Jasmine - When will it bloom?

LeftCoast(San Jose, CA)April 9, 2005

I've had a jasmine off. grandiflorum for a little over a year. I got it along with murraya paniculata from Logee's. In the last few months they've finally gotten a sunny window. The murraya has really taken off with dozens of buds, but I'm still winding stray jasmine branches around the armature I made for it. It's growing a lot, but shows no sign of blooming.

Do they need to reach a certain size or age before they bloom?

The murraya spoiled me. Even with meager light, it produced several little blossoms and now has seeds.


-- Will

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

It should flower in summer, surprised you haven't seen it flower yet. Maybe it just needed to grow a little.

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LeftCoast(San Jose, CA)


Thanks for the response. I'll content myself with watching the tendrils vining around for now.

Hopefully watched plants are less contrary than watched pots.

-- W

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