groundcover for shade, all the poison ivy and oak you can carry, lol!

There's my start. I have had signs of rust, although not any daylily rust this year. I will not be exchanging any daylilies until I can better assertain next year if the rust as affected any daylilies. It has not affected any plants listed here.

I may have more! If anyone saw anything they want from my garden that they would like propigated, now is the time to ask. I may need to do it over winter. Pearl d' Or I'd need to root for you over the winter if I can Linda!!!

Pam, may I please have some goldenrod? That is one thing I am missing!!

Also looking for JOE PYE WEED - the taller the better. REALLY TALL. Veronia and ironweed too please (pretty please with sugar on top...)


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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

GGG, I am drooling over your list! Is there anything of mine you'd like for any or all of your: hollyhocks, veronica, lobelia, asters, or ginger?

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GGG, daylily rust will not affect other plants (or vice-versa) besides patrinia.

If you suspect one of your dl's has it, you can wipe the leaves off with a white paper towel. If you see orange, then you've probably got it. If you've acquired any new daylilies in say, the last 4 or 5 months, and you're not sure whether or not your source had it, it may not have shown up yet.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Wildflower, they aren't even 100% sure if Patrina rust is a problem on the daylilies now! I don't think any of my daylilies have rust, I just want to be SURE. They sure don't have rust now. I had rust on a few plants, but they were completely picked off and treated. No rust now except on one of the Achimenes plants (which is very annoying!!)

Marcy: You are welcome to ginger, either/both vernonicas, and hollyhocks (I will let you know colors once I'm sure they are going to do well. They have just been re-potted!).
The rest I'd like to see if anyone is interested in trading for. At this time you don't have anything I need on your list, but thanks! I thought I would have cleaned you out of ferns by now, lol!!!

The rest of the plants/seeds I have available for trade appear on my GW page: http://members.gardenweb.com/members/exch/girlgroupgirl


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pam_3(GA 7b)

You are certainly welcome to some Solidago. And I'd like to trade for the Lobelia siphilitica, please. I'm very excited you have this!

(The orange Crocosmia I got from you at the last trade looks really lovely right now. Thank you, Thank you!)

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gardengeek(z7b GA)

I have some TALL Joe Pye weed (about 6-7 feet) for you. I'll plan to bring my friend Kimberly to the trade and maybe she can find some things she needs (she's the one you did the garden plan for!)

Not to mention, this should inspire me to update my own list :-)


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Thank-you Kenna, that's what I'm looking for! It will be nice to see Kimberly again. I'll try and bring some plants from her plant list.
Pam, a blue lobelia is yours.

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

GGG, that's generous of you, but I didn't mean to take all your plants when I don't have anything you're looking for :)

pam, if you want to email me, we can hash out what we want to trade for what :)

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gardengeek(z7b GA)

Glynis, I have some baby rattlesnake master, too, if you're interested (didn't I read you lost yours?). Actually I've got several clumps, if anyone else would like some.


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Hi there,

Does anybody have Abutilon, Climbing Gloriosa Lillies or Gingers (other than white)?

GGG, I am interested in some sedum & aster.

I will post my have list later to see if you are interested in anything.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

THanks Kenna,
I give up on Rattlesnake Master. I just don't think I have a space well drained enough for it. It's hard to predict next year's water level after this year and last year :)


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estheramgr(z8 GA)

Those dates look good to me. Looking forward to it.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

estheramgr, I can have creeping jenny for you at the trade,


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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

My calendar is marked and I can't wait! I'll be glad to bring food and stay and help clean up. This is what I have...

Hosta - blueish green with yellow and regular variegated
Grandis Begonia
Strawberry Begonia
Money plant (grown from seed)
Daylilies - mostly yellow (have not seen rust)
Liriope - varigated and smaller green type
Kilmarnack Pussy Willow - not sure how to propagate but will look up if anyone would like it.
Barberry Shrub - 2'- 3' tall

Here's my wish list...mostly shade plants..
Daphne Odora
Hydrangea - Preziosa and purple, pink, red or Oakleaf
Toad Lilly
Becky or Shasta Daisy
Oriental Lillies
Clematis - purple

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have becky daisies for you. Can you tell me about your barberry? What color are the leaves?

Pam, I would be interested in white astilbe if you can find anything else I have that you want.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I took a few cuttings last night and hope they'll root before our trade.

I took cuttings of my wiegela "wine and Roses" for wildflower and lindagail. If anyone else wants a cutting, let me know.

