Anyone grown these? How do you think they would do in part shade?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)April 4, 2005

Hi I have so much shady room but want so many and massive amoutns of fragrants perhaps if I put some fragrants on the shady border in part shade.... dappled sunglight? from tall trees? these would grow.... I was wondering how these would do....

mathiola bicornis

reseda odorata

nicotiana alata



peruvian daffodil hymenocallis?


jasminum grandiflora

pansies ?

midnight candy z something capensis


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Here's how to read the truth behind the seed package labels and nursery descriptions:

Full sun -- Don't bother unless you have unobstructed southern exposure from horizon to horizon or you have enough HID lights to illuminate a small city.

Sun to part shade -- these really like full sun, but you just may see a couple of blooms if you don't put it in full sun conditions (see above), if it's a good year, El Nino conditions are favorable, and you get lucky. Real lucky.

Part shade: this is what everybody north of the Mason-Dixon line actually has, even when it's sunny, compared to all those sun-drenched industrial nurseries in Homestead, Fl, where the plants actually come from. Expect plants to look a lot less vibrant than they do in the pictures.

Full shade: this means under a light tree canopy, not your linen closet.

And now for the real advice: your best bets are probably the nicotiana, peruvian daylilly, and pansies, I think -- many of the rest really need a lot of sun to look and smell their best.


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if i plant anything but roses and tomatoes in full sun down here, they usually fry by mid-summer! *lol*
i do grow n. alata(white form) and hymenocalis in part sun and they flower beautifully. these plants are sited under juniper canopy and get direct morning sun only (maybe 3-4 hours), then dappled shade the rest of the day.
n. alata has a very potent fragrance - overwhelming to some folks who encounter my planting. i like it, though; the stronger, the better.
they are perennial here.
i have never detected any fragrance from a pansy. are yours fragrant? you can't beat 'em for duration of flower-power.

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Flowers are you planning on planting these plants in or outdoors? Toni

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

How about some fragrant rhododendrons/azaleas such as arborescens etc? They like shade and are quite fragrant, same goes for hostas.

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