WANTED: Atlanta Area plant trade, October 13th 2007

girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)August 26, 2007

The 2007 fall Atlanta area Gardenweb Plant trade will be held on Saturday, October 13th 2007 at my home in Atlanta.

We can meet at 10am again this time, since I won't be working that day (as of now!!).

Feel free to bring what you have to trade. We will have a brunch/lunch afterwards, so feel free to bring something to knosh on and share. We can heat food if you bring hot food (microwave and oven). For those of you who have been here before, it will be at the PINK house (as the purple house has 3 giant piles of dirt behind it, with no timeline for movement of them!!).

New traders are welcome. Plants, garden magazines & books, seeds, old tools, garden accoutremonts etc. are welcomed for trading if you do not have plants to trade. Please come and meet us! I contact people who wish to trade via email on this thread, so you must post here, and have your email "unblocked" (a link on your page so I can send a message). I will send an email with directions and addresses etc. the last week of September, but I do not post that here. I also ask that all traders to not email anyone else this invite, if someone wants to come, they need to post here and I will email them privately. Safety first (well, at least safe as one can get...).

The yard is accessable for everyone, however the bathrooms are not easily accessable for some people with mobility issues (stairs).

Lastly, please do not judge me by the sadness of my garden. Just judge my ability to save on water, lol :)

Feel free to post here what you have to trade, and what you would would like to have. We do pre-trades, and we also have a "free for all" swap.


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Hi, I am new to Garden Web and a relatively new gardener. I would love to come to the Fall trade. Not sure what I have to trade yet (I am hoping to start dividing this weekend) but I'll find something :). Please include me on your e-mail list for directions.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I will definitely be there! I know for sure that I will be bringing several (10? 15?)rooted cuttings of butterfly bushes. They are a medium purple color, but I don't know the specific name. I may also have a couple of very small bear's breeches plants that I started from root cuttings in the spring. They looked great for awhile but have suffered recently in the heat. I'm hoping they'll spring back if the weather cools down between now and the trade date. I will also bring some 'Georgia Blue' creeping veronica.

I would once again love to have very large plastic pots if anyone has them - tree size.

Not sure what else I might have but will post again as the date gets closer and I can see what has survived the heat or needs dividing.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

Gee, I'm glad I checked in this morning. westender, I'd love two of your bear's breeches. I'd like to replace a couple of hostas in Evan's garden with the Acanthus, so the garden is less likely to suffer from deer munching next year! I'll post my haves when I do a little inventory. I hope I have a suitable trade. :)

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

If anyone wants korean mums (start off pink, turns apricot), black eyed susans, cutleaf coneflower, delisperma (Iceplant), purple creeper (tradiscantia purpurea or any other number of names...) please let me know. I do have these plants, they easily survived the drought. I could also root for you some black pussy willow - these need to be started soon, so that they are healthy and rooted for the trade. If you are interested, please let me know by Sept. 15th please!


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Well I thought we would be attending but I don't think my mom and I can make it this year after all. I will have to sit this one out.

I hope everyone has a good time and we will plan to see you all in the Spring.

Sincerely, Danielle J.

P.S. -- welcome dbmoore9! I don't often meet any other Danielles lol. Maybe I will meet you at the Spring swap which is usually in April.

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Kathy Bochonko

Oh bummer Danielle, I will miss you guys. GGG I plan to come but I am so afraid to start digging anything up until we have some rain in the forecast so I have no clue what I will have to bring. My yard is a huge weed patch right now as I have avoided it all summer since it has been so hot and dry.

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

GGG - thanks for again hosting. I will be there but have little to trade -- will bring food. It has been the worst year I remember for gardening.

I do have Nandinas and maybe a few other things. If you happen to still need Nandinas let me know. If so I would love to trade for lavendar and an amaryllis. Otherwise I'll enjoy hanging out and any leftovers.

Not sure if anyone would want a mature Barberry shrub, but I have two that are about 3' high. I can't imagine digging up a plant that sticks you -- that's why I'm getting rid of it. They are located in Roswell for anyone that wants them.

Looking forward to Fall weather!! -- Lucy

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Lucy, I do not need any more nandina, but thank-you!

Don't worry about bringing stuff. If we can't do much trading, we'll just have more time for eating!

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Thanks Kathy, we'll miss seeing all of you and enjoying the good company too. Ya'll have fun!

Sincerely, Danielle J.

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bloominggail(7 N GA Mountains)

Hi! This must be my lucky day! I stumbled onto this site and found this plant exchange :)

DH & I just moved to the N GA mountains 2 weeks ago. I have a hort background, mostly foliage but some outdoor as well. Some of the plants here I know and some I do not!

I would be thrilled to get a couple of those butterfly bushes, some coneflowers and black eye Susans.

Since we just moved, I don't have much to trade, plant wise. I do have some nice 1 gal Loquats, 2-3 ft tall, if anyone is interested in container gardening them. I don't believe they would survive the winter planted out.

I will look through my magazines and books to see if I can find anything I can part with.