I took cuttings of my hydrangea macrophylla "Blaumeise", Hydrangea serrata "Beni Gaku", Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Rosea' (a climber with small felty leaves),and Dichroa febrifuga, which is a hydrangea-like plant. I've also got Hydrangea quercifolia 'Sikes' Dwarf, but it's too small to take cuttings now. Maybe next year.

A couple of weeks ago I had to trim back drastically, and thus potted up cuttings of, a rose called Reve d'Or. This was billed as "nearly thornless" but that was a lie. However, it is a very nice climbing rose, with butterscotch colored petals. It seems to bloom twice, with the best show in late spring and fewer flowers later on in summer and fall. It has some fragrance. Of course I don't know if any of those cuttings will root, but so far things are looking good.

Last night I also took cuttings of creeping raspberry, Rubus pentalobus, an ornamental vine whose leaves turn beautiful red colors in the fall. This is the sort of vine whose roots grow all along the stems like ivy's, so it would be good to cover a wall or wooden structure. I have mine in a bed next to a brick wall, and so far it has filled the bed but not climbed the wall. But I expect next year it will start growing upwards.

Also I will try to root a few cuttings of fiveleaf akebia, akebia quinata.

Lindagail, I have a lemon verbena plant and will take some cuttings this weekend for you.

I am still holding two caryopteris/blue mist plants for bochonko and kritterfarm, because I posted too late about these for the spring trade and didn't know anyone wanted them until after the trade.

If anyone is interested, I can bring sedum acre. I bought this in the spring thinking I already had it, but it turns out to be a very nice, thick groundcover, growing about 6 inches tall, bright green, that spreads well. Not what I already had at all.

I'll pot up and bring creeping jenny as well; there's always plenty of it to share.

If anyone is interested, I could try to root cuttings of my Beauty Bush, Kolkwitzia amabalis, that after 3 or 4 years has finally gotten big enough to fully bloom and is really a very nice, sort of old-fashioned, shrub. In the late spring it has small pink tubular flowers (much smaller than those of wiegela, but similar in shape) covering the stems, which arch out in an almost weeping style. I think they call it a "vase-shaped" shrub. It can grow quite large, I've read. Mine is about 7 feet tall overall, and not quite that wide.

I will be bringing one pot each (quart-sized pots, very full) of Bath's Pink dianthus and evergreen candytuft, Iberis sempervirens.

Also if anyone is interested, I can bring divisions of Saponaria officinalis, otherwise known as soapwort or bouncing bet. It has pink flowers, and will grow to cover quite a large area as a groundcover. Some might consider it invasive, so I'll bring it only if someone wants it. It is very long-lived; the patch I want to thin has been thriving for almost 20 years with very little care from me. The same can be said for perennial candytuft, by the way; it seems to live forever with no attention whatsoever.

I will be bringing bountiful seed from amaranthus "Elephant Head." If you've never seen this beautiful plant, look it up online. I bought my seed at Seeds of Change and it has been coming back true for a couple of years. The seed-head, which is almost solid and a dark maroon color, was selling for $5 a head at the DeKalb Farmers Market when I first saw it. This year I coincidentally grew it next to Lilium speciosum var. rubrum and the color match with the lily's little polkadots was incredible. My garden "design" is always by accident, but that combination is one I'll make sure to repeat in years to come. Amaranth will reseed itself prolifically, so you have to pull a lot of the volunteer plants out as weeds, but I still like it.

I'll look around the yard this weekend for anything else that would root easily or could be divided and might be of interest to anyone. Does anyone still need "Blue Danube" stokesia, or stokes aster? GGG, did the division I gave you make it through all the rain this spring? Does anyone want Bignonia capreolata 'Tangerine Beauty'?

I will also be bringing divisions of purple and white siberian iris, unnamed varieties. These are just old-fashioned, Ohio versions of siberian iris that my mother gave me (I've since ordered named varieties but most of them drowned in all the rain) that make enormous clumps and have to be divided every couple of years. I've also got lots of yellow bog iris (maybe a pseudacorus?) that need very moist soil in order to bloom, if anyone wants some. If you grow it in drier soil it makes nice tall sword-like stalks that don't brown out like bearded iris do, but rarely blooms. The blooms, by the way, are fantastic, large and thin and almost spidery in appearance.

