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bunti(7)April 27, 2011

I do have Jasminum plants in pots. Now new leaves started coming. but very tiny new leaves are coming. Grand duke is in 3 gal pot. Last year it had only few flowers(less than 10 flowers), very tiny flowers too. stem became very think and its not growing at all. There was no new growth last year.

Jasminum belle of india is also not growing. it is also having very tiny leaves and stems and flowers.

Can someone suggest me what to feed these Jasminum plants.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi bunti,

I'm surprised no one has answered you yet.

I did a quick search and found this info posted from kandhi about how they keep their jasmines thriving:

"Last year I moved all my jasmines into 5:1:1 soil mix, you can get the directions on this mix from container forum, ever since then they are doing much better than previous years. They like the fast drainage with that soil mix. I also fertilize them with dynagro 'foliar pro' and epsom salt once a week. I generally give them weak solution, too much may cause issues. This year we had unusual summer in 90s everyday, the heat encouraged many blooms but that would also dry out soil where I had to water everyday. Winter care is another story. I will bring these plants indoors at the en of september by trimming and making sure I am not carrying any pests indoors with them."

Do you change the soil every year for your jasmines and trim the roots? They may not be getting enough oxygen (so fertilizer might not be the issue).
This year I too am trying the fast draining 5:1:1 mix. I also threw in a little Ironite into the mix to help keep the leaves dark green. So far my jasmines are looking great.

Good luck!

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Hello Robert,

I have been to lowes, i couldn't find Dyna gro 'foliar pro' and 5:1:1 mix too. I have been to a local nursery they have fish Emulsion fertilizer 5-1-1. Can i use it?


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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Fish emulsion is a good fertilizer. Stinks, tho, and I prefer a balanced fertilizer with micronutrients. I use DynaGro balanced, comes in a red bottle. I think it's 12-12-12. It's available here at HD. I also use ironite when the leaves are yellow.

I agree with Randy that fresh soil will do wonders. The 5-1-1 mix is hand-mixed, not a commercial mix. I repot all my jasmines and other plants into Miracle Grow Moisture control potting mix, as hand mixing isn't an option for me. Clay pots til the plants become too heavy at 14", then foam. This worked well for me several years ago, and again this. year when I started growing them again. Be sure the pot is not too big and especially not too deep. You want no more then 2" of bare soil around the root ball, and especially beneath the plant. Your three-gallon will probably need a foam pot-- clay pots that big are really heavy.

Outdoors, the clay pots keep the roots cooler and are protect against overwatering.

Once you have them in fresh soil and outdoors, they should grow like fiends as soon as the nights warm up above 65. My jasmines (and my neighbor's 20 year old jasmines) go whoosh with a huge spurt of growth once the nights warm up.

I would also recommend spraying with something like Safer's or Bayer's 3-n-1. Small leaves and flowers can be a response to pest infestations. Keep them out of the sun while wet with the spray.

Finally, each time you water, give them a good misting with the hose-- this freshens the leaves, and helps new growth form along the stems.

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