Cesturnum nocturnum and jasmine sambac

Sanchi(z5 IL)April 13, 2005

Hi Folks,

I bought the cesturnum N. and Jasmine Sambac few years ago, they are doing pretty well. But my Cesturnum N. has lots of dried / brown stems, is it okay to cut them? Also I got excited about Spring and kept them out in my patio few days ago, and some of leaves look welted.

Jasmine also grows in all directions, how to keep their shape good and have tons of flowers from them?


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Carefull putting these out too soon -- cold conditions can harm the leaves, and cold, wet nights can cause roots to rot.

Cut off any dead stems and leaves, and look for new growth -- that's where these species make their flowers.

J. sambac is, honestly, not a plant that anyone would grow for the handsome outline -- it's not really a climber, it just puts out shoots all over, even when you cut it back to try to get it to grow a particular direction. Get a couple of stakes or a trelis and tie up the stems while they're still green and flexible, but don't prune too much or you'll lose the flowers from those stems. Enjoy the fragrance!


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joanmary_z10(z10 Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Sanchi, Jim is right. Cut them back to good, healthy growth. When the Cestrum Nocturnum have flowered, don't be afraid to cut them down severely. You'll be amazed at the bushiness that results from a good whacking down! They love warm soil, so keep them out of the cold if you can.

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