Does anyone have a single shepherds hook plant hanger that they would like to trade for a double one? I have a nice black double shepherds hook that I've been using to hang a thistle sock birdfeeder, but recently a small bird got caught between the two hooks. It was the perfect hanger for that birdfeeder, but I'm not willing to risk another such accident. I'd like to trade with someone who uses these shepherds hooks to hang plants, not birdfeeders. Alternatively, I'd be willing to trade it for a nice birdfeeder or birdhouse, or squirrel baffle or anything else bird-related that someone might not be using. I think I paid about $20 for this double hook hanger.

Sorry to take up so much space; I get carried away sometimes.

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

The Barberry has red leaves. It is larger than I thought -- about 40" tall. Not sure if I can dig it up. Let me know what you think. --Thanks. --Lucy

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Lucy, thanks, but yes, I think that is larger than I want to try transplanting. Thank you though. I appreciate it.

Debbie, I'd be interested in the Dichroa febrifuga. Horticulture has an article on it this month, and I think it would be the perfect plant for my deep shady area that gets a little moist (a lot moist this year, lol). Blue berries that it makes would pair really nicely with the slip of blueberry viburnum I was given this year from another friend. The article said that late summer is the best time to root your dichroa and not to bother trying to grow it froms seed. Seed grown plants show muddy blooms that are not very attractive. Interesting, huh?
I have a single shepards hook. It's not that tall, maybe 4' tall. If you should like to have it, it's your. It is a few years old.
The Blue Danube flowered beautifully this year. It starts a violet purple and in two days turns to a pale powder blue. Nice and low growing.


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My Saturday class end 10:45 so I'll be dashing to the trade. Can't promise yet but would love to come.

All plants on my trade list are avaliable so I won't repeat them here, as there're link to their picures on my trade list. If you don't specify I may not bring them. Also please email me directly if u want anything from me, with a subject "October Plant Trade" otherwise it may be lost as I'm burried with emails and won't have time to read through all the threads here :-).

Glynis, still have that oxalis iron cross and reverse ? I thought I have the iron cross (see pic here) am I right? if so I would live the reverse or which ever one I don't have :-). http://community.webshots.com/photo/339433664/161908007DbwYGt

Wildflower , I'm interested in yours:
Toad Lilies
Stokesia Blue Danube
Fernleaf Bleeding Heart

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wildflower, do you still have any fernleaf bleeding heart to trade? I have autumn joy sedum and just a few other things. I have only started my garden this year. Let me know. Thanks

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Yes. I will have for your reverse Iron Cross.


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Kathy Bochonko

Hi there, I haven't figured out what I have yet, I am still in recovery mode from all my water damage this year. But I do know that I promised some items to people already and in my chaos I have lost my notes. I remember telling someone I would bring them May Night Salvia, and I promised someone a Chicago Royal Daylily. I don't recall who I promised them two and what it was in exchange for, but I remember someone promised me a Yellow Buterfly Bush and I don't recall what else I may have asked for. I really am losing it lately. So if I am supposed to be bringing you something please let me know what it was and I will bring it. Meanwhile I am going to get serious about some propagation in the next week or two.

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I saw that Horticulture article about dichroa and wondered if anyone else would, too. I haven't seen berries on my plant yet (just bought it last year and put it into the ground this year where it is catching up on root and stem growth). The article said it blooms in the late summer, or even fall? So maybe there's still hope for flowers this year. I remember that when it came in the mail last year it had a flower on it, and it was an interesting one, reminiscent of hydrangea but yet not the same, almost making me think more of a lilac. I planted it in deep shade under an oak tree, in a new raised bed with a low brick wall on its north side. I was a little worried about it making it through the winter but I think I worried about nothing. This is also the little bed where I killed the climbing bleeding heart and, later, sad to say, the corydalis plants you gave me. But other things are doing well there.
I'm definitely interested in your single shepherd's hook, do you want to trade for the double one? Or trade something else? I just read someone's post on the birds forum where they said that within months of putting up a double hook like mine, THREE birds were caught in the V of it. But their birds actually had their heads caught rather than their feet. It makes me sick to think about.