Please email me with the address and I'll Google to get the directions.

Blooming Gail

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Thanks so much for hosting again! I am planning to attend.
I know I mentioned getting you a division of white Japanese Anemone from our old house we are selling. I need to double check that it is still alive but if it is I will bring you some.

I owe you a bloodroot for the one that disappeared at the spring trade, right? If I can find one that didn't go dormant in the drought, I'll bring one for you.

I'll have to post trade plants later.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Blooming Gail, I'm so glad you want butterfly bushes! Your name will go on at least 2 of them right away! I think I'd like to try a loquat, maybe even 2 if they need to cross-pollinate and you have plenty. I've looked up and read a little about them. Can you give specific information about the variety name, whether they are from seed or grafted, and how old they are?

Pam, it looks like 3 acanthus babies survived, so your name will go on 2 of them. They are tiny, though, so will need to be repotted and babied for a little while before going into the ground, I think. Did the other one I gave you this spring make it through the summer? It was much larger so I'm hoping so.

GGG, if it's not too late (I know it's after September 15!!) I think I'd like to try guerilla gardening a black pussy willow in the field behind our community garden where there is sometimes a stream of water from poor drainage. Wouldn't it do well there? Your Korean mums also sound great for planting at the far side of our garden, again, if it's not too late! If too late, don't worry about it, as I 'm not sure I have anything to trade with you, anyway. Is there anything you're wanting?

I do have some baby houseplants of an interesting kind, I believe it is called Kalanchoe Gastonis bonnieri or Giant Kalanchoe Mule Ears. I got it as a small plant at Urban Gardener a year or 2 ago and it has been growing and reproducing ever since - it forms baby plantlets at the tips of the leaves, which are a spotted gray color and very nice. I've got 2 new babies unpotted (still on the mother plant), plus 3 or 4 small plants that have been potted together but I can separate to give away. I really only need to keep the mother and would be happy to share this wonderful plant with others if anyone wants one. I keep it indoors during the winter but this summer it has really enjoyed being out on my front porch. Its coloration changes depending on the level of sunlight it gets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Giant Kalanchoe Mule Ears

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I was just given the okay by my driver, so I'd love to come! New to the plant trade party thing, but I've got a few odds and ends (pampas grass, some baby shrubs, some orchids) that could go to new homes.

Lemme know!

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Well friends, I have decided to cancel the fall plant trade at my home. Sorry to disappoint, but my schedule is just crazy, and isn't clearing up anytime soon. We had a plant sale at church booked for Oct. 6th, but Hands on Atlanta is coming to do some work, so it was pulled back to the 13th which creates a conflict.
Then I just NEED a Saturday that I am not doing something. So the next Saturday is probably the only day I have "off" of volunteering or work until after Christmas. I'm really going to need to clean and move back next door at some point during October too... so the plant trade is just going to have to slide.

If anyone else would like to host, please, feel free. But for now I'd like to cancel.
Thanks for understanding,


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)


OF COURSE we understand. But are so disappointed! It's been so great of you to even consider it, with all you've had on your hands this last year or more. Really, two trades in one year at your house was too much for us to expect.

I can't figure out a way to have this trade at my tiny house, with my big aging dog who might not really welcome the company. It's funny to think about, though. . . my yard would be a real eye-opener and certainly a contrast with yours, with my hodge-podge mass of pots in the driveway, jungle-style rose hedges, and complete lack of garden design or plan. It's tempting to kennel the dog, throw open the gate, and invite everyone on Georgia Gardenweb to come and take home whatever they can carry. Maybe that's how I could finally clean it all up and force myself to get rid of the things I've been swearing for years to put into the ground!

Realistically, though. It has always been the case for me that these fall and spring Gardenweb plant trades are not just an opportunity to trade choice plant material. I love them because they bring me together with other gardeners, people who share my love of plants and of gardening. I look forward to the trades not just because I can get rid of a few extra plants or bring home a few more (that I don't need) but because I like seeing familiar faces and hearing everyone talk about their gardening experiences.

I hope someone will be able to have the fall trade at their house, but if not, could we have it somewhere else, maybe at a park? A church? Or even a shopping center parking lot?

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

I've emailed everyone else who wanted any of the plants I was going to bring, but can't locate a way to email Blooming Gail. Blooming Gail, can you please email me? I can either keep the butterfly bushes for you until the spring trade, or if you'd like to get them into the ground this fall maybe we can arrange to get together somewhere, someday before it's too cold, and I can give them to you then. Just let me know which you prefer, ok?

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

I will be happy to have the trade at my house if you like. I'm located in the Roswell/Marietta area. If that works for everyone just let me know. Thanks.


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i have been traveling for a couple of months and haven't been to the site for a while. Lucy, thanks for offering to host. I would love to attend. Hopefully this weekend i will be able to get in the garden and see what is there and what i can trade.

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

I would love to have a cutting of your Giant Kalanchoe Mule Ears. Now that I think about it I do have a houseplant or two I can root. Will come back with a list of what else I have after the weekend.

