I just got my Certified Seed Potatoes...

gator1pdnApril 3, 2011

...and they have absolutely NO "buds" or external growth on them. I put them in the dark in a shallow pan, under the kitchen sink, standing up on their end. After two days some of them are getting mushy, to the point I think they are rotting.

Must I wait till they have substantial external growth on them before I plant them out in the specially prepared box I have for them?

As you may be able to guess, this is my first time trying to grow potatoes. I've heard it was a challenge in South Florida...but I'll try anyway.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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whgille(FL 9b)


In my zone 9b I plant potatoes in the cooler months, by now they are all ready for harvest. Where did you get the potatoes? They should have a calendar for sending at the right time. What varieties did you get?


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Thanks for your response.

I got Yukon Gold from Irish Eyes. I realize that they should go in during the cooler months, but it was still mid-February when I ordered them. Took quite a while to get them.

I built a raised bed, or actually a segregated section of a larger bed, specifically for potatoes, and with other plants positioned to provide afternoon shade.

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whgille(FL 9b)

Paul, Yukon Gold is an early and good variety for us. I have not grown them in the heat so I don't know the results. Sometimes the best and cheapest way to get certified potatoes is to get them from your local feed store. They don't have as many varieties but they are good for the area reds and yellows like Yukon.
To get them to sprout I usually leave them in a pantry closet where it is dry so they don't get mushy.
This week I am going to harvest all my potatoes, I will try to post a picture.
If you like sweet potatoes now is time to plant those, I just saw in Echo when I went a sweet potato variety that is not sweet and is a good substitute for regular potatoes, maybe you like that.
As an experiment, don't use too much of your space if you decide to go ahead and plant the Yukon. Next year try to sprout some organic and even better local potatoes to grow if you don't get them at the feed store.


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I've been growing arrowroot this year. I started a little article on it but have not updated it recently:
I will update after I harvest.

At any rate, this was a really easy starchy tuber to grow. I might have 1 or 2 tubers to send you after I harvest (if rodents don't get them or anything).

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