Lindabeth, I couldn't respond by email to your question about kolkwitzia and how much sun it needs, so here's my answer: Actually, the reason I picked kolkwitzia was that it was described somewhere as tolerating a certain amount of shade. I have it growing under the tall limbs of an ancient oak tree, and it gets about 2 hours of low direct morning sun, then about an hour or two of filtered high afternoon sun. I think that's why it took it 3 years to fully bloom. But I expect in years to come it will be covered with flowers, based on this spring's show. I have a couple of roses that are further out, closer to the edge of the oak tree's dripline, and get even more morning sun, and even so there's not enough sun for them. So, based on that, I'd say kolkwitzia needs less sun than a rose to bloom. I suspect that abelia would also work for you in your partly shady spot, because I have an abelia at another house that blooms like crazy in almost total shade. Are you familiar with abelia? It has flowers all summer long and is a real bee magnet. It's another old-fashioned shrub.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Westender, thank-you but I would also pass on the double shepard's hook. Can we trade your dichroa for the single hook? I'd be very pleased with that if you are. I also have that seed book for you.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

at least one dichroa will have your name on it - I just hope they really do root as easily as hydrangeas. So far they're looking good, whereas some of the hydrangea cuttings taken the same day are wilting badly. I'm not worried, because I can always take more cuttings later in the fall for our spring trade. It's not too soon to be anticipating a spring trade, is it???

I always seem to make out better than you do on our trades. I may have to start bringing you vintage vases or pots or something in order to make our trades more even. Are there any books you particularly want now?

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Hi Westy,
Nope no books. Thank-you. I am actually going to cut down on my bookage, and give away a lot of my garden magazines. It is time to get my rabid collecting in control and have a sanely organized home ;)
And you do not make out better than I do, because you give me the nicest gift of all, friendship! (ahh, hallmark card sign)


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Farmerpickle & Bmmalone, you both have mail!

Hey WestEnder, do you still have any of the starfish cactus that was different from the one I have?

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Yes, I will break off a piece of my plant for you and even try to get it rooted before October. Also, I've been meaning to point you to this website, where they offer for sale an unbelievable variety of these plants, which are apparently officially known as stapeliads, perhaps more specifically as huernia. I don't have a clue what the correct name for my plant is, but it looks exactly like yours except it's larger and thicker. It hasn't bloomed yet this year, but the one you gave me has bloomed several times and is blooming now. Thanks again!!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Wildflower, I may have another stapella. Do you want it?
It is a houseplant someone gave me. Honestly it might not be a stapella but from that family. It's not really my thing...


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Marcy, I want to apologize for not answering your post....I was just reading back through here and double-checking my lists & don't see where I ever answered you! I'll bring you some white and pink brug cuttings. I will have a lot of these to share at the time of the trade.

WestEnder, I love the site! I had no idea there were so many, and now I'm not sure exactly what I have!! I know it's 'orbea variegata', but I see they have several different types of those listed..I'll attach a pic of mine. Notice the flies on the top bloom...

GGG, I'll be more than happy to take that plant off your hands!!! I've become really interested in these the last couple of years. Let me know if there's anything on my list you'd like in return. If not, I'm sure I can come up with something else.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have a start of Pipe Vine potted up for the plant trade, I'll donate it for a door prize if we are going to do door prizes this time.

Lindagail, looking for door prizes????


P.S. the plant is yours windflower I think it might be something that sounds like "hernia", lol. It is like a non-spiney looking cactus thing.

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I just found this thread and I'm so excited that I'll be able to come. Here is what I'll have to bring if anyone wants any.

yellow corydalis
society garlic
purple flowered Mazus pretans
Alaska shasta daisy
Becky shasta daisy
well rooted beauty berries (several)
well rooted tardiva hydrangea (a few)
well rooted white and pink brugs
St. John's Wort
purple coneflowers
Royal Standard hostas
Lanciflora hostas
strawberry begonias
Archangel lambium
red cypress vine
Autumn Joy sedum
Southern Shield fern
solid green ajuga
orange croscosmia
September Charm anemone
Virginia Sweetspire
Butterfly Ginger
perineal strawberries
well rooted Blue Crown passiflora (hardy)

Probably more I can't think of now, but I'll post later.

Plants I'd like to get:

Various oxalis to plant with my hostas (Wildflowers, do you have any more purple?)
named hostas (espeically minis)
dwarf mondo grass (Maycy72 - any left?)
blackberry lilies
Viburnum snowball
Limelight hydrangea

Thanks for doing this again!

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I would like one of your beauty berries, please. Check out my list to see if I have anything you would like. I do have lots of hostas (solids and variegated, lime green, too.) The only ones I have a name for are Alba Marginata.

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nosyrosie(z7/8 - Atlanta)

Well, it was rough looking through this whole thread, exciting and full of anticipation! Whew! Thanks Lindagail and your daughter!!! I will bring food, too.

KathyGA, I have your honeycomb buddleia--it is fully rooted and living in a pot. I think we talked about trading it for Chicago Royal daylily?

