Mirabilis Longiflora tuber = dormant till ??

Kristi_TX(9a TX)April 24, 2005

Should I start to worry? I ordered a fragrant Mirabilis 'longiflora' (four o'clock) from an Ohio nursery about three weeks ago. It came as a dormant tuber in a 4-inch pot. The receipt noted that it it was still dormant. But now, after 3 weeks in warm, humid Houston - the pot shows no signs of life. I am keeping it slightly moist and protected from afternoon sun. Our daytime temps have been in the mid 70's.

When do these things break dormancy?

This is my first time trying the Longiflora variety. I have grown the 4'oclock 'jalapa' type from seed every year and have no trouble with them sprouting back from their tubers each year. They are the easiest plants. As usual, when I heard the 'longiflora' was more fragrant, I just had to get one. Hope it perks up soon.

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garden_nerd(UK Central)

I'm wondering if my M. jalapa tubers, saved from last year potted up in the greenhouse, are likely to put in another appearance. No sign of anything so far.

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Hi Kristi,
Can you tell me where you purchased Mirabilis Longiflora?
I have been trying to find a place that sells them.
Many thanks,

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Kristi_TX(9a TX)

I got mine from flowerscentgardens. It took a long time to come out of dormancy, but it was really nice when it finally did.

I don't think flowerscentgardens is shipping again until early next spring.
Good luck!

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The Fragrant Path sells the seeds for Mirabilis longiflora. I do not believe that they have a website, and their catalog costs $2.00 to recieve but, they do carry many seeds for fragrant plants and flowers. Here is their address, if you wish to contact them:

The Fragrant Path
P.O. Box 328
Ft. Calhoun NE 68023

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