Thanks. --Lucy

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)


Thanks so much for offering to host the swap! I'm sure everyone would love to come to your house for it. Will you email us with directions? And what time do you want to start? I'll definitely bring you Mule Ears!

Can everyone else please post whether they will attend, so that I'll know whether to bring the things they said they wanted? (butterfly bushes, acanthus, etc.)


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I have:
Tall red canna lilies
smaller yellow canna lilies
limelight artemesia
chocolate mint
day lilies
yellow iris
blackeyed susan
pink cone flowers
shasta daisies

may have some other stuff - will need to look closely in the garden.
Please let me know if anyone would like anything.

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pam_3(GA 7b)

I'm thinking I'll attend. I won't be bringing a whole lot, as I'm preggers. But I can trade the following (also look on my list for a little more variety, but don't get your hopes up too high!)

Agastache "Blue Fortune" (I think)
Gardenia radicans
Black eyed Susan
Solidago "Fireworks"
Crocosmia (orange)
Iris cristata
Garlic Chives
Helianthus angustifolia (Swamp Sunflower)

Some books, a concrete planter or two, some plastic nursery pots, if anyone is interested (a couple of large, mostly medium and small)

I would like a Turks Cap Lily and anything drought tolerant that's under 2 feet tall. :)

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

If it works for everyone I would prefer to start around noon. We can have lunch first then trade at 1:00. If that is a problem for someone let me know.

For trading, I have several varieties of succulents, hens & chicks, nandinas and several house plants. Will email directions next weekend. --Lucy

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

THANK YOU Lucy, for having the trade. I hated to cancel it on everyone who was interested.

I hope you all have a wonderful time!


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pam_3(GA 7b)

Well, after further thought, I don't think I will be able to attend this year. I'll catch up with westender and danita for trades at another time (preferable when I'm not pregnant!)

Have fun!

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If you reschedule to another weekend, let me know. Rowell/Marietta is a great location for me. Thanks.

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lucyatlanta(Z 7 GA)

I'm glad I can help out though we will certainly miss you. There is no garden as beautiful as yours to enjoy.

It sounds like we may have a small group but that's OK. Do you want to have a casual lunch as we normally do? I'll have a few basic things so anything you all would like to bring is fine.

If you will reply if you are planning to come I will email the directions this week. --Lucy

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is the trade still on for next weekend? i haven't received an email with details. let me know. thanks

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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Just wanted to note a few things that I know I will be bringing. Does anyone care to confirm that they are coming??

4 Giant Kalanchoe Mule Ears
as many purple butterfly bushes as I can get potted up Friday night
at least 1 rooted fig for Stacey, more for anyone else if they leaf out by Saturday
1 pot of creeping fig ground cover
1 small acanthus (bears breeches)
2 pots of apple mint
several pots of creeping veronica 'Georgia Blue'

whatever else I can find or have forgetten I need to get rid of.

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Would anyone be interested in small styrofoam cups with clear lids? They're great for starting seeds and as small temp pots. My brother gets them from his work, so I've got more than a few extra.

I'll bringing, in addition to the original list, a freebie Dianthus, a couple newly rooted Celeste fig cuttings, a baby saucer magnolia.

I've also got a couple extra grape tomato seedlings, if anyone is interested in having them indoors over the winter.

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It looks like I may get to go. I don't have a lot but do have the following.

rooted rosemary about a foot high (3)
potted milk and wine crinum (1)
white shasta daisies
red canna lily with reddish colored leaves in pots (2)
ginger lily
a few Japanese maple seedlings, small, in pots.
Might be able to get a few hollyhocks.

Turkeytalker - I would be interested in one of your Celeste figs if they aren't all spoken for yet.


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WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)

Just wanted to post a followup after last Saturday's fall plant trade. First, I want to thank Lucy from the bottom of my heart for opening her home to us and setting aside her day, even though she wasn't feeling as well as she might have liked. It was great of her to take on the trade at the last minute and do it so well.

For those who couldn't come, you missed a really nice trade. Although there were only four of us there, we had a great time and all managed to take home new plants that we wanted (and as usual, some that we don't really need, but couldn't say "no" to). We also enjoyed a delicious lunch together sitting on Lucy's enclosed upstairs porch surrounded by trees on a beautiful fall day.

I continue to believe, and the Gardenweb plant trades always prove the point, that gardeners are some of the nicest people on earth. Whether four gardeners show up, or forty, our get-togethers are always a treat. Our spring and fall trades are a unique opportunity to reconnect with old Gardenweb friends - and meet new ones.

Thanks again, Lucy!

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

I'm sorry we missed it -- it sounds like it was a nice time. Even though we weren't there thank you Lucy for offering to be hostess on short notice and thank you to Glynis for originally planning to even though it didn't work out. That's always an added responsibility and you guys are great for stepping up.

I'm sure talk of the spring trade will be starting up in 3 or 4 months. I can't wait!!!!!

Sincerely, Danielle

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