I'd love beautyberry rooted cutting--I can bring a blackberry lily? (I think I only have 2 so I can only bring one--I can also bring a small clump of oxalis--it hasn't been spreading for me, strangely enough).

Lucyatlanta: I have Daphne odora. I will try to take some cuttings and see if they do okay. (I'm not a great propagator but will try under a plastic tent.)

Farmerpickle: I have baptisia australis seeds--could we trade for cosmos (if you are able to make it?)

Marcy, I can bring a couple of lily bulbs, stargazer and a white one (tall, large and smell delicious).

Glynis--did you ever root the spirea Ogon? That's still on my wish list (more so than the musa). I'll have to wrack my brain and look at your list some more to think of a good trade.

Otherwise I have:

2 mutabilis rose rooted cuttings
1 honeycomb buddleia rooted cutting (separate from Kathy's)
1 passionvine plant
1 variegated porcelain vine (ampelopsis brevipeduculata elegans)
several-hyacinth beans (the vine is glorious right now!)
nicotiana seeds
1 or 2 giant elephant ear (garden-variety)

Possibly: Rudbeckia Maxima (I think it's called; blue-green leaves, very tall, perfoliated leaves)
Ilicium florida sucker

And if anybody really wants some, I'll dig up some purple iris, white ginger lily (another great smeller), physostegia and Jacob Klein monarda, Rudbeckia goldsturm; otherwise may not bring them.
Also: I can try rooting a Blaumeise hydrangea as I also have that.

My wish list:
Neat little plants.


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Is everyone else getting excited? I make a mental note as I hook up my soaker hoses (Is it EVER going to rain more than 12 drops at our house?)"We can take THAT to the plant swap."We are leaving room in our "new" bed out front for our acquistions!

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Hi guys,

I have been out of touch for awhile as I lost my hard drive and mouse at the same time so it took longer than it should to diagnose the problem. I lost my list of promised trades so am trying to re-create that. I have sent individual notes to those I made note of on my scratch pad. If we have arranged a trade previously and you haven't gotten an e-mail, please send me an e-mail or post here.

ggg, by all means bring a door prize. Everyone loves a prize!

farmerpickle, I would love a small division of Salvia greggii 'flamimg red' and stevia. Do you actually use the stevia for sweetening? I have a couple of oxalis to trade and a baptisia plant if it will transplant. I just potted two and we will see how they do in the next few days. They have a very long tap root and don't like to be disturbed.

Carmen, I have a potted V 'Snowball' to trade for a little mazus reptans purple and some society garlic. I sure am glad to see your name pop up here.

I have checked my newly rooted hydrangea cuttings and am sure they are strong enough that they can be planted this year or held over til spring. I have at least two of the following and some are from last year so are bigger. But all have good strong root systems now:
'Emilie Molliere' (white)
'Blue Bird'
'beni gaku'
'merritts pride'
'forever pink'
'glowing embers'
purple mophead
purple lacecap
Except for 'Emilie' these are all shades of pink and purple in my yard, but some are supposed to be more blue, like 'Blue Bird'. Also I have at least a dozen good healthy ones that I have no idea what variety of hydrangea they are. Maybe they could go on a freebie table!

I'm sorry to hear that some of you aren't getting as much rain as I am. Oh, if only we could share.

Linda Gail

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Marcy72(z7/8 Atlanta GA)

hey all, i've been insanely busy lately and so have not kept up with this. i promise i'll check everything out tomorrow and make all the replies :)

and just in case it's one of those random things somebody wants to get rid of, i'm looking for the pump for an outdoor pond fountain- the kind that makes the water from a pond cycle through a little fountain. i have the fountain part, just need the pump :)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Rosie, the darned bush never rooted, sorry!

I can do two types of oxalis, the purple leaf and also the iron cross and reverse iron cross for you, and Hosta Stilletto (a mini) Do you want? Glad you can come!!

I'm interested in Southern Sheild Fern
Royal Standard Hosta


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Carmen, if you have any beautyberry left I'd love one, and also the yellow corydalis. I have clematis vines (e-mail and let me know which kind), agapanthus, & rain lilies.

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My internet service has been down at home since Thursday so I had to wait until lunchtime today to post.

Pam, I have beautyberries for you (rooted plants). I'd love your lime green hosta. I'd also like your Agastache foeniculum and pink penstemon if you have any left. Are there other plants I could bring you (or more beautyberries)?

Rosie, I have beautyberries for you, too. I'd love to get the blackberry lily. I'd also like your variegated porcelain vine if there is something else of mine that you'd like.

