Does any one know the best indoor gardenia?

meyermike_1micha(5)April 29, 2009

Can anyone let me know what is the easiest gardenia to grow indoors? One that has HUGE flowers, very fragrant, and not that finicky about being grown indoors through a winter. Pretty tough to kill...

I remember someone hear saying something about being able to store his denia in his cellar at cold temps and in darkness, that he finds them easy to grow. I can't remember that thread.

Was it the majesty one?

Thanks alot

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The best indoor 'denia is the one that lasts more than a week without dropping buds and eventually kicking the bucket!


I would love to hear if anyone's had greater longevity than me; my g. taheitensis was pretty, fragrant, and lasted for the better part of a year, but it never flourished for me.


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

This is sort of unrelated, but just an FYI....the Target stores here have Aimee gardenias for under $7. Might not be available in different regions, but I feel worth looking there to see if your local Target has them. And there is a lot of growth for a 1 gallon pot, very lush compared to gardenias from other garden centers. For $7, I think its really worth the buy, even if it lives for one month or to use it as a indoor guinea pig. LOL.

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i personally wouldn't even attempt without a hothouse except for something like cool, dormant storage and then they'll probably look like dead by the time you could get them outdoors for the next growing season.
of course, the perfect indoor gardenia might just be found alongside the sky blue rose, the arctic white marigold and the glowing orange clematis. ;-) i.e. as of yet, undiscovered.

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