Sweetest Jasmine

olympia_gardener(5)April 24, 2012

I read this variety of Jasmine somewhere. I am wondering if anyone has any comments on its scent and know who sale it?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Are you by chance referring to Jasminum azoricum (Azores Jasmine)? I know Logee's lists it as the sweetest of all their jasmines.
If so I have it. I wouldn't call it the sweetest jasmine I've smelled. Of the ones I have smelled I'd say Jasminum sambac 'Belle of India' would win hands down.
Jasminum azoricum has a musky scent similar to Jasminum molle IMO.


Here is a link that might be useful: Azores Jasmine

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Hi, Robert. I don't think it is the azoricum. I think it is Odora. I haven't seen a lot of discussion in this forum about this variety and am thinking if it is indeed a sweetest jasmine. I am crazy about the sweet scent of jasmine. If it is the sweetest, I want to get one.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Do you mean J. odoratissimum? If so Kemistry has asked about this species and Jimshy says the scent can be quite variable depending on the cultivar you receive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jasminum odoratissimum

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Thanks Robert. I think I saw this plant before when I was in China , don't remember on which trips. It does have nice scent, but it wasn't classified as Jasmine in China if it is the same plant. There is another plant, very similar leave and growing habit and flowers in spring that does not have any scents at all.

BTW Do you or Kemistry grow ginger? I rememeber seeing a picture of ginger growing in a pot, just don't recall who posted it.

I might accidentally grow ginger for two years! A friend of mine give me a piece of root and told me it has very fragrant, string of white flowers. It came from China so don't know the latin names or its official name. I wasn't familiar with any ginger plants then so I just planted like Iris. BTW it looks like Iris root. It grew and died back when the frost hit last year so I dug it up and put it in a pot with very little soil on it and forgot about it.
This spring, I need that pot, so I lift it up and saw it is still alive so I planted it in a large but shallow pot, I am still thinking Iris here, (I know now it can't be grown in ground over winter. I might just start it in a pot to save my digging it up in the fall). Untill I saw one of you posted a picture of the ginger plant , I connected that the plant I grow might be the ginger you guys are talking about. I recall now my friend did mention it was called some kind of ginger in China. it might be the common white ginger, it may be differnt variety of white ginger. I have no idea . It now has two short stocks but the cold weather here is really not help it grows. I put the pot outside thought the sun might help it grow, but I read somewhere said actually white ginger like filtered light ot light shade. Would you have some comments on this?
When it grows a little bigger ,hopfully it blooms too, I will take a picture to ID it. Meanwhile, I will grow it like a ginger, not Iris! I read in internet that white ginger actually like to have soil on the wet side. Is it true?? I kept it pretty dry so far for I am afraid it migth start to rot. I guess I did everthing in reversed way to grow the white ginger.
Any inputs are appreciated.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Olympia!

Yes. I grow several gingers including white butterfly ginger (Hedychium coronarium).
You most likely are growing that species.
It does like moist, even boggy soil and plenty of sun and warmth and fertilizer if you can provide it. It will be tough for you to get it to bloom before fall but we gardeners always like challenges. :)
I grew mine in a pot last year and it quickly filled up the pot so you might want to plant it in a deeper, larger pot once it starts growing more vigorously.
In the fall I placed mine down in the basement under Fluorescent lights but apparently it was not bright enough since I lost the tips of several canes once I brought it up in the spring (they bloom from the tips so if you lose that growing point I don't think it will bloom from that cane).
Next year you'll want to start it under lights and in a sunny window before taking it out in the spring.
You could always post on the gingers forum to see if anyone else has grown it in a pot in the Chicago area and see if they can give you any growing instructions.
Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: white butterfly ginger

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Robert, Thanks for you advise. I moved the pot inside next to a sliding door near the heat vent to keep it warm and bright. Chicago's nights, sometimes are still very cold. I saw some tip damange on the leaf very likely due to frost at night. I will not put it out again till the weather is warm. I gave it a good dose of water and balanced fertilizer and am going to watch it grow /it reaction closely. I am kinda excited for finding the hidden treasure.
how deep the pot should I put it in? Right now , I have it in a 22" diamenter and 12"deep large and shallow pot.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Those ginger plants are really vigorous and they look pretty darn good too! Too bad they don't get enough sunlight in my apartment so I stopped growing them. Good luck with yours!!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Hi Olympia,

My ginger pots are about 15" deep. I think 12" will be fine. When yours starts growing vigorously as Kemistry pointed out you can see if you'll need a deeper pot. Of course the larger you go the harder they are to move! Laugh.


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Thank you both. I saw a varigated ginger plant at Home Depot yesterday. I can spot a ginger plant now! It is a good size and in a deep pot but roots are growing out. Their roots do seem grow deep. I will keep in mind to get a deeper new pot when it is on sale. I don't hope it blooms this year. I just hope that I do not kill it somehow. It multiplies and I can have spare root available just in case. I will try to have it under the light in winter time, hope it blooms for me next year.

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