Linda, it will be good to see you again. It's been too long! Thanks for offering the V. Snowball. I really need that shrub. You bet you can get the mazus reptans and society garlic.

GGG, just how much of the Souther Shield fern would you like? I'm clearing out a space and have several. Just let me know. And, you can certainly have the Royal Standard hosta. They look so nice against the variegated foliage of the surrounding hostas. Thanks for offering the purple and the iron cross oxalis. I saw a garden in Tucker that had them next to hostas and they looked just fabulous. I think the purple oxalis is the only purple leaved plant I like besides heucheras. I would also like your stiletto. They are such cute little hostas, aren't they?

Wildflower, I still have a beautyberry or two for you, plus a whole pot of the yellow corydalis. Thank you so much for offering a clematis, agapanthus, and rain lilies. How do you overwinter the agapanthus? I can't wait to put them in the garden.

I still have lots more plants, and this doesn't have to be a one for one swap on my part. Let me know what you'd like.


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nosyrosie(z7/8 - Atlanta)

Carmen, I can bring you variegated porcelain vine in a pot (fyi-loathsome japanese beetles love it). I am looking for groundcover for under a tree, maybe a sprig of lamium or ajuga--either would be fine. I don't have either of these and would like to try them before I put more valuable epimediums (which I want to get in future) under there.


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I'll bring both afuga and lamium so you can decide, rb. The lamium will spread the quickest, but it will cover up your epimediums, so I'd go with the ajuga if I were you.

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

can somebody tell me how the plant trades work, or where to look? I did look in FAQ and How to Use the Forums and Special Instructions...and I don't know how to get on the email list to get directions, etc, in case I might be able to come to the 10/22 plant trade. it sounds like loads of fun.

also I don't know the etiquette. I'm pretty new, what if I don't have anything to trade that anybody wants? do we just bring what we've got even if nobody has said they want it? because I would hate to dig it up if it wasn't going to have a home. can we do seeds too or instead?

i do have cannas. lots of cannas. Pretoria, short yellows, short reds, tall purple-leaf with red flowers, short purple-leaf with salmon/coral flowers. I also have sweet autumn clematis. lots of sweet autumn clematis. baby hollies, native. 2 kinds of gardenias (large once-bloomers and small everbloomers) i can do cuttings from. dwarf nandina. monkey grass. mondo grass. can you tell i am regardening a newish subdivision home? :) Oh, and a small baby Cherokee rose that wants a good home.

Wanted: one of everything:) but especially a yellow lady banks, white lady banks, or any other rose or climbing rose you don't have to spray.


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pam_3(GA 7b)

Check your email! :)

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Mairenn, please e-mail me at lkleem@yahoo.com. I need to have your address so that I can communicate with you off this thread.

And that goes for anyone else who doesn't show their e-mail address on their GardenWeb member page.


Linda Gail

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Hallelujah! I knew FlowersRme7 couldn't stay away from a backyard full of potted plants. Unless her daughter is in labor that morning, she will be there.

Here's a portion of her e-mail to me.

"I don't have my list updated as of yet so would you please post this for me
If you have any baby items you no longer need and want to donate or trade them for plants please email me. It's my daughters first baby and she needs everything. She is having a boy.
I have not updated my trade page since Spring so email me for available plants. Thanks"

She is from Alabama and can't post to this forum, so find her on the member page and e-mail her. Don't do it when you are in a rush because you will be amazed at her long list of available plants.

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)


Drop the "7". She is just "flowersrme."


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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Flowersrme has now updated her trade list. If anyone has trouble locating her, let me know. I think we all found it tricky to move around this site at first.


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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

For those who still are having trouble finding Flowersrme, I am trying to add a link to her home page, and in case it doesn't work I'm just typing it in as well. You don't learn if you don't try!!http://members.gardenweb.com/members/flowersRme

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Rosie, thanks for trying to propagate the Daphne. Please let me know if their is anything I can bring for you. My list is below.

Carmen, if you still have a lot of Southern Shield Fern I would love to have a few if there is anything I have that you would like.

Thanks. --Lucy

This is whatI have so far .....Hosta - blueish green with yellow and regular variegated
Grandis Begonia/Strawberry Begonia
Money plant (grown from seed)
Daylilies - mostly yellow (have not seen rust)
Liriope - varigated and smaller green type
Kilmarnack Pussy Willow - not sure how to propagate but will look up if anyone would like it

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Kathy Bochonko

Well I think I have at least a partial list so here goes--

Plants I have to trade--
Variegated Hostas
Ajuga Burgundy glow
Ajuga Bronze Beauty (tons of this)
Ajuga Chocolate Chip
Daylily Chicago Royal
Daylily Stella d oro
Nearly wild Rose
Hardy Ageratum
Variegated Ivy
Curly ivy
black eyed susans
Golden Oregano
Hardy Ice Plant
Purple Butterfly Bush
Blue star creeper
Mother of Thyme
Lime Thyme
Wooly Thyme
creeping Thyme
various ground cover sedums (about 6 different kinds) Balloon Flowers Chocolate mint
1 catnip plant (I seem to have the only cat who doesn't like it)
Verbena Bonaris
lambs ear
Veronica (Georgia Blue?)
Rose Campion
Homestead Verbena
creeping fig
Very small unidentified Crepe Myrtle Seedling
small rooted cuttings from Endless Summer hydrangea and Lady in Red hydrangea
Purple Heart

Plants I am looking for
Any shrubs for understory planting
beauty bush
Reeves Spirea aka 'Double Bridalwreath'
Bottlebrush Buckeye
Cardinal Candy Viburnum
black Beauty Sambucus
Southern Gold Sambucus
The Swan Hydrangea
Limelight Hydrangea
Quick Fire Hydrangea
Snow flake Hydrangea
Annabelle Hydrangea
or any Hydrangea paniculata
Viburnum Bodnantense
Pink Muhly Grass
any ornamental grass besides Miscanthis Maiden or zebra Eulalia
Spanish Bluebells
Huechera-- Rasberry Ice, or stoplight
Brunnera 'looking glass'
lungwort (pulmonaria saccharata)
Red Cardinal Flower
Cup plant (silphium perfoliatum)
swamp milkweed
Cinamon Fern
Any no spray roses but especially--
Carefree Sunshine
Weeping willow I will take rooted or unrooted cuttings
Named Hostas I don't have but particularyly-stiletto, sieboldi Kabitan, Slick Wille and Great Expectations.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I would love a money plant. What would you like of mine to trade?


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Lucy, you can certainly have some Southern Shields. May I get a hosta, bluish green w/ yellow from your collection?

Kathy, it they're not taken, could I trade for Ajuga chocolate chip, Nearly Wild Rose (is that the pink one?) and a purple butterfly bush? I have a white one and the butterflies just don't seem to like it.

I have beautyberries and Itea from your want list. I'm actually going to dig up my whole itea (it's huge), so you might just want to come to my house and get as much (or all) of it that you want. I'm in Decatur.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Kathy, I have some Cinnamon fern (and Christmas fern, too, if that interests you.) It will probably be a little small.

Is the myosotis well behaved? If not, could I have a cutting of your Lady in Red Hydrangea?

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Kathy Bochonko

Pam, I just got my myosotis from Springhill earlier this summer. It definitely spreads, but doesn't appear to be something that would be hard to pull out where you don't want it. I will bring you both for a Cinn Fern and I can always take more Christmas ferns even though I have quite a few.

Carmen, I will bring you all 3, and would love the beautyberries and Itea, I will email you, but I think you are almost an hour from me. I also just read your list and would love a tardiva hydrangea and will give you a Hosta in return. I have a Golden Tiara Hosta that may be able to spare a small division if you have that one let me know and I will see what else I can spare.

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Kathy, I'll be glad to give you a tardiva. I do have a Golden Tiara hosta and just love them. Is there any other hosta you might have? If not, maybe you have another start of the myosotis.

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I hope one of you who have been at this a LONG time will bring hardy geraniums to the fall trade...They were very popular at the spring trade. I got one and it looked great, 'til the @$#%&*@# rabbits ate it to the ground!! They also ate my thriving little green-and-gold,and a mutablis rose. Will they come back from the roots? There are NO leaves left on any of the three plants.

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Farmerpickle, could I trade for Canna Lily Pink and Hardy Blue Plumbago Ceratostigma plumbaginoides?

What would you like of mine?


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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Girl Group Girl,
Will be glad to bring you the money plant and some seeds. If you still have daisies -- Becky or Shasta I would love to have some. Thanks. --Lucy

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

I would love to have an Autumn Sedum and a Southern Shield Fern. Will bring you a Hosta (will look up the name) or anything else on my list that you want. Thanks much. --Lucy

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rdhanson(Zone 7 Georgia)

Oct. 22 is very busy for me, but I'm going to try and make room. I'm still very low on plants that I have; would some BBQ pork be a sufficient trade? They are getting good reviews lately. Here's my meager list of what I hope to have:

purple hyacinth bean seeds
moonvine seeds
azalea "George Tabor"
Clerodendrum aka Harelquin Glorybower
money plant
butterfly bush

almost any perennial that grows in shade - part sun
native azalea
purple lacecap hydrangea
witch hazel
climbing hydrangea (the last one didn't make it . . .)


