My nightblooming jasmine has blooms but droopy leaves

sunshine100April 29, 2006

Hi everyone!

I bought a night blooming jasmine plant about a week ago.It was fine when I got it from the nursery but about a day later all the leaves were drooping. I hadnt even transplanted it to another container at that point. I thought it was because of leaving it in the midday sun and moved it to a shady location. But it still continued to droop. I transplanted it and watered it and it still continued to droop. I fertilized it with miraclegro and it looked good that day but by evening time it was again drooping. I just picked up gardening as a hobby a week ago so dont really know how to check for root damage but there were no signs of obvious damage to the roots when I transplanted it. Also I bought the plant two feet tall with flower buds already on it. A couple of the buds bloomed today so I dont know if the droopy leaves are going to affect the plant or if it is just a cosmetic concern. If anyone has any advice for me Id love to hear!

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Your plant might very well be suffering from lack of water. In warm climates like yours, plants may need to be soaked till water exits the bottom of the pot twice a day if in containers, or one heavy watering (done before the sun is up or after the sun is down to prevent evaporation) if in the ground. Put a finger down to the roots when you see wilting. If the soil feels dry, it is underwatered. If the soil feels moist or wet and it is wilting anyway, then you might have some other problem such as fusarium or verticillium wilt (plant diseases).

Hope this helps!

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When you pulled it out of the pot to transplant it, how did it look? Were there lots of white, plump roots all around the outside of the root ball, or were they brown and mushy?

Also, moving to a different location can shock the plant and cause drooping or dropping leaves. Don't go nuts and start pouring water and fertilizer over it, you'll just shock it more! Now that it's in a new pot with new soil, nor fertilizer and even moisture for a few weeks, and not too much sun.

If it's a good sized plant, nightblooming jasmine can soak up a lot of water while growing, so it may just be that it dries out quickly even after being watered. As long as the roots are ok, it'll bounce back with regular watering.


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I kept it in my garage for a couple of days because it was really windy and I noticed that the leaves looked fine. So I moved it indoors and it was doing very well. After a few days of keeping it indoors I decided to move it out again and within a couple of days again noticed that the leaves were drooping. I keep the soil moist whether its indoors or outdoors and I think the roots are fine. This plant's behavior is really really perplexing me.All the other plants outdoors seem to be doing ok!

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I bought a jasmine plant on Sunday, repotted and watered it and came home on Tues to find it REALLY droopy and lifeless looking. Thought I'd over watered it but after reading above comments took the plunge and watered till it came out the drainage hole. And this morning it is great! Thanks for saving my plant. Thought I'd bought a dud!

Here is a link that might be useful: My nightblooming jasmine has blooms but droopy

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Beth, they are water hogs and growing fiends. With ad lib water and fertilizer, a 12" plant can get to 4 or more feet in one summer. As JimShy said, in high summer, they can need water even twice a day. Needing water more often than usual is often a signal to repot up one size.

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