Richard Hanson

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

yes, yes, yes on the BBQ! We've also got a lunch thread going a little further down on this exchange forum if you want to post that there. But I'll definitely be willing to trade a plant for BBQ pork. Not everyone eats meat, but I do!

Would you be interested in Hydrangea serrata Beni Gaku? I took a couple of cuttings from this plant last month and they are still looking good so I guess that means they are taking root. I don't think anyone else has claimed them so far. I also took cuttings from a pink-flowering climbing hydrangea I have, but they died. I'm going to try again this fall so maybe I'll have some of that available for you at the spring trade.

When you say "figs," do you mean figs to eat, or fig plants? Figs to eat would be nice. . . . . plants, too, of course.

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Thanks, Lucy.

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Richard, I'll be glad to trade plants for BBQ also! Check my list (up near the beginning of this thread) and see if there's anything you'd like. I've run out of a few things, but still have a lot left.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Anybody lay claim on that Crinum americanum, yet? If not, I'm interested! Take a look at my list again to see if there's anything else you would like. (Your Persicaria is looking really good, btw.)

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Linda Gail,
You have an impressive list of hydrangeas (my favorite plant). Would love to have any of the pink, purple varieties if I have anything you would like. Otherwise I'll take my chances on the open trade. Thanks --Lucy

This is what I have:

Hosta - blueish green with yellow and regular variegated
Grandis Begonia
Strawberry Begonia
Money plant (grown from seed)
Daylilies - mostly yellow (have not seen rust)
Liriope - varigated and smaller green type
Kilmarnack Pussy Willow - not sure how to propagate but will look up if anyone would like

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Any one have some tall breaded iris or Japansese iris to share? I have burgandy lanvender yellow TB. I just start to collect them so any other colors or bi-colored would welcome.

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lindagail41(zone 7 GA)

Okay Lucy, I'll bring you a pink and a purple hydrangea for a bluish green/yellow hosta. I have just begun to appreciate the blue leaf varieties.

My property used to be a pig farm and my hydrangea colors are very often different than they are supposed to be. My 'Forever Pink' is a deep, clear rose when fresh and turns red-purple as it ages. And my purples are deep purple. I can't say the strong colors will last more than a year or two in another soil.

Farmerpickle, I have several iris--'Beverly Sills', 'Harvest of Memories', 'Spiced Custard' 'Swingtown' an unnamed very deep purple, and a very tall white, unnamed also. Are you listing three separate iris or one that is lavender, burgundy and yellow? E-mail me to finalize this trade.

Everybody---I need a few folding tables. Please e-mail me if you can bring one.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I can bring some iris that is dark in the fall, and light colored in the upper petals. It's an oldfashioned iris and very pretty.


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Pam, I've got a crinum americanum for you. Would love some of your agastache.

A few days ago I got a slew of tropicals from my relatives in Biloxi who are moving to IN. I've got this huge cordylene - ti plant (click below for a pic) to trade. I already have one of these and don't need two....

I'm looking for some plants for them that will be hardy in IN. Specifically, I know they want some winter-blooming honeysuckle 'lonicera fragrantissima'. Other than that, they like anything fragrant, but it'll need to be able to survive the winters there.

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I'd love to have that plant!! What can I give you for it?

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Lindabeth, it's yours. Any one of the named hosta you have would be great.

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

Linda, thanks for the Hydrangea. I do have a large folding table and will bring with.

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Thanks Linda and Glynis. I'll email you Linda (I'm open to any iris other than the 3 solid colors kinds I already have :-).

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I have a few plants this fall to trade. Sorry I was unable to find any Wallflower seeds GGG. Lindagail, I have a few Asiatic lillies for you and one Turks Cap if you want it. I have been so busy with work I haven't had a lot of time this year to do much gardening at all! Here's my list of Haves:
One division of Hosta (June)
One division of Hosta (Pearl Lake)
Three White Angel Trumpets
Several Hybiscus acetosella (Coppertone)
One Hybiscus moscheutos (Swamp Mallow, Lord Baltimore)
Several Colocasia esculenta (Illustris)
Several Colocasia macrohiza
Bunches